Uzbekistan develops cooperation on creation of modern greenhouses

Uzbekistan develops cooperation on creation of modern greenhouses


Representatives of the Embassy of Uzbekistan to the Benelux countries held online negotiations with the export manager of the Dutch company KUBO, Henk van Tuijl.

It was noted that KUBO is implementing a number of large projects in Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and the Caucasus countries. Thanks to the modern technologies used, the greenhouse complexes of the company allow to get an average of 40% more crops than in conventional greenhouses.

In addition, along with the technologies themselves, the company also provides training for specialists in greenhouse management, as well as provides necessary technical and technological assistance and services.

The manager noted that in 2019 the company completed the construction of a modern greenhouse complex in Uzbekistan’s Bagat district of Khorezm region for growing tomatoes. The Uzbek partner is Red Star Oxus. The total area of the greenhouse is 6 hectares. In the future, it is planned to increase the greenhouse area to 12 hectares.

The complex has all the latest technologies of KUBO, including a water purification system. The company continues to provide technical assistance, as well as take part in training of necessary personnel for the greenhouse. About 80 jobs were created within the framework of the project.

Following the meeting, an agreement was reached on holding negotiations with relevant agencies of Uzbekistan to discuss the prospects for attracting European companies with advanced agricultural technologies.

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