UzA – Rishtan pottery in Athens

Rishtan pottery in Athens


Porcelain and ceramic products manufactured by LLC Mohi Diyor Roshidon in Fergana region’s Rishtan district are known not only in Uzbekistan, but also abroad.

Rishtan masters’ miniatures and ceramics are famous among art lovers. These unique examples of pottery art were demonstrated at international exhibitions and fairs in the United States, the United Kingdom, France, Poland, Sweden, Iraq, Iran, Egypt and other countries and have received well-deserved recognition.


Rishtan pottery products are distinguished by their unique design, natural colors and rich patterns in the form of pepper pods. Foreign tourists show great interest in this type of art.

Recently, Rishtan Pottery Products Trading House started operating in Athens. The Trading House was organized jointly with Craftence Company and is located in the city of Kallithea. Products worth 250 thousand euros have already been delivered.



Masud Sulaymonov, photos by Mukim Kodirov, UzA

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