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Mohamed Khodr’s Column

One can only imagine the overwhelming reporting in our media with front page stories, photos, editorials and countless punditry on television and by columnists if two American Muslims were caught by the FBI while planning to bomb the offices of the Anti-Defamation League and a prominent synagogue in Washington DC. Given our hypersensitivity post 9/11 and our “war on terrorism”, primarily Muslim defined terrorism worldwide, such a story would enshrine and further condemn American Muslims to Ashcroft’s all out war on civil liberties, total freezing of all American Muslim organizations and bank assets, widespread deportation of any Muslim even guilty of jay walking, and a possible made for TV movie. However, given that such terrorist bombing plots were planned not by American Muslims but by two Jewish Americans members of the Jewish Defense League, its chairman Irv Rubin and member Earl Kruger, arrested by the FBI on December 11, 2001, our media has been strangely silent on this “domestic terrorism” story. Why?

For one entire month there were no follow up stories, no investigations by the print, television, or radio media, no Ashcroft or Bush press conferences announcing the freezing of JDL assets or assets of many American Jewish organizations that send hundreds of millions of tax exempt dollars to militant settlers to confiscate Palestinian land and launch terrorist acts against them. Could it be that our government and media are ethnically biased in their reporting on our “war on terrorism”?

On January 10, 2002 exactly one month after the arrest of Rubin and Kruger, a Los Angeles federal grand jury returned a nine count indictment against the two men charging them with conspiracy, conspiracy to use a destructive device, attempted arson, attempted arson at a U.S. government facility, possession of a destructive device in furtherance of a crime of violence, solicitation to commit a crime of violence, possession of a machine gun and possession of an unregistered firearm. The J.D.L., an organization responsible for dozens of FBI defined acts of “domestic terrorism”, one that advocates the mission of its late founder Rabbi Meir Kahane for all out violence and expulsion of Palestinians and now caught in the planning of murderous bombing attacks on a Congressman, Rep. Darrel Issa (R-CA) an Arab American who supports the MidEast peace process, a Muslim mosque and the offices of the Muslim Public Affairs Council in Los Angeles, only warrants brief wire reports or deeply buried articles with no TV reporting of the indictments, no editorials, and no columnists railing against “Jewish Terrorism”. Rubin said the bombings were planned because people needed to know that the JDL is “alive in a militant way.” Krugel said that Arabs “need a wake-up call.” Yet such acts don’t “wake up” our media or government officials. Like the Palestinians, Americans are forced to be “quiet” about Israel’s terrorism or Jewish American terrorism respectively.

This hypocrisy and double standards on reporting of Jewish vs. Muslim alleged crimes mirrors our own government’s decades long failed approach to resolving the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Our institutional motto must be: “If its Jewish or Israeli don’t touch it.” As long as our institutions continue to pander in their reporting and policies to an “Israeli/Jewish” agenda where Jewish lives are sacrosanct and Jewish crimes are not news worthy, peace will be elusive in the MidEast. Is our “war on terrorism” ethnically defined?


Let’s look at how one major influential newspaper, the Washington Post, reports the story of the JDL.’s domestic terrorism versus how it reports on the seizure of the alleged Palestinians ship loaded with weapons. The Washington Post Company, owns Newsweek Magazine, the Washington Post, and dozens of television and radio stations, newspapers, cable television systems, electronic information services, test preparation, and educational and career services. as well as other papers. It also co-owns with the New York Times the “International Herald Tribune”. Located in the nation’s capital it is one of the most influential media outlets in the world. It is owned and operated by the Graham family, a prominent Jewish American family.

How the Post reported on the Indictment of the two Jewish Americans from the Jewish Defense League:

Deep on PAGE A22, the Post reports the story in merely 57 words: January 11, 2002 LOS ANGELES — A federal grand jury indicted two leaders of the militant Jewish Defense League on charges of plotting to bomb the Muslim Public Affairs Council in Los Angeles, the King Fahd mosque in Culver City and a field office of Rep. Darrell Issa (R-Calif.). Irv Rubin and Earl Krugel could be sentenced to life in prison if convicted. (57 words)

Now Compare This with how the Post reports on Israel’s illegal seizure, in international waters, of an alleged Palestinian ship in the Red Sea. Note that the Post has an editorial on the story as well as a column by the rabidly Pro-Zionist Jewish American columnist, Charles Kraut-hammer:

A. Post Editorial: “A SHIP COMES IN” January 11, 2001: 447 WORDS B. Charles Krauthammer’s column: “SHIP OF TRUTH” January 11, 2001: 777 WORDS

In his usual pro-violent and terroristic column, Dr. Kraut-hammer in the above mentioned column writes:

“If we want peace, Arafat and the Palestinian Authority have to go. They must be de-legitimized, de-recognized, de-funded by the United States. And by Europe. And if that does not bring them down, Israel should be allowed to go in and do the job itself.”

Since words and space in a major paper are at a premium in terms of cost and influence this disparity and bias in reporting coupled with the fact that the Post regularly denies publishing of Op-Ed pieces and letters critical of Israel whether written by Jewish, Christian, but particularly American Muslims should behoove the company to rename itself, since its obsessed with Truth, to the “TEL AVIV POST” since there already is a Jerusalem Post.

For 53 years, truth of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict has been a casualty of a public relations campaign, media spin and a corrupt campaign financing system orchestrated and supported by Israel and its sympathetic “American” Congress and media. This latest incident regarding the seized ship “Karina A” loaded with weapons seized by Israel illegally in international waters (Red Sea) is a case in point. Israel immediately blamed Arafat. The timing of this incident raised international suspicion that Israel was undermining Anthony Zinni’s return for peace negotiations. Israel has been known to manufacture crisis at a time of potential peace movement or perceived American pressure.

The patriotic Congressman travelling to Israel on a “peace mission” immediately showed their patriotic allegiance to Israel by canceling their meeting with Arafat. The Congressmen—-Peter Deutsch (D-FL), Gary Ackerman (D-NY), Jerrold Nadler (D-NY), and Barney Frank (D-MA)—are all Jewish Americans who automatically parrot Israel’s line, right or wrong. It’s a reflection of the dominance and influence of Jewish Americans in the Democratic Party where Jews donate almost half of the Party’s Campaign money.

Since 1978, Pro-Israel PAC’s have given $34, 607, 182 to Congressmen. From 1949-1997 American taxpayers have given to Israel $134,791,507,200; the world’s sixteenth richest nation comprising 0.001 percent of the world’s population. We must stop aid to Israel for the sake of world peace, especially for America’s security.

The flip flop of the State Department’s statements on the Karina A incident is in line with our government’s constant kowtowing to Israel’s demands and version of events. On January 6, both the New York Times and Israel’s Haaretz report that the US Government disputes Israel’s claim regarding the Karina A’s destination as being for Lebanon’s Hizbullah and not for the Palestinian Authority. However as expected, the U.S. reversed its story under Israeli pressure to say on January 8 that it agrees with Israel’s findings. The history of our government initially opposing Israel’s view only to quickly reverse itself the next day under enormous Israeli and Jewish American pressure has embarrassed our nation and impugned our integrity.

The first and only time our government has publicly stated that it accepts at face value the words of a Palestinian is during this incident where Richard Boucher, spokesperson for the State Department said: “We take the statements at face value. We would consider them credible.” Of course the Palestinian Authority’s denial of this incident and their insistence that the U.S. launch an investigation into this matter is not credible. Why? Because Israel will not like that and will throw a powerful temper tantrum that can cause these “American” politicians to wet themselves and fear for their political lives. Contrary to our laws where one is innocent until proven guilty, Mr. Boucher said that the evidence (Israel’s evidence) indicates that Palestinians were involved, and that the burden was now on Mr. Arafat, who has denied responsibility, to provide a full explanation.

Thus to our Government and Media: “Israel is innocent even when Guilty; Palestinians are Guilty even when Innocent.”

And that my friends is the only reason the United States and Israel oppose the formation of an “International Criminal Court”. They want freedom to wage their “wars” on their enemies with impunity, who now thanks to Israel is “ISLAM” itself. Israel demands the world, especially the United States, to accept its versions of truth and history without question. Such has been the case for 53 years. Never mind that Lloyd’s of London shipping registry lists the Karina-A as Iraqi-owned and thus making it almost impossible that an Iraqi owned ship would load Iranian weapons, able to bypass the large American naval and intelligence flotilla in the Persian gulf and Red Sea, able to pass through the Suez Canal to Alexandria, dump its cargo there to three small boats heading for Gaza and dumping the cargo in floating devices to freely flow to Gaza with all the American, European, Russian, and Israeli ships in the Mediterranean Sea. Sharon’s thumping gestures that Arafat is violating Oslo is laughable given that Sharon himself declared it dead upon taking office when he outlined his famous Red Six Lines of NO’s, offering the Palestinians only 10% of original Palestine.

Thus while Israel continues to constantly receive America’s tax funded weapons to kill Palestinians, Palestinians don’t even have the right to acquire weapons to defend themselves. They should be “quiet” and “unarmed” as they die helplessly at Sharon’s feet as they have done since 1948 and through Sharon’s murderous adventures and massacre filled career.

In the Israeli newspaper Ha’aretz, David Grossman reminds Israel of its past history of terrorism against the British and Palestinians as well as the illegal smuggling of weapons into Israel for their “independence” fight against British occupation.

“The fighters of Haganah, the Lehi and the Etzel underground movements collected and hid as many weapons as they could, and their splendid sliks are to this day a symbol of the fight for survival and the longing for liberty, as were the daring weapons acquisition missions during the British mandate.

“When we did those things, they were not terrorist in nature. They were legitimate actions of a people fighting for its life and liberty. When the Palestinians do them, they become ‘proof’ of everything we have been so keen to prove for years now — their murderousness and the terrorism that burns in their breasts like second nature.”


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