To Reason the Unreason: Which Way the Arab Leaders?

"All Successful people are people of purpose" noted James Allen.

When Muslims enjoined Islamic purpose of life, their aim was societal peace, human progress and gained glory in knowledge, wisdom and discoveries of reason. Now, what went wrong with the contemporary Muslims to become irrelevant and decadent?

If you were to ask late Abu al Alla Moudoodi, the Islamic thinker and distinguished architect of Islamic movement in the sub-continent of Indo-Pakistan, he would have told you, Muslims are in numbers but weightless without Islam, “earth has never felt their weight."

Sayyid Qutb would have stated: Muslims left Islam and the pursuit of knowledge based change and development of the Islamic mission, and increasingly adapted to secularism, thus invited the wrath of Allah.

Bernard Lewis would reflect a distorted history to camouflage the failure of Muslims in contemporary affairs.

Daniel Pipes, for sure would say, Muslims are guilty all along -” from smell to appearance. Consequently, all Palestinians should be ousted from their homeland. President Bush son of Bush, certainly would concur with his recent nominee to the Board of Directors of Peace Institute. Bush appears rejoiced that Muslims are distracted from the real issues to protest against Daniel Pipes additional assigment to the Zionist establishments and Bush administration.

President Bush and Donald Rumsfeld could not derive more customized pleasure then seeing the American Muslims standing for American styled freedom and democracy to flourish in occupied Iraq and throughout the Middle East, paving inroads for Israelis economic influence and military control. Arab Leaders as Rumsfeld sees them, are good leaders for nothing -” except to safeguard the American hegemonic empire and its global strategic interests.

Tony Blair, an excited naïve, self-styled dumb to achieve the 21 centruy colonial objectives, otherwise, only a monkey could have danced in the open. Little Tony is assured by the Jewish controlled media and European parlamentarians, that no backfire could damage his stature and prospects for the future political exploitation and mismanagement.

What is there for Musharaf Pervaz to lose -” an army General, self-transformed Pakistani President, with hard to find intelligence and public legitimacy, running a useless shouting National Assembly to deceive the politically corrupt Pakistani politicians as if it will grow something credible and relevant to the needs of the people. American President is delighted to see Musharraf -” a little baggy boy, readily available without additional cost as a yes man just like Tony Blair is doing to Bush in regular roll calls. Musharraf might get few American decorative stars for continuously bombing the starving Afghanis, and killing innocent civilians on Afghan -” Pakistan border under the disguise of “extremism” and American sponsored “terrorism.” Soon, he will be more occupied in managing new secret bank accounts in Switzerland, just like the disgraced Bhutto family did.

Arundhat Roy, Indian author and activist represents the grass roots human thoughts, she wondered what American warmongers have gained by " carpet bombings" of the half living Afghanis and the deserted graveyards? Contrary to the US strategic interests, Al-Qaed is more active and popular in Afghanistan now than before the American led war against Islamic “terrorism.”

Robert Fisk always enlightens the human hopelessness by questioning the unquestionable Western myths and American -” Brit’s dominated scenarios about the Iraqi’s Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD), and issue of bombing the Iraqi civilians. He boldly rejects the notion of functional intelligence from little Bush and corrupt American establishments, dominated by Zionists, pro-Israelis lobbyists actively organizing demonstration and boycotts of soul-searching speeches by Robert Fisk at the US campuses.

We asked intellectually handicapped Arab leaders to comment on the futuristic Islamists role-play and effectiveness, if planned change and political reformation were matters of significant policy shift in the Middle East. They believe, Saddam was the major hurdle to peace in the Middle East, otherwise Israel is no longer a problem, but surely, a solution to many complex challenges. It seems, Jews know how to govern themselves and invoke functional legitimacy. Could the Arab leaders learn anything at all from the contemporary history?

Histroy will question the time, opportunities and resources offered to the Arab elite -” a God given gift without any efforts on their part. Those self-made kings and princes betrayed the people’s rights and honor, and corrupted the society with stolen wealth. How would they find any solitary confinement, once the emerging people’s concerns, unity and movement for change overtakes the governance throughout the oil-producing Arab nations? Arab leaders have no system of public institutions to explain honesty, determine public interests and deliver accountability, what Islam emphasized the framework of Islamic community-building. In an age of reason, they continued to be void of reason, respect and legitimacy. Since they ignored Islam, Muslims are lost and defeated with a fight.

The dynastic rulers forbid public expressions, freedom, justice and accountability, what Islam specified as the foundation of its commitment to the humanity. Soul-searching appears to be a "bloody" problem for the Arab leaders in particular, and the so called Muslim leaders in general. They are afraid to face the mirror.

All Arab leaders are silent on American-Zionist collaborative political encroachment in the Middle East, not that they do not know how to speak, but they are a sold product to the Western masters to abstain from political activism. American and Brits have made them fearful unless to cooperate with them for the survival. All Arab leaders appear winning the battles on paper, so are the kids taught at schools to respect and love their leaders. Even during the month of fasting (Ramadhan), when majority of the believers reflect at their pros and cons for self analysis and reformaion (islah), the leaders enjoy exclusive immunity. The leaders are winning transitory favors from the Americans and British colonialists, not to disturb their palaces, sustained peace and superficial prosperity. Arab masses are divided, their values destroyed by the oil riches, only to discover, the winning combination of mythical economical prosperity : man bas been replaced by numbers and digits to calculate economic productivity.

One wonders, how long the Western articulated ignorance and greed would continue to incapacitate the Arab economic and political body, without any sense to reason the unreason. Only anglo-saxons species are viewed as perfect match to do the white color jobs and enjoy hugesome benefits. Arabs look down upon all the other creatures, whether Muslims or non-muslims. Americans have heavy investments to forge “FEAR” throughout the Middle East. Israel is the net beneficiary, a new role model of disguised ‘liberal democracy’ to wage proxy wars against Iran and Syria and others. American New Century dictated interest would crown Israel as the super power of the Middle East, and fix the oil-exporting Arabs as road-runner dummies to please the Zionist masters. Do the Arabs leaders have the intelligence and capacity to cope with the changing map of the Middle East as Condeeleca Rice wants to determine it? Western Masters seemed to have institutionalized the societal conflict within the Arabian culture to drain out their originality of THINKING, power to reason and economic infrastructure for a sustainable future. Western Intelligence agencies buy people to stir terrorist activites and then blame the fatty rulers for incompetence. Most rulers play the self-acctuated games, only to discover its ultimate aim being nothing else except societal disharmony, growth of reactionary extremism and self-destruction. The reactionary business for perpetuated ‘extremism’ is growing fast to multiply American policy aims. Arabs never thought of communicating to intelligent citizens of their own for consultation and advice; instead they prefer escape from the reality to support the American policy stance and to become victim of change, rather than master of change. Such behavior have denied Islam to implement its ESSENCE, only to maintain the form and shape for window dressing and symbolic reasons.

Islam focused on conultation for decision making and public institution-building through masses participation, Arab leaders destroyed the institutions and opportunties to stimulate peaceful political change within the society. Consequently, to foster change for an Islamic model, to regain the lost freedom, human diginity and equality for social justice, Not BUSH but Osama Bin Laden appears to be making the difference to Reason the Unreason. Surely, he could win the opinion polls at ballots box if there was a system of public institutions, freedom of expression and justice to be delivered without delay.

Justice delayed, is Justice denied.