United we stand, divided we fall – A message to all Americans

All Americans, Muslim and non-Muslim alike, are profoundly appalled by the atrocities that have befallen the occupants of the World Trade Center and Pentagon.  Yet, while everyone feels exactly the same way about these tragedies, anti-Islamic sentiment is rampant.  This sentiment is the result of a grave misunderstanding.  Many of us feel that the Islamic portion of our population harbors an intense hatred toward American society and secretly aspires for its demise.  However, this in no way relates to the fact of the matter.  Muslims, like any other citizens of this country, have been laboring for generations to contribute to their nation’s prosperity.  While they may not necessarily agree with some of the societal aspects of American culture, they are strongly patriotic like all American citizens and vehemently uphold the principles upon which this country was founded.  Like many other people of diverse backgrounds, they too worked in the aforementioned buildings, or had family members and close friends that did.

They too suffered the consequences resulting from the actions of a few deranged individuals – individuals who abused and tarnished the name of a peace-loving religion for the sake of mere political recognition.  Contrary to the prevailing opinion, these terrorists acted not in accord with Islamic law, but in accord with a completely twisted and misconstrued interpretation of Islamic principles by a corrupt leader.  Islam does not under any circumstance ordain its believers to aggressively attack innocent people.

In accusing all Muslims of adhering to the severely distorted ideals of a handful of individuals, we will again be guilty of mistakes that we have already committed in the past.  Instead of learning from our errors in post-World-War Japanese persecution and Senator Joseph McCarthy’s political persecution of the 1950s, we will be reenacting similar discrimination and prejudicial injustices.  Therefore, in order to avoid repeating these egregious errors we must refrain from any form of blind bias and abuse toward our brethren, whether they be Muslim, Arabic, Asian, or otherwise.  Uninhibited hatred will deem us no better than our recent enemies.  However, the unity of this country’s people in times of crisis will yield hope as it always has in the past.  Ultimately, the resolve and resilience of this great nation will allow it and its people to recover with the help of time, understanding, peace, and cooperation.  United we stand, divided we fall.  I beg of everyone: please end the hate.

Peace be with you.