Vernon Coleman: Another Leftie who can’t see the Elephant in the corner of the Room


Vernon Coleman is one of the most well-known medical campaigners in Britain (hereinafter referred to as Brutland). For the last three decades, he’s been a thorn in the side of multi-national pharmaceutical corporations peddling expensive and unsafe medicines, “In Europe and the United States of America the drug companies now control the medical profession.” He’s also been a thorn in the side of the medical profession which happily dispenses these medicines.. “iatrogenesis is now one of the three biggest causes of illness and death in Europe and the USA.” He’s been a great campaigner against Animal vivisection and Animal abuse. He holds quite radical beliefs about the spread of the human form of Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy, (BSE). Despite the fact that aids seem to be rampant across several continents he continues to argue, “In the late 1980s I warned that mad cow disease would probably prove to be a much greater threat to mankind than Aids. It now seems clear that that forecast was accurate.”

Like many Animal rightists, Coleman has little interest in environmental issues. For example, he has a strange devotion to cars and even owns a couple of gas-guzzling, Earth-wrecking, Rolls Royces. He often expresses sympathy for the motorists’ perspective. For example, he believes that speed cameras, intended to deter motorists from speeding and thereby reduce accidents and pollution, have increased the prospects of car accidents.

Politically, Coleman is an English nationalist. However, he holds quite unusual position. Most English nationalists admire America and are not in the slightest bit worried by the influence of American culture and interests on Brutland. However, Coleman harbours a vehement dislike for America. For example, “The USA did not come to Europe’s help in WWII. (Churchill was terrified that after pearl harbour the USA would focus on Japan). However, Europe was saved when Hitler and Mussolini declared war on the USA on December 11th, 1941. It was only then that America was forced into the war. It was Russia, led by Stalin, which helped Britain most (not the USA).” Not surprising he’s also opposed to a United States of Europe – although it is a little strange when he despairs that European countries aren’t strong enough to stand up to America. Coleman refuses to face the fact that Europe will only be able to challenge American power if it creates a European super-state.

Coleman is such a controversial writer that brutish television rarely interviews him and has never bothered to produce a documentary about his life and work.

American World Domination

Coleman believes America is intent on achieving something like world domination. He highlights a range of ways in which America dominates the world.

Firstly, its control of global financial institutions such as the international monetary fund and world bank.

Secondly, its manipulation of the world treaty organization and the global economy, “America has put huge tariffs on key agricultural items such as rice, sugar and groundnuts. These trade restrictions cost poor countries $2.5 billion a year in lost foreign exchange earnings. America deliberately keeps down commodity prices, thereby damaging the earnings of developing countries. America has created a global economy that suits its needs. America gets cheap food while the producers of its raw materials starve.”

Thirdly, American warmongering during the 20thC. There have been others who have drawn this relatively uncontentious conclusion but it is surprising coming from such a well-known public commentator. He rightly denounces the carnage that took place at the end of the 1990 war with Iraq, “The Americans bombed the retreating Iraqi army – despite the fact that they were showing white flags of surrender. (This was, surely, one of the most disgraceful acts of war ever seen).” Indeed, surely this slaughter must have been some sort of war crime? He seems to show no hesitation when stating, “George W Bush is the most dangerous leader in the world. In comparison he makes Saddam Hussein look cuddly and harmless.”

Fourthly, the dollar as a global currency. He makes an interesting but rarely discussed point about the dollar in the global economy, “The Americans have bought companies, land and so on and paid for everything in dollars – which their government had printed. Every year for a decade now around $400 billion has left the USA and been used to buy property in other countries. America has, inevitably, got richer and richer. The Americans have no intention of ever bringing those dollars back to their shore.” But then again, ask anyone around the world what currency they want to be paid in and the overwhelming majority will say, “Dollars”.

He reaches a very savage but, basically honest, conclusion, “The Americans steal, corrupt, and pollute without a thought for the rest of the world. Millions of innocent women and children have died at the hands of the ruthless Americans.”

In more cases than not his accusations against America are legitimate but there are many errors. He criticizes America’s support for the Irish Republican Army (IRA) as if the IRA was solely responsible for the civil war in Northern Ireland.

Not quite getting to the Truth

Coleman is one of those radical/humanitarian commentators who has virtually all the facts at his disposal to understand global politics but, somehow, seems unable, or unwilling, to see the full picture.

American Global Domination?

Firstly, Coleman emphasizes American global domination and yet completely ignores Zionists’ control over the American government. After the second world war, there were as many so-called ‘Arabist’ supporters within the American and brutish, administrations as there were Jews. Today, however, there are few Arabists left in the American administration. The Zionist domination of the American administration is now overwhelming and incontestable. The same is also true in Brutland. Zionists’ influence over politicians can be quite dramatic. In 2002 Brutland’s foreign secretary jack straw went to see Ariel Sharon encourage him to make peace with the Palestinians but all that happened was that he came back to Brutland spouting Sharon’s extreme pro-Zionist propaganda.

Coleman mentions that America gives the Zionist state in Palestine huge amounts of money every year and yet he doesn’t indicate why this happens, “America gives $3.5 billion a year to Israel – which spends most of that money on arms. Most arms are bought from American arms companies. The money not spent on arms is used to build new, illegal settlements on Palestinian land. The USA steadfastly refuses to acknowledge (or use its financial power to try to halt) Israel’s violence towards the Palestinians. The money the USA gives to Israel makes up 40% of America’s entire foreign aid.” Why is America giving far more money to a piddlingly small country with no resources than to the whole of the African continent which has vast amounts of resources? This vast sum of money could have done much to overcome widespread poverty and deprivation in America itself let alone in many other countries around the world. The Americans can’t be giving this money to the Zionist state in Palestine! so that it can act as their regional outpost because all it does is provoke wars and instability in the region, and boost the price of oil. It has to be suggested that America isn’t giving this money to the Zionist state in Palestine: it is being extracted from the American government by Zionists in successive American administrations.

Bush’s Desire to attack Iraq

Coleman believes there were a number of reasons why America wanted to attack Iraq. Firstly, so that Bush could win the next presidential election. Secondly, to secure the region’s oil supplies. Thirdly, “Bush junior wants to avenge his father’s embarrassing adventures in Iraq a few years ago.” The first and third explanations are plausible but the second is not – there has never been a threat to oil supplies. Arab leaders have always pumped oil – the most they would ever do is increase their price. Coleman completely ignores the demands of the Zionist state in Palestine for war against Iraq, Syria, and Iran. He ignores the role of the Zionist lobby in pushing Zionist demands to the top of bush’s political agenda.

American Media?

Coleman not merely fails to mention the Zionist domination of the American political system, he fails to mention the Jewish/Zionist[1] domination of the American media. He appreciates the dominance of the media in American society but refuses to recognize its particular complexion, “Most American citizens have never travelled outside the USA and obtain all of their knowledge of the rest of the world from a media which is controlled by powerful corporations which have little or no interest in informing its viewers and readers about foreign cultures.” According to chad powers, “The three major TV networks (ABC, CBS, NBC) were built to power by Jewish moguls, Sarnoff, Goldenson, and Paley.” So, why isn’t Coleman willing to recognize that these powerful corporations are mainly Jewish/Zionist? [1]

The American Movie Industry?

Coleman suffers the same myopia over the American movie industry. He has succinctly summed up the power of the American movie industry into what has become almost a globally dominant industry, “The American movie industry sells its products in other countries around the world at a below cost price. It can afford to do this because production costs are covered by American sales. Foreign sales are icing on the cake. The result of this policy is that other countries no longer have movie industries because homegrown movie companies simply cannot compete on price. America also dumps its TV programmes in other countries – thereby destroying local production companies. The Americans still make a profit but local writers, directors, actors and studios cannot compete and so go bust. In addition, American films and television programmes are now regularly sponsored. Multi-nationals pay huge sums to have their products “placed” in programmes. American cinema houses and tv companies! will, by and large, show only American products.” Once again, however, Coleman transparently neglects to mention that this is a Jewish/Zionist[1] dominated industry. According to chad powers, “Hollywood has been a nepotistic Jewish fiefdom since its founding.”

Coleman condemns the American film industry for portraying the British army in a poor way in films about the second world war, “In film after film British troops are shown as incompetent or bad while American troops are always given the credit for every success.” What Coleman seems to be reluctant to admit, or to acknowledge, is that it is Jews/Zionists[1] in the American film (and media) industry who are portraying the British army in this way. He blames a nebulous America when it is a specific Jewish/Zionist[1] dominated industry. (Coleman also fails to recognize that this phenomenon is true across the board. According to Tony Parsons, brutish people are often maligned in Hollywood films, “Truly, what a docile bunch we British must be to allow Hollywood to spoon-feed us a piece of glossy garbage like Mel Gibson’s ‘The Patriot’. Heaven knows we are accustomed to seeing tinsel-town portray the Brits as a bunch of sadists, rapists, bullies, braggarts and mincing woofters.” In general, if Hollywood wants an actor to play a ‘bad guy’ in a film they will virtually always choose an Englishman).

The power possessed by Jews/Zionists[1] in the American film/media industries enables them to shape public opinion in America and around the world about the Zionist state in Palestine, Muslim/Zionist fundamentalism, and the war against Iraq. They help to spread the ideas of the Zionist lobby in America and protect it from criticisms. In conclusion, Coleman fully appreciates the power structure of the American media and film industries but, perversely, omits to mention that much of this power is exercised by Jews many of whom have strong Zionist leanings. Coleman seems willing to ignore the two Elephants sitting in the corner of his office – Jewish/Zionist[1] ownership of the American film, and media, industries.

Christian Fundamentalism?

Coleman has spotted the connection between Zionist fundamentalists and Christian fundamentalists, “Why are evangelical Christians such committed supporters of Israel?” His answer is that “Evangelical Christians believe that the second coming and the city of god are impossible without the state of Israel. The USA is now swamped with right-wing Christians of various types. A poll conducted by Time magazine showed that nearly two-thirds of Americans believe that the book of revelations will come true.”


Coleman has earned his living through writing popular books so he is not dependent on multi-national corporations for money. He is one of Brutland’s freest thinkers and yet even he seems constrained by political correctness. This supposedly radical, independent, free-spirited, thinker refuses to discuss, or is unwilling to admit, the Elephants sitting in his Canary wharf office. In the past, it might have been understandable for politicos on the left to refuse to talk about the increasing Zionist domination of the American administration. The only evidence was circumstantial and conjectural. These days, however, Zionists can’t be bothered by hiding the obvious. When Ariel Sharon was challenged about his Zionist fundamentalism he stated, “Don’t worry about American pressure on Israel. We, the Jewish people, control America, and the Americans know it!” And he was quite correct because the American media did not discuss the statement and was not outraged by it.

What was surprising about Sharon’s outburst was that he forgot to mention Brutland. Perhaps Brutland is so insignificant in the zionization process that it does not need to be mentioned. However, it might have been thought that Zionist control over brutish politics would have ranckled Coleman’s nationalism but apparently not.

One wonders when Coleman will admit to the most obvious, but the most neglected fact in global politics: that Ariel Sharon, a former terrorist with a zionist-Einsatzgruppen organization, a mass murderer, and crypto-Nazi, is the leader of the Zionist dominated democracies in Palestine, America, and Brutland, and the prime mover in the war against Iraq. It’s not globalization that is the dominant force shaping world events but zionization. Isn’t it strange how the ooman world changes? The left used to be the truth-tellers and the right were the liars and dissemblers. These days there’s more truth to be found amongst revisionists than there is amongst lefties.

Editor’s Note:

[1]. There is a sheer difference between a Zionist and a Jew. A Zionist is equal to a fanatic and a Jew is equal to an ordinary religious person. Indeed, there are many Jews who don’t follow the Zionist doctrine.

The author went to York University and then Hull University where he studied the works of Hannah Arendt. He has since been involved in community work and writes only occasional articles. He contributed the above article to Media Monitors Network (MMN) from the United Kingdom.