Tragically, the Chickens Have Come Home to Roost

Calls for vengeance for the vicious terrorist attack on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon which resulted in the deaths of countless innocent American civilians are reminiscent of the Israeli policy for dealing with terrorism.

Surely, as we all know, that policy has brought nothing but tranquility and peace to the Jewish state.

Sarcasm aside. The perpetrators of the deed should be pursued and punished. But what gives us the right to murder innocent civilians in their pursuit.

That would make us no better than the war criminal under indictment in Belgium, the present prime minister of the State of Israel – Ariel Sharon – who had no problem in dealing death to 20,000 Lebanese and Palestinian civilians in Israel’s savage aggression against Lebanon in 1982.

It is sad to say, but “chickens are indeed coming home to roost” courtesy of our mindless “support Israel at any cost” foreign policy.

How many more Americans are destined to die on behalf of our mindless one-sided support of one side in the the conflict between Israel and the people of Palestine.