Uniting for Peace: Last Chance for the U.N. – or for us all?

It has been a booming Big Bertha barrage, Amerika’s incessant onslaught of Hitlerian ultimatums, with its accompaniment, the shrieks and twisting spirals of Goebbelesque propaganda fireworks. But this belligerent cacophony did hit one note right. It will be curtains for the U.N. and its relevance, if that body does not act now.

A new colossus astride the globe cries to the skies its utter supremacy over every law of love or logic. This rampant monster bellows its threats in crescendo, testing the strength and resolve of the human race to resist. Will mankind raise a hand or finger to stop the behemoth in its wanton course of despoliation – or watch in horror as it tramples into a mud of blood the shattered cradle of civilization – and grabs the world by its very vitals?

Bold words have echoed in the Security Council of the Nations for a peace plan,

A Blitzkrieg – translates to “lightning war” in English – “shoot first, ask questions later” in cowboy lingo – “creating facts on the ground” in wonk jargon – a Blitzkrieg is what our fascist junta will launch, any day now, to shut down the U.N. talk shop. Just as surely as the same band [3] (excepting, perhaps, the Angloid Axis, US-UK-Israel), to call for a peacekeeping protective cordon of UN troops in Iraq, without delay, even without onerous conditions that might put their people at risk of further punishment. We must try to save the people – in spite of their leaders.

Yes, to every Mission, not just the deadlocked Security Council. To forestall bloodshed in such cases, any seven members of the Security Council, or a majority of the General Assembly, can give U.N. members their marching orders, under the Uniting for Peace [1] French and German Resolution to the U.N. http://www.geocities.com/emergent_behavior/UN_Resolution.html

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