Things are changing in the Arab vs. Israeli Military Dynamic


Fifty years ago Arab soldiers melted away like butter under a hot knife when determined Zionist soldiers attacked. Israelis got the impression that Arabs are weak, cowards, easy to intimidate. And thus the Israelis used intimidation, repression and suppression to grab ever more land and to subjugate the disposessed people.

But sometimes "blowback" occurs when people are oppressed to the point of insensitivity to fear and pain.

The Palestinian people reached this point and chose to engage in resistance (intifada) with the belief that if they are going to be forced to suffer, they may as well inflict some suffering on their oppressors, even if their offensive ability is minimal.

The Israelis were able to seal off Palestine and keep the Palestinians from obtaining sophisticated, modern weapons of defense or offense. Not so Hezbollah.

Hezbollah has simultaneously shattered the myth of intrinsic Arab weakness and that of Isreali invincibility.

Other Arab nations are seeing this. Young Arabs and Muslims around the world can see this on Al-Jazeera. And Hezbollah may gain access in the future to yet more effective weapons, such as sophisticated hand-held anti-aircraft weapons to shoot down Israeli helicopters and jet aircraft.

The military dynamics have changed forever and the situation will never be the same.

Palestinians can begin to have hope that relief can come from the hands of their Arab brothers if corrupt Arab governments are not allowed to impede their deliverance.