U.S. Military Officer to Iraqis: "Submit or Die"

Iraqis, after tasting the implementaton of "freedom" by the U.S. and its military, may understandably fail to understand the glorious and joyous nature of their newly obtained prize. In fact, many Iraqis are longing for the old repression of Saddam Hussein, because at least his repression was homegrown; whereas American "freedom" comes without any understanding of Iraqi culture or society and is implemented with more firepower than Saddam Hussein could ever muster.

Just this week, an American officer discussed the freedom of choice now available to Iraqis who may be considering non-acceptance of American-imposed democracy and freedom. The officer said that Iraqis have a stark choice to make when deciding whether to accept American-sponsored freedom: "Either submit [to American freedom] or die [be killed by the U.S. Marines]" was the officer’s advice to Iraqis pondering their situation.

In other words, Iraqi freedom is of the Orwellian variety. Freedom is slavery. Freedom is submittal to the powerful who have kidnapped your entire nation. Freedom is voluntary renunciation of liberty. Freedom is allowing Americans to determine your fate and your nation’s future. Freedom is laying down your weapons so you can pose no threat your heavily armed liberators.

Freedom is surrender. Freedom is surrender. Resistance is death. Submit or die.

Isn’t it crazy that some Iraqis do not appreciate their opportunity for American-imposed freedom!