Under "Governor Terminator", California Likely to Synchronize With Feds

Now that "Governor Terminator", (or Governor Grope, if you prefer abbreviated titles) is elected by the people of California, we can expect a real move to synchronize the fiscal and operational policies of the State of California with that of the Federal Administration. Bear in mind that when Arnold first announced his intention to run for governor, among his hand-picked advisors was consummate Republican insider George Schultz, whose mere presence in the Terminator administration means a direct linking of philosophies between the national government and that of the largest state in terms of population and economy.

Now the Terminator will be joining the Western Governors Association, out of which sprang Bush and several of his advisors and new and old players in his team, such as former Montana governor Marc Racicot and former Utah governor Mike Leavitt. These men are anti-environment, pro-corporation, and have a proven record of doing everything possible to transfer wealth from their taxpayers to their wealthy corporate elite. Arnold will do the same, by lowering corporate taxes and taxes on the wealthy, weakening environmental protections, and networking with these people to the fullest possible extent.

It is even possible, that the Terminator Governor will be the first governor in the nation to volunteer the California National Guard for duty in Iraq, or maybe even at the U.S. border with Mexico. Perhaps he will attempt to terminate illegal immigration by use of armed force, and we may even see the Terminator with a H&K machine gun patrolling the border in his own Humvee with the Governors Seal on it. If any legislator now wants to sponsor a bill making English the official language of California, the governor will sign it, and also any new law that makes life more difficult for immigrants who do not have full legal status.

It will be interesting to see how the Terminator, a past admirer of Hitler and hater of Jews, will respond to the Palestinian / Middle Eastern world situation. Since Zionists had their dalliances with Nazism, and Zionism is distinct in character from Judaism, it is entirely possible that Arnold will support Zionists will continuing to hate Jews per se. The lack of a sense of justice, as demonstrated by his tendencies to grope and humiliate women during his years as a "playful" entertainer bode poorly for any sense of justice for Palestinians.

A whole new world may be emerging with the election of Governor Terminator. Certainly California has taken a giant step backwards as a progressive state. Teutonic thinking of the Old School Prussian variety will beam down from the dome of the State Capitol in Sacramento. One likely economic benefit will be the emergence of new markets of snow sports enthusiasts flying back and forth between the Sierra Mountains of California and the Austrian Alps. And Arnold may be the first governor to film movie while in office — perhaps filmed during his actual work day as he personally battles crime and terrorism in live action scenes while the movie cameras roll.

They said California was strange before the latest election. A governor who serves as his own bodyguard certainly breaks the Gray Davis — even the Pete Wilson mode.

Will the Democrats be able to organize their own recall before the next election?