Violent audacity of US / British / Israel alliance is numbingly distressing

If human history does cycle, revolving between yin and yang, power and weakness, domination and subservience, the long-term future of the U.S., Great Britain and Israel will be bleak and full of despair for their people, who ride atop the world in 2006.

Violent audacity marks the Pax Americana as we see it today with this tiny cabal of nations. Who else would see it as their role to pick and choose the governments of neighbors and of nations far away? Who else would preach democracy and then reject the outcomes of free elections that pose threats to their own hegemony over others?

The outreach of these nations is global, and the harm caused and intended is massive. Hamas, Hugo Chavez, Fidel Castro, Hezbollah, Obrador, and many others are in the line of fire of this cabal. Never mind that Hugo was elected with a huge majority of the Venezuelan population’s votes — his rejection of elitism could still one day cost him his life.

Myriad innocent people have suffered and died because their lives and human needs got in the way of the Anglo-American-Zionist machinery. Fallujah is still not rebuilt and tens of thousands of its citizens are living in the desert without modern amenities and grieving the loss of the lives of yet more thousands of those whose lives were taken away by the violent audacity of the nation-stealers.

The Israelis are now reported to be using poison gas and depleted uranium on the civilians of Lebanon, who themselves are buffeted between Arab power struggles, and all sort of other intrigues.

The Pax Americana is not a peaceful time for this world. America and Britain and Israel have invested stupendous resources in weapons of war and war-fighting capabilities. The only peace these nations know is the peace of the dead.

When yin turns to yang and the cycles of history turn, the descendents of the Lebanese may have their revenge. The sons of Fallujah may remember their former agony and be able to wreak vengeance on the sons of their current tormentors.

"What you sew is what you will reap" is an old spiritual saying, and a whole lot of sowing is going on, and the reaping will not be fun. Memories are long and intense pain puts searing desire for revenge deep into the psyches of dispossessed and tortured peoples. Perhaps Bush believes that the "rapture" will carry him to heaven and avoid human accountability for his deeds. He had better hope for his grandchildren’s sake that he is correct.