Was it possible to avoid the deaths of "Tsunami"?

Yes, say the scientists. In placing, as they had asked, two ‘tsuna-meters’ (buoys endowed of seismographs) in order to measure the impact of the earthquakes. The risks of the Indian Ocean were known.

Complicated? No. Since fifty years, the United States installed six [tsuna] meters in order to protect their coasts.

Expensive? 250.000 $ piece. What costs the machine of war of Pentagon to every second (1,5 billion $ per day).

Too expensive nonetheless? Yes. The scientists had not gotten the credits. How much a human life in our system is worth?

That’s not all. It seems that the authorities of Asia could have been prejudiced. Indeed, the scientists working for the National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration of the United States warned well in advance the basis military US of Diego Garcia, who hardly underwent of damages.

But it seems that they didn’t unhook a telephone in order to warn the governments of Asia, according to the accusations of two US citizens [1]. They would have just sent a mail in Indonesia without taking care of the following.

If they had been aware, the victims would have been able to withdraw toward the interior or place in height. 10 or 15 meters making the difference between the life and the disaster. How can we explain this contempt for the lives of third world and some simple tourists?

Of course, the local governments and those of the rich countries should also be asked because they did not finance these ‘tsunameters.’ And it is not the first time that one installs an tourist industry [touristique] in a risky zone.

But, in these tragic moments, what is going to make the most powerful man of world? Bush threw an alms of 15 millions $. Are a thousandth that he spent against the Iraqi people. But, of course, the war brings huge profits to the multinationals, the war helps to intimidate and maintain their domination over the world.

This disaster gives us to think:

1. Yes, the disasters are ‘natural’, but most of their human aftermath could be avoided or diminished. Question of priority in the expenses.

2. A society where science and technology are so developed and do not serve, is it not an absurd society?

3. For what should we spend billions? To make war or to save some lives?

4. Can the knowledge remain monopolized in the rich countries? The experts and the necessary knowledge existed, but in the wrong place. Because the brains are acquired like of vulgar goods and monopolized.

5. An other world is not only possible, but indispensable. The one that will replace the dictatorship of maximum profit of the multinationals by cooperation and solidarity between the people.


[1]. Communiqué of the International Center Action (USA), Sara Flounders and Dustin Langley, in on our (French) site: http://www.michelcollon.info/articles.php?