Those who commit crimes against civilians are mentally disturbed and must be isolated from the community

The explosions which occurred in a number of hotels in Amman targeted civilians and fellow countrymen, not enemies, and this is what makes them much more heinous than other such attacks, which are also condemned on principle. The Palestinian suicide bombers who blow themselves up at night clubs, restaurants or public places are committing a grave mistake, and so are those who send them.

The Palestinians are struggling to achieve a form of justice, and they reject the murder of civilians. They resist the occupation by fighting against the occupation army and armed settlers who have seized the Palestinians’ lands and constantly assault the Palestinians.

Resisting the occupation means resisting its soldiers, armed settlers, hostile institutions, machinery and aircraft, not blowing up nightclubs, buses, malls and restaurants.

While we reiterate our rejection of these attacks, which harm the interests of the Palestinian people and their reputation as fighters, we can understand the reasons which would push these young people to carry out such attacks as most of them are people who have lost families or family members to the Israeli aggression. Once again we stress that understanding the motives of these people does not cancel our objection and condemnation of these attacks that are used by the enemy to distort our just struggle for freedom and independence.

The organized terrorism is the occupation and its practices, not resisting the occupation and its effects. What the criminals in Amman did, however, was something completely different. It was the intentional killing of innocent civilians.

These explosions are similar to the Israelis bombing of civilian populated areas, and intentionally killing children in Gaza and the West Bank. Anyone who carries out such an action is mentally disturbed because he has lost his political compass and is trampling over all human standards.

It is as if someone failed to score in the enemy’s goal so he scored an own goal instead. A bloody goal.

Here is where the need to stand together to combat this pattern of crime resulting from insanity, and the need to stand together to support legitimate resistance against the occupation, emerges. For us all to stand together against this insane terrorism we must all fight the terrorism of the Israeli occupation and not be silent about it or cooperate with it.

The central link in the Arab struggle needs to be preventing the Judaization of Jerusalem, liberating the West Bank, removing the settlements, freeing the Golan, and linking Palestine, Jordan, Syria, Lebanon and Egypt with ties similar to those of a confederacy that will remove the barriers between them, be they economic or border barriers. This requires freedom of movement, freedom of work, canceling customs on goods, canceling visas and allowing the citizens of these countries to work freely anywhere within this confederacy.

This will gradually create joint interests for the peoples of these countries that will prompt them to resist the economic Israeli invasion which began some time ago.

Removing the Israeli occupation will undoubtedly contribute effectively and significantly to ending the violence we condemn and the insane terrorism which stems from oppression and a feeling of injustice as a result of the occupation in Iraq or any other place.

In addition to all this there needs to be a real and effective implementation of democracy and freedom of expression and allowing opinions to be distributed and discussed. The mind of one man must accept the idea of the presence of another man; that is, the presence of one opinion and another that need to coexist and start a dialogue, and perhaps reach an understanding later on.

For example, the intelligence services of Arab countries still impose censorship on printed material and books and decide what is to be published and what is not to be published.

How can creative democratic thinking thrive in the presence of such oppressive thinking’?

We can stand together to face terrorism madness when we enjoy that democracy and freedom which make up the different components of a people united under the banner of freedom and democracy to combat terrorism madness.