Uzbekistan, Pakistan enhance trade cooperation

Uzbekistan, Pakistan enhance trade cooperation


The Embassy of Uzbekistan in Pakistan organized a videoconference with participation of the deputy khokim of Jizzakh region, Azim Akhmedkhajayev, heads of the textile company Jizzakh Textile and a major Pakistani importer, founder of the well-known companies Najeeb Fibers, Najeeb Consultants Pvt. Ltd. and Javed Enterprises, Najeeb Vohra.

Najeeb Vohra noted that the main activities of his three companies are related to the import of textile, fruits and vegetables from Uzbekistan to Pakistan, as well as to the Middle East, South Korea and Japan. They are focused exclusively on the import of goods from Uzbekistan.

The importer informed that in February this year he visited Jizzakh region to study the production capabilities of Jizzakh Textile plant, as well as samples of products were also taken for laboratory testing in Pakistan. As a result, after the opening of Pakistan – Afghanistan border, the first pilot deliveries to Pakistan of 15 containers of Jizzakh factory products worth about $500 thousand were launched.

In this regard, the Pakistani side expressed interest in further increasing deliveries of Jizzakh Textile products to Pakistan, including in booking the full production volume of the plant until the end of this year.

Following the negotiations, an agreement was reached on realization during July and August of the current year of export from the region to Pakistan of textile products worth more than $1 million and with a further increase in volume by the end of the year to $3 million.

The parties also agreed to jointly develop an export supply action plan for 2021.

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