Third World Trade Organization (TWTO)



The problem of economic development is really several problems in one. All these problems are inter-related. It is difficult for the North and the South to agree on the causes of world poverty, let alone its cures. The crux of the problems in 21st century remains the same. It is to feed, clothe, shelter, and employ between 6 billion and 15 billion peoples, on the planet earth, which seems to have reached near exhaustion point in terms of its resources. Everything has its limits. Besides, instead of cooperation, America, on the plea of national interest, has bowed itself out of the Kyoto-commitment population control, health care, education, social welfare, agricultural management, land distribution, energy research, transportation, labour productivity, capital formation, and above all, the technology transfer are the key issues that divided the world in which mostly, the South suffered the maximum. Pakistan’s main focus is to be on food, clothing, housing, transfer of technology and streamlining of the services. Poorly fed people fall an easy prey to diseases rendering them incapable of doing productive work, which results in low productivity, poverty and all the rest, being all in one.

Inflation, as of today, has broken the back of peoples and by all probability, with more population, year after year, while Strum und Drang grows, the fear of dismember/collapse of institutions everywhere also increases in direct proportions. The world leadership has to grow out of its instrumental way of thinking and evolve/adopt an idealistic geo-political way of thinking, soon enough. Swashbuckling of the North must end, atleast now, because the humanity as a whole, in cooperation rather than the confrontation followed hitherto, has to do so, for mutual survival. Self-interest (instrumental way of thinking), is going to be suicidal for all, and, therefore, it must be discarded with all sincerity that comes with idealistic way of thinking. This demands a proper response to the challenge from the highest world forum, the greatest world institution and the most effective trend setter – the UNO itself. The UNO ought to be reorganised in order to ensure equitable availability of resources to all, found in an excellent/ideal democracy – of all the peoples, by all the peoples, and for all the peoples.

The NWO with its kind of WTO stands maligned by its own deeds. It has lost faith and trust of nearly four and a half billion of the world population. South foresees ever mounting problems for itself, if and as long as it continues. Here in the Indo-Pak subcontinent, we had also our share of traitors which were created by the Imperialist powers throughout the history. The locals nowhere fought against them to get rid of their rule, and it was not due to their own efforts. The Imperial rule ended because of the prolonged Second World War. This has been happening in the rise and fall of civilisations.

As the colonial powers withdrew from their colonies, the policy of ‘divide and rule’ became obsolete and was replaced by that of ‘unite and rule’, to achieve the same objectives, according to the changed conditions. As the position of the exploiters changed so also it became necessary that of the exploited. They had to join together to facilitate exploitation of their former colonies, for common advantages. The new situation obviously called for corresponding adjustments both in the former colonies and in the former colonizing countries to make market conditions more suitable for exploitation. Larger markets generated more exports and imports on terms favourable to them. They encouraged increased consumption of goods and a more systematic exploitation of resources. World Bank, IMF, G-8, NWO and its WTO, have recently appeared after a host of their predecessors, created for the purpose. Their aim is not being served by subjugating the world in the conventional sense, but by controlling the minds of the peoples, through amazing technological advances, devices and numerous agencies. Cyber Warfare has come to be the order of the day, as of today! Old colonies are being controlled, therefore, through remote control with the help of old Mir Sadiqs/Jaffars. Here the people, regrettably do not realise that in England the so-called mother of democracies, was evolved after ruthless civil war that continued for two hundred years and yet the Ireland-headache is causing debilitating bloodshed; but UK remains UK. So is the case in most countries, in the east and in the west. Nobody seems more fed up than the Pakistanis! Even in India, they are more involved in infighting in each and every state and against the central government. The countries of Asia, (all the four regions of it), Africa, West, Canada itself and Americans, have the same culture, more than India and Pakistan have in common, yet they, despite fighting numerous deadly wars, never got fed up with the existence of their countries as some of the Pakistanis appear to have become! Yes, we have surely been dismayed hugely by our corrupt/declared and condemned as such, political leadership, comparatively more than that of India’s. But there are some horrifying snags in the Indian states and India’s leadership, as a whole. We, here, in the ‘perpetration’ days were keeping separate and far apart, ‘Muslim Paani’ and ‘Hindu Paani’; and there are some horrendous differences in our cultures except of course we liked their songs and dances as much as we used to do in the ‘prepartition’ India. That’s far less of an identity of cultures compared to what prevails in the countries of the continents and regions. They are all separate countries. This reminds me of my talk to East Pakistanis Students (Muslims), and they used to say, if for nothing else, we would like to have independent country for enabling ourselves go to India unhindered to see films and come back as easily, daily. They are seeing those lovely films; or they not, accordingly? The fault lies in the failure of our TV potential vis-a-vis, that of huge success of the India’s. Massive artificiality in the drama, following in the footsteps of extra-open society of India, has taken out the soul from out of our drama that used to portray the real face of life.

US efforts to subdue China

Vigorous efforts were made by US and UK, to drag Pakistan away from the posture of confrontation to co-operation, with India, on India’s terms. So much so, at the long last, they were to encourage India along with USSR, to dismember Pakistan physically through military invasion, that was launched, after years long insurgency operations by India, through Mukti Bahni that used to draw itself from the strength and guidance of the Hindu teachers and bureaucracy, that was around 80 percent, each, in that part of the country. No Western (our allies), ever raised a little finger whenever reminded of it, by Pakistan. They connived at it if not openly supported it during those years, from 1967 to 1970. So much so, even Kissenger said, we are grateful to Pakistan for making bridges with Beijing but then there exists no content for real relationship between both the countries. And Pakistan had to pay for it; for, soon after that ‘Bridges’ ceremony, India and Soviets concluded a mutual security agreement in August 1971, and then India came to attack East Pakistan while riding over the shoulders of a super power – USSR! India – a bigger country, must restore confidence that was shaken when she occupied Siachin Glacier as late as 1984!

US relations with Pakistan changed dramatically from those of the most ‘allied ally’ to the point at which it was alleged, that there was a collusion, between Pakistan and USA, because of the PRC; prior to 1970-71. Sino-Indian border conflict was engineered by US INT who fed Nehru on very wrong and misleading information, about Chinese strength in NEFA and Ladak. Lt Gen Kaul of 15 Corps tells the harrowing story what happened to his corps, when they attacked Chinese there in Oct 1962! One might read his ‘Untold Story’. Same has been prepared to be done by the present Indian leadership against PRC, by the US. US had also fed wrong information to the Zionist Brezhnev to attack Afghanistan, in Dec. 1969. They always hunted with the hounds and ran with the hare. That’s the Pax Americana!

Latest efforts to involve India in armed conflict with China

Now the point is why and how the three host countries visited by the PRC’s PM in the most recent past, have been made to suffer the most sudden/and stunning blows/setbacks? Sri Lankan’s coalition government is likely to collapse, because 13 Muslim members are not happy; Nepalese royal family suddenly got massacred, leaving the future government in deep turmoil. Here in Pakistan, figure-head President Tarar too, had to go unexpectedly; sudden killings of civilians in IHK have re-erupted. After CIA had finished with Soviets in Afghanistan, they, while maintaining effective command over the various factions which still fight as desired by them, sent their experts into IHK to exercise the same over Indian Security Forces there. Since 1988, the pot is boiling, now of course by the Muslim freedom fighters, who too were trained like Osama bin Laden and Co; in the IHK. In Chhatti Singh 34 Sikhs were killed by them (ISF) just before Clinton were to land at New Delhi. Hundreds of Hindu Yatree’s gone on pilgrimage across to Northern Kashmir were killed by the same Security Forces. FIB office was established in New Delhi soon after Clinton’s visit in March 2000. For what ‘Preservation’ has India allowed US to establish itself in Siachin Glacier? This will amount threatening Pakistan with drowning it into Arabian Sea or rendering it dry like desert, at will; apart from keeping India equally threatened. China would obviously react violently. It might trigger a nuclear holocaust; and US is well-known for it and other destructions, in South East Asia/ Far East! Let us hope the rumour was baseless as it should in fact be!

Third World Trade Organisation (TWTO)

China is sure to enter the WTO, in the near future. Japan is trembling, US is nervous, and EU stands askance thinking of the spectacle that would emerge after that. China would even sell grains to the entire world at the rock-bottom prices and all other goods and commodities that would be cheaper far more than those of the G-8 countries. Therefore, while retaining the membership of ASEAN and WTO, TWTO; to draw the entire Third World/South from out of the back-breaking inflation, China, India and Pakistan, unitedly fight the Trade War by rallying around the entire South behind them. Instead of dissipating their resources and energies at the behest of the Old Imperialists/Colonials, they must forge a, United Trade Front, to draw the golden era of peace and tranquillity that was once envisioned by these countries when they were fighting for their freedom from the colonial powers. India being bigger state than the others in SAARC must rehabilitate the confidence of smaller states. Even Siachin’s capture by India in 1984, ruptured the last ray of confidence of Pakistan, as late as mid-eighties. Colossus (Nehru) obeyed the Jewess Adwina Mountbatten for the same purpose, that existed since Partition. A.B. Vajpayee and Pervez Musharraf must change the fate of the people of all the Southern states. Unitedly they can defeat the West in the Trade War, with the guidance of China who will of course be the founding member like them. At least the peoples are fed up with the crafty bossing of their old colonial masters, from across the seven seas! They undoubtedly expect the same from their leaderships, and ‘now or never’, they urge for! Can’t they follow EU, despite its deadly wars in the recent past? Peoples do not expect the leaderships to be the slaves of the old masters!