To My Fellow Americans

Edna Yaghi’s Column

This is indeed a sad, painful and trying time for the American people. To you my fellow Americans, I offer my condolences and I share with you your sorrow.

But, this is not a time of hasty revenge, to give sway to blind hate, or to believe everything that our government dishes out to us via the media. Few of us have seriously questioned the ineptitude of our Secretary of Defense, Colin Powell, or how our president who barely won the elections was not able to protect our great country from attack. Where was our good president when we needed him the most, out playing golf again? Where was Powell, asleep? How can civilian planes from within the US attack the World Trade Center and the Pentagon?

In order to cover up the inefficiency and shame of our government, and our defense forces, our noble president with an IQ of a chimpanzee, is ready to bomb to smithereens civilian people in other geographic places far away from American shores, who are guilty of nothing.

The massive offense that Bush plans will not only cost an enormous sum of money, but the lives of our fellow countrymen at an alleged enemy who has already stated that he did not take part in the attacks against American installations or the people themselves. If Ben Laden were really a terrorist, he would have been proud of this dark dank evil deed and boasted about his success. For a man who has given up all worldly possessions in order to help Afghanis fight for their freedom, it is hardly likely that he would derive pleasure in the massacre of over 5000 men, women and children. He is a devout Muslim and Islam does not wage war against innocent or unarmed civilians.

Please beware that this is not all a staged performance by our government to protect the people who really are guilty of this heinous crime against America. In Newark, NJ, witnesses reported seeing five men celebrating the attack on the WTC and the Pentagon. These men are Israeli citizens so of course, they were not charged with anything and were set free.

Too, some, if not all of the names of the hijackers have been faked. Some of the names that were used belonged to persons who have been dead for a number of years. One of the names of the hijackers belongs to a Saudi man who is a pilot but who was in Saudi Arabia at the time of the hijacking. He was not one of the dead in one of the hijacked planes.

I urge you to think about this fact. It is the Israelis who stand most to benefit from this assault against Americans. They, thanks to the blind support of the US by the way of money, weapons and the latest technology, have the means to carry out this sabotage on NYC and the Pentagon. The Israelis have an elaborate spy system and they know just where every strategic site is in America. They knew exactly where Bush was that fatal day of September 11.

While Americans are out to kill anyone and everyone, it really doesn’t matter who, Israelis, never known for their kindness to the Palestinians, are escalating their attacks against the indigenous inhabitants.

I urge you to search your hearts and souls for the answers to this tragedy that has so severely shaken us all. We must realize too that it was American planes that bombed Hiroshima and Nagasaki, taking the lives of hundreds of thousands of people. Did we expect that the Japanese had no souls and no tears that would fall to mourn their dead and wounded?

We messed up Viet Nam so bad and we were responsible for the deaths of tens of thousands and then when our own soldiers came home in countless body bags, we disgracefully pulled out.

We were there in Iraq in defense of Kuwait, or so we claimed. But, let’s face it; we no more cared about Kuwait than we did Iraq. We cared about keeping the supply of oil flowing into the bank accounts of nefarious people like George Bush Sr. It really didn’t matter if over a million Iraqis lost their lives from the heaviest bombing in recent history. But I forgot, after all, Iraqis aren’t human like we Americans are and they don’t cry real tears like Americans do. Actually, we aren’t really concerned whether they feel pain or not.

We suddenly cherish our own freedom but persist in denying it to people all over the world. Freedom is not just an American commodity.

As we try to recover from this terrible disaster, we must move cautiously, wisely, in a direction that will discover the true culprits. We must steer ourselves away from deceptions and from blanket hate. If we are unjust and attack people who are guiltless, we will destroy ourselves in the process and it will be as sure as if we are pointing a gun to our heads and pulling the trigger.

Our forefathers died to make our nation free from the oppression of British tyranny and independent from foreign rule. Our constitution was written on the basis that all men are created equal and are entitled to the same inalienable rights and also to the dignity and respect of others. It was written by the blood of those early Americans who so courageously gave their lives so we may be free.

Liberty is the inherent right of every person. Let us promote the freedom of those who struggle for it. Let us act with wisdom, fortitude and a noble spirit so our freedoms that we cherish so dearly will be preserved.

Let us not think and act like a mob without reason and let us not revert back to our old sport of hunting witches when and where they do not exist. If we do not tread softly and with an enormous amount of sagacity, we will not lead the world to safety and peace, but instead to an apocalypse which will mean the final hours of us all.