Vice-President Dick Cheney: The Personification of American Evil

If one wants to consider evil in the modern world, one does not need to travel across the far oceans to continents and lands that are strange and unique to the American perspective. Evil is alive and well in America in 2003. In fact, evil plays a major part in shaping American foreign and domestic policy in 2003. And by any standard, American Vice-President Dick Cheney is the living embodiment of evil.

Dick Cheney does not like to work in the bright light of public scrutiny, as one would expect a public official to do in a "democracy". Dick likes to remind the world of the need for democracy, and then file lawsuits to prevent the U.S. congress, the elected representatives of the public, from having access to his meetings with corporate and other executives to establish an energy policy for the United States of America. It is possible, and perhaps likely that those meetings that have been kept hidden from the American public contained input, not only from corporate energy executives, but also from military planners and "security experts", as we know that the general policies of waging war against Iraq and Afghanistan were laid and put in writing well before 9/11/01. And Dick Cheney continues to receive huge salary payments from his firm (Halliburton) even now, and he continues to funnel huge (multibillion dollar) contracts to Halliburton as Vice-President of the U.S. Government and Chief Financial Provider for Halliburton and the entire energy sector.

But Dick Cheney’s evil goes beyond even the quest for money and oil and energy. Cheney is a person given to concoctions of lies, untruths, inuendo, fables, insinuations, distortions, and fabrications — machinations of evil regarding other nations and regarding America’s role in this world. Dick Cheney is very quick to forget America’s role in denying democracy to the underprivileged and the oppressed from Chile to Nigeria, from East Timor to El Salvador. Dick Cheney is a prime player in the American power elite which has supported repressive regimes around the world which have stifled the will of the peoples of those lands and many others, in favor of dictators who line their own pockets, and suppress their own people, in order to carry out business relations with Cheney and his crowd of American corporate elitists.

Cheney believes that America has the right to do exactly as it wishes in this world, with no protest, no restriction, and no control by any force or authority. The United Nations is irrelevant to Dick Cheney, except when the U.N. can be influenced to support U.S. policy — otherwise, when the U.N. stands up for human rights or world peace, Cheney views it as "obstructionist". Cheney believes that any concoction of lies or dis-information about any country in the world can be used as grounds for the U.S. to assault that country, kill its citizens, change its regime, and take its resources for the American "good".

From Dick Cheney’s point of view — the world is here for American use. No nation has the right to oppose America or protect its own resources. No matter that nature put trillions of barrels of oil under the soils of Iraq. Cheney wants that oil and he sent American soldiers there to secure that oil, and Cheney views that as good and proper. International law and decorum is meaningless to Dick Cheney. It is almost amazing that Cheney even bothers to suggest an alternate (bogus) reality as explanation for his concoctions, such as the myth of the imminent threat of Iraq’s weapons of mass destruction program. Sensible Americans knew long ago from testimony by persons such as former chief arms inspector and U.S. Marine Scott Ritter that the Iraqi WMD program was tactically and strategically defunct. We knew that if Cheney REALLY could prove the existence of such programs, he could have passed the evidence to the U.N. inspectors and forced the issue, but he never did, and was never questioned by the meek, malleable American and world press, which serve as yapping lapdogs to the corporate-influence government.

Dick Cheney has proved that he is willing to shed blood for oil, including American blood. He is willing to lie to get what he wants. He is willing to trash the homeland environment. Cheney is willing to put future generations of Americans at grave risk due to the ramifications of global climate change, which he ignores as he continues to promote policies that accentuate the damage that will ultimately be caused by global climate change, not only on Americans, but on the entire planet. Dick Cheney knows full well that American intransigence on this issue has vastly disproportionate effect on the future of the world at large, but he does not give a damn. This man is evil.

Dick Cheney has helped build a huge burden of debt on the American people. Future generations will be paying for the excesses and luxuries enjoyed today. The military buildup and the expenditures of mass numbers of cruise missiles and nuclear weapons programs and Star Wars military technology put huge profits into the bank accounts of Cheney’s military/defense contractor buddies, and they all desire to take their profits now and let their grandchildren worry about the cost accounting long afterwards.

Dick Cheney is a secretive man. But when he does come out from the darkness and speak a word or two, we learn quickly how greedy, manipulative, dishonest, combative, immoral, destructive — how evil this man is. We do not need to look for some axis between foreign capitals to locate evil. Evil resides right at home in the Vice-President’s mansion in Washington, D.C. Dick Cheney is Satan’s man in Washington. If Bush/Cheney are elected by vote for the first time in 2004, he will be America’s man in Washington, D.C. What a magnificent shame and pity that would be!