Wakeup Non-Muslims!!

Nothing is more dangerous than taking enemies for friends out of utter ignorance or for being misinformed.

That is exactly what is happening in the non-Muslim world due to the fear and lies about Muslims and Islam spread by a sinister alliance of the neo-cons of the West and no-mods of Islam -” an army of opportunists under different banners from "moderate" to "liberal" and "progressive" Islam.

In the end, non-Muslims will remember not the "enemies" portrayed on the cover pages of the Times, [1] but the ones who push the non-Muslim world from confusion into clash and from clash into unnecessary wars and ultimate fall of the much vaunted global order.

The enemy of the non-Muslim world is not Islam as it is now being officially recognized in the political (the 9/11 Commission’s report) and religious circles (the sign outside a church reading: you must remember Islam is the enemy).

The enemy of the non-Muslim world are not Muslims fighting physically and intellectually to bring an end to the direct and indirect occupations of their homelands.

The real Muslim-enemies of the non-Muslim world are those Muslims who are close friends of the real culprits behind 9/11: the war criminals involved in the continued carnage around the Muslim world. Together they are a gang that has shaped the mindset that sees enemy in nothing but Islam. [2]

Muslim-enemies of the non-Muslim world have no bombs. They have no intention to blow up building. They do not even intend to undermine the West. Their interest lies in success of the totalitarians in Washington and other capitals.

Their benighted opportunism, however, makes them extremely dangerous. As effective tools in the hands of the real culprits behind 9/11, [3] they are unknowingly undermining interest of both the East and the West.

Muslims-enemies of the non-Muslim world are not the masked gunmen in Iraq. They are the most “civilized” faces that we find under different banner from “moderates” to “liberal” and “progressive Muslims” -” the neo-mods of Islam.

Understanding how the neo-mods of Islam are undermining the Western world under the auspices of the neo-cons is as much interesting as it is important to reverse this destructive trend.

It must go without saying that those who planned destruction of the WTC and forged a passenger plane’s attack on Pentagon are not friends of the United States and its allies at all because for them destroying American property and killing innocent people is of no value as long as these criminal acts could serve their criminal objective.

Sacrificing WTC and 3000 people therein is just like the US customs and DEA agents brining in drugs from Colombia; selling it in the US street to their fellow countrymen; keeping the proceeds in American banks and then finally transferring these funds to BCCI (Bank of Credit and Commerce International) to facilitate its closure in 1988. [4]

These criminal acts, the subsequent occupations and the continuing carnage did not occur is a vacuum. These criminal acts and the subsequent political and military adventures needed years of ground work to prepare a mindset that would instantly accept Muslims and Islam as the enemies and would feel comfortable with all kinds of psychological degradation and physical annihilation of the alleged enemy.

The most important task of preparing such a depraved mindset has been undertaken by the “intellectual” alliance of likeminded war lords, such as Huntington, Lewis, Pipes, Perle, Friedman, Frum and others. Their work has been the real inspiration for the culprits behind 9/11 and their subsequent barbarism in Iraq and Afghanistan.

It is not difficult to see the whole range of enemies once it is established as to who are the real culprits behind 9/11 because by simple logic the friends of the enemies are also enemies.

It is not difficult to understand that the WTCs were not destroyed to bring a revolution in the US for some unimaginable levels of progress and prosperity. The only motive was to make the US invade and occupy the perceived “enemy lands,” to promote a “war within” its perceived enemies and to impose a “way of life” which the perpetrators of these crimes deem appropriate for the whole world.

The real culprits behind 9/11 were most probably technicians, military experts, political figures and some strategic planners but, of course, not the opinion makers.

Nevertheless, it were the opinion makers who brought the real culprits to this state of mind and continue to belittle their crimes. The real friends of these opinion makers -” read war lords -” are the neo-mods of Islam who are being exploited to achieve the same objectives: facilitating and justifying invasions and occupations; promoting a “war within Islam”; demonizing Islam as incapable to govern all aspects of life and glorifying neo-cons’ “way of life.”

The US is not sitting in Iraq and Afghanistan just because of the lies by a few political figures and full moral support of the opinion makers with war infected mentality. They were also backed up by an army of Muslim opportunists within and outside the United States whose devoted struggle paved the way for barbarism in the name of democracy and liberation. The "intellectual" war lord’s opinion alone could not have drawn the US into the quagmires to this extent.

These war lords and their Muslim counterparts (moderates, liberals and progressives) are breaking new grounds to widen the gulf between the East and the West. On the one hand American researchers are digging out the facts to expose the real culprits behind destruction of the WTCs and on the other the real culprits are promoting these Muslim opportunists so that they not only accept responsibility for the crime but present Islam in the most degraded form possible.

Once the real culprits behind 9/11 make these Muslim puppets perfectly speak against Islam, the non-Muslim world would not need the war-lords like Friedman, Frum, Perle and Pipes, talking and tarnishing the image of Islam to them.

Besides Pipes and company’s numerous appeals to promote [5] these common enemies of the East and the West and their version of hypocrisy, [6] the recent additions are web sites like freemuslims.com and muslimwakeup.com.

FreeMuslims.com was launched soon after the politically ambitious and self-confessed apostate Muslim Kamal Nawash [7] met Daniel Pipes after a defeat in state elections. It is a good idea for self-promotion till the next elections. Pipes proudly claims to keeping an eye on activities of Kamal’s organization like a big brother. [8] So much is enough for judging credibility of the views about Islam and Muslims published on the web sites the organizations erected out of expediency.

Content on the second web site, MuslimWakeUp.com, is less for clarifying the confusion about Islam and more for sowing the seeds of hatreds and terror; thus intensifying the fear of Islam, promoting a “war within Islam,” glorifying the values promoted by the US war lords and justifying the barbaric attitude towards the Muslim world.

Any Muslim or non-Muslim who has a little sense of ethics and morality cannot even share material published on its page, "Sex and the Umma," with his family, let alone promoting what it advocates: teen pregnancy, out-of-wedlock births, [9] the use of sex toys, homosexuality, [10] extra-marital sex, [11] and mockery of the sayings of Prophet Muhammed (PBUH) [12] and the Qur’an. [13]

The web site claims that it “champions an interpretation of Islam that celebrates the Oneness of God and the Unity of God’s creation through the encouragement of the human creative spirit and the free exchange of ideas, in an atmosphere that is filled with compassion and free of intimidation, authoritarianism, and dogmatism.”

These thoughts will attract many non-Muslims towards this and many other such sites, but looking at the references given at the end of this write up, one must decide if such ideas serve the purpose of the war lords in the US or they give “an interpretation of Islam that interprets the oneness of God.”

This unnecessarily lascivious content not only violates some basic community decency standards of discourse but also leaves Salman Rushdie and Naguib Mahfouz look like saints.

According to this web site, a father angry at her teenage daughter’s out of wedlock pregnancy is “akin to a tune from a Nazi marching band,” but it believes: “whether self-appointed or not, America will determine the fate of the Muslim World.” A father cannot shape the fate of his teenage kids but the US has every right to impose the values espoused by its war lords no matter how many lives it may take.

Interestingly, web sites belonging to “progressive” Muslims are almost all pro-Bush. Muslims for Bush remained a permanent link in their web sites. They have been twisting stories in favour of Bush as well. For example with a Photo from an anti-Bush protest rally in New York, the headline reads: This Is What Democracy Looks Like: Joining a Quarter of a Million Marchers in New York to Welcome the Republicans. [14]

It is very important for the Americans and other non-Muslims to identify friends of their real enemies within. In this case, these are the opportunist Muslims, rallying under different banners behind the American war lords.

Look at the 6 demands of the “progressive” Muslims and compare these with the unnecessary length and depth of Islam-bashing for sowing terror at MuslimWakeUp.com to see that the objective of the exercise is not what is demanded in the first place. So would be the end results both for the Muslim and the non-Muslim world.

There could be many disagreements among the followers of any religion or inhabitants of a society. It, however, doesn’t need to give free licence to the war lords from another land to invade, occupy, torture and annihilate whole populations to “determine their fate.”

The neo-mods of Islam promoting agenda of the war lords in the US is a sure recipe for global disaster.

Sane minds would do well to ignore the filth perpetrated by these Muslim opportunists and make them accountable with their sponsors and promoters -” the real culprits behind 9/11 and subsequent mass killings.

Ignoring the cursed alliance of the neo-mods of Islam and the neo-cons of the West has led to Islam-is-the-enemy sign outside a church in the US today. If no appropriate actions are taken in time, tomorrow it will definitely turn the US and allied states into Nazi Germany of the late thirties.

The 21st century Final Solution would be far more horrible than the 19th century because unlike 10-12 million Jews, the solution this time around will be for 1.3 billion Muslims, including the ones which are being exploited to intensify a "war within Islam."


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[11] The following dialogue between a Muslim boy and girl in the US show that extra-marital sex has only become a stigma due to the misconceptions about hymen. Muslim girls can avail this pleasure if these misconceptions are removed. “She says, ‘sorry if this is a dumb question, but if you were to, to-¦’ and she couldn’t even get the words out so I’m like ‘finger you?’ and she goes ‘yeah-¦ would that break the hymen?'”

“Wow,” I replied, not knowing how else to react.

“Yeah, bro. I couldn’t believe it. So I told her that most girls lose their hymens years before that’s even an issue. And she had no idea! I was like, shit, you can lose your hymen when you’re eight years old riding a bike. She looked at me like I just blew her mind.” See: http://www.muslimwakeup.com/sex/archives/2004/07/yusef_and_lynn.php#more by Michael Muhammad Knight, as strange name in itself. The theme of his story also revolves around the theme that you can be a Muslim as well able to have whatever kind of name you may like, have boy and girl friends, have extra-marital sex and have any kind of dress regardless of the nudity point of view.

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