War on Terror Should Focus at Source

The Jewish campaign to effectively silence any critic of Israel may well be the biggest contributing factor in this birth of world terrorism we see today.

In his weekly radio address, two days after the London bombing attacks, President Bush said: "We are now waging a global war on terror — from the mountains of Afghanistan to the border regions of Pakistan, to the Horn of Africa, to the islands of the Philippines, to the plains of Iraq."

I wanted to scream and yell, "What about Israel, President Bush? If you really want to fight a war on terrorism, then the first place you need to go to is Israel. Stop wasting your time in those places you just mentioned and go to the source of terrorism. Go to where all the terror began. You can bring about a victory on the war on terrorism without sacrificing more than 1,700 American servicemen, and over $1 trillion of U.S. taxpayer money. Iraq isn’t the place where terror began. Go to Israel. Go to where it all began and continues today."

All he would need to do is break clean from Israel and suspend all aid until Israel relinquishes its control of the occupied territories, stops building and expanding illegal Jewish settlements, accedes to the Palestinians right to self-determination and evacuates Jewish settlers now living in areas of the West Bank, Gaza, and the Golan Heights.

Just one day after President Bush made his remarks on the war on terrorism, Israel’s Cabinet, ignoring Palestinian objections and U.S. misgivings, endorsed a Jerusalem separation barrier that will cut off 55,000 Palestinian residents from the city. The barrier leaves four Arab neighborhoods of Jerusalem, with some 55,000 residents, on the West Bank side, while including the largest Jewish West Bank settlement, Maaleh Adumim, with close to 30,000 people, on the Jerusalem side. This is the same wall that dips deep into the West Bank in several places to encircle main Jewish settlements grabbing thousands of acres of Palestinian land. Calling it anything other than a land grab would be misleading.

During this past week, the Israelis demolished 8 Palestinian homes and a gas station in Arab East Jerusalem in order to make way for a park. This, after a report showing that Jewish settlement construction in the West Bank was up 83 percent for the quarter even after Ariel Sharon had promised not to build any new settlements during last month’s White House visit with President Bush. Once again, only misgivings came from the White House, and nothing from the State Department.

By getting tough with Israel and initiating my recommendations, the president could instantly, and without firing a shot, quiet guerilla warfare in Iraq, eliminate terrorism here and abroad, and reduce anti-American protests throughout the world. Further, he would be taking a major step toward restoring the U.S. to the position of respect and honor it once held among all Muslim and Arab nations.

U.S. Policy in the Middle East has been the greatest recruiting tool that the terrorists could possibly have. Its lopsided support of Israel is the main reason we have so many problems we have today. The unquestionable protection of Israel and our refusal to condemn and take action no matter what crimes and human rights violations it commits is the fuel that ignites the birth of terror. Get tough with Israel and you will succeed in the war on terror.

Sounds simple, but we know the obstacles that prevent such action are all too real. The Israeli and Jewish lobby, the fundamental Christians, the media, the corporate bosses, the ADL, the big campaign contributors, are all obstacles that keep our politicians from doing what’s right. Who dares to criticize Israel without inheriting the label of "bigot" or, even worse, "anti-Semite?" It is absurd and dangerous to claim that bigotry is at the root of calls for adherence to basic standards of human rights. But the ongoing threat of the "anti-Semitic" label helps to prevent U.S. politicians from criticizing Israel. Which one of them would be brave enough not to vote "yes" to any of their demands, even when the demands threatens peace to the world? The Jewish campaign to effectively silence any critic of Israel may well be the biggest contributing factor in this birth of world terrorism we see today.

When the day comes when we have a president and congress brave enough to finally say, "enough is enough," then we will see the beginning of the end to world terrorism. Until then, we have a long war ahead.

President Bush has the power to end the reign of terror right now if he is willing to break clean from the stranglehold of the Jewish lobby. Politically, it is a hard choice, but ultimately a sensible and realistic one that would bring about true peace and justice in the Middle East and reduce tensions around the world.