Time for all-out Political Nullification of Bush Initiatives

It is time for the Democratic Party and the country as a whole to engage in massive creation of governmental gridlock for the remainder of the George W. Bush presidency.

No Supreme Court nominees should receive a vote, period. No legislation should be enacted regarding further tax cuts or defense spending.

George W. Bush has done for America what he did for his businesses. He has wreaked havoc on America, permanently injuring its status among people of goodwill in this world.

George W. Bush is an unmitigated disaster as President of the United States, and has set back American democracy, liberty, and progress.

It is time for politicians to play defense against Bush. Any and all Bush initiatives must be defeated until his (illegitimate) term of office expires.

Absolutely no further expressions of his philosophy or legacy must be allowed to fester in this democracy of ours. No John Roberts as Supreme Court Chief Justice — that is for damn sure!

Turn it into a football game, and call the next play "Block Bush, Tackle Cheney, Sack Rumfeld, and Penalize Rice". These people need to be held scoreless, because every point they score adds to the national tragedy.