Two Parents Theory

According to Professor Tariq Ramadan, young Muslims have two parents, one their Muslim community and the other British society. He blames both parents for all their problems. Both of them could not and still not able to develop British Islamic Identity. They do not know where they belong. They are mis- fit not only for the host society because of their colour of skin but also for the Muslim community because they are unable to talk with their parents and elders in their own languages. They have become notoriously monolingual like native Britis.

Muslims suffered discrimination in all walks of life, while they have contributed for the advancement of British economy. Now the second and third generation born and educated in the United Kingdom is blamed for the act of violence. Those who indulge in violence are not the product of Muslim schools. They come from well-educated middle class families. They are even educated in western institutions and liberal environment.

It must be understood clearly that terror bombing is basically a political and not a religious response. A modern educated youth is far more aware of injustices being done to Muslims in Afghanistan, Iraq, Palestine, Kashmir and Chechnya. They also become aware of the past colonial history and its continuation in modern times to varied degrees. It was not hatred of the West but hatred to wards its policies. One must distinguish between the two. In case of London bombing, a life of total alienation led to a burst of rage in Leeds, according to Amy waldman of New York Times.

These young men are motivated by both injustices at home and abroad. Their alienation and frustration play no lesser role than the sense of injustices by the western rulers against Muslims abroad. I am afraid even fatwas by Muslim scholars will not de-motivate them, unless suitable policies are adopted at home and abroad. Attacking radical preachers is a way of avoiding facing up the problems within mainstream British society. Banning extreme groups and exporting their leaders will just push the problem underground.

There are many underlying factors to see the unrest among Muslim youths. Much has been said about the failure of Masajid to provide institutional avenues for frustrated Muslim youths to express their discontent. Elders are out of touch with the Muslim youths who then turn towards alternative channels to express their discontent. It is a fact that British racism is the greatest recruiting tool of so called Islamic terrorism. Muslims are expected to keep their faith entirely out of politics, yet faith plays a crucial role in the United States politics.