Two ladies, two questions

In her feedback, a sister from UK writes: “Since yesterday, when I saw those Palestinians young kids getting shot by Israelis from the helicopters in a demonstration, the comfort and peace of my house is haunting me. I feel very scared and guilty that what reason do I have for being inactive. My conscience does not feel good by just blaming the Arab countries. I feel the amount of information we have now about the affairs, needs some action. We can’t just keep on piling the news of evil of kuffar and getting upset over it. Our shock and awe won’t change anything…am I getting crazy/emotional/fanatic/illogical/ irrational…? Can you please give me some advice?”

In these words and questions lies answer to the question by another lady, working on security and terrorism related issues here in Canada. She was full of curiosity, when she asked me just one day before I received the message from UK: “I am surprised, what makes them think like this when they grow up in this society.”

She was referring to Mahboob Khwaja’s son, who is recently charged under terrorism law in Canada for his alleged involvement in terrorism.

My advice to the lady from the intelligence community was to try to understand situation in the Muslim world from Muslims perspective. There is a hell of a difference between the information they have –” from books, mainstream media and a handful of opportunist collaborators –” and the reality on the ground.

Understanding feelings of Muslims is impossible without living among them with open mind and going through the same experience.

The kids who grow up in the Western society, do not accept rude looks even from their own parents. How naïve it is to expect them watching their helpless brethren in faith being mercilessly butchered by the Israeli and American helicopters on daily basis, and doing nothing.

Of course they need guidance in how to act and react in such a situation, because they are different from those Muslims who grow up through pain, misery, exploitation and abuse of rights all around them in the hypocritical Muslim societies. They may bear the abuse at Abu Ghraib and indiscriminate killing by the occupation forces.

But how do you explain the ever widening gap between the theory and reality to the young people who have been taught the shining lessons of human rights from day one in schools. The double standards are far shocking to their straight forward minds than anyone else from outside.

The lady writing from UK is just one of these sensitive souls. What advice could one have for these simple souls? To tell them, close their minds to what happens before their eyes and believe in the official stories from Washington? Or tell them, as another security official told me, “we and the US are one,” if you think critical of the US policies, you could be a threat to our security as well?

The right solution to the problems identified by the two ladies with their questions begins with bold admissions. Muslim masses have to admit that:

1. the blame does not lie with their leaders alone. Similarly, Western political, intellectual and military leaders are not the sole culprits, whose hate mongering has wrought the ongoing havoc in the Muslim world;

2. Zionists and neo-cons conspirators are but their strategies thrive on blunders and opportunism of the real culprits: Muslims as a whole;

3. the solution does not lie in selling out themselves, diluting their faith and becoming “moderate” or “liberal” Muslims, nor is resorting to indiscriminate violence and one off attacks on American interests the right response; and

4. they cannot please God and Washington at the same time. For personal gains, if Muslim feel scared or ashamed of being just Muslims –” let alone looking true believers –” at the grassroots level, there is no wonder if their leaders sell them out to Washington for their own interests.

On the other hand, majority in the Americans and their allies have to admit that:

1. the US government and its agencies are not comprised of super humans, who are beyond any doubt. The killer trend, among the government officials in particular, is that any word from the US government and its agencies is the final word; and

2. a blind belief that “we are one,” irrespective of any differentiation between Washington’s good and bad policies and practices, is indeed suicidal. The Western mind has to admit that the US could as well be wrong and that the roots of violence and “terrorism” do not lie in Islam and Muslims.

Without these admissions neither of these parties will ever be able to realise that:

–¢ – Like Ahmed Chalabi, most Muslims who blindly embrace Washington –” from Musharraf and Mubarak to all the so-called Moderate Muslims and petty informants in Muslim communities –” are opportunists.

–¢ – Their opportunism thrives on lies. It leads them to create the spectre of “fundamentalism,” “WMD,” and need for continued dictatorships. Muslim allies have to lie: at Musharraf and Mubarak’s level for their presidencies; at Chalabi’s level, for $ 350,000 per month; at academic level, for a grant or an interview at CNN; and at the petty level of community informants, for a few hundred dollars or security against unforeseen fear of persecution by the government.

–¢ – Their opportunism not only strengthens the already sick mindset against Islam, it also leads to the raging wars and occupations –” Chalabi stamped Washington’s allegations, Musharraf took a U-turn on the Afghan front and for “moderate” professors in the US, Palestine is a distant priority.

–¢ – Most Muslims take refuge behind cursing their leaders and the West only to ignore their individual responsibilities.

–¢ – The solution does not lie in occupying Muslim country after country on the part of Washington. The solution does not lie in blowing up all Western skyscrapers, ships and planes on the part of Muslims.

For Muslims, the solution lies in Jihad at three levels:

1. At personal level, Jihad for Muslims is to begin living by Islam. They have to become Model Muslims as described in the Qur’an and Sunnah. Leaders are a reflection of their nations. Muslims cannot have good leaders without being good Muslims at individual level.

2. At national level, putting their national house in order is the second stage of true Jihad. If there is a will, there is no need for weapons and violence to do this job of establishing socio-politico-economic system of Islam and collectively living by Islam to prove that it is not a threat to North, South, East of West.

3. On international level, their Jihad is to expose double standards of the US, Israel and their allies and show it to the Western public through examples: such as showing them their mindset through BBC report and ask them: The US and its allies were in Iraq for WMD, for Saddam Hussain and for democracy, Why are they forcing Iraqi prisons to curse Islam and force them to “thank Jesus” because they are “alive”? This only shows the mind-set the media has so skilfully prepared against Muslims and Islam in the past 15 years.

When they see model Muslims and their model system –” a just order; the same people, over-dozed with the fear of Islam, can change their government policies far better from within than any protest, request or conquest can do from outside.

For the masses in the West, solution lies in:

1. understanding that they have been subjected to far bigger lies about Islam and Muslims than WMD in Iraq;

2. forcing their lying leadership in academia, media and politics to stop interference in Muslim countries internal affairs and bring an end to direct and indirect occupations; and

3. stop ignoring the fact that the root cause of insecurity and violence all around is injustice and double standards of the leading Western government, which can never be addressed through transforming Muslims in the US image or rebuilding Islam for them.