We Need the ’70’s Version of John Kerry in NYC This Week

Many 2004 Democrats wish the 1970’s version of John Kerry was running for president. If the war resistor John Kerry who felt that the invasion and occupation of Vietnam was unlawful and immoral was with us today, he would no doubt be in New York City this week. No, not as a Republican delegate or convention attendee, but as a war protester, a person of conscience, and a spokesperson for morality and peace.

Imagine if the 2004 John Kerry, now running for president, had the mentality of the 1970’s Kerry. Could you image John Kerry grabbing a bullhorn and leading a march past Madison Square Garden, telling the crowds that he would STOP THE IRAQ WAR if he became president! Can you imagine the delirium that would result in Democrats if their leader was a peace maker and not a wannabe War President! Can you imagine the fear that would reside in the Republicans if the Democrats had a presidential candidate who would fight against this war!

Moreover, would New York City Police dare to terrorize the crowds and use brutality and chemical warfare to suppress free speech if the Democratic presidential candidate was in the city and among the masses? John Kerry, it is not too late to regain your principles and follow the lead of your party membership!

Unfortunately, what we are likely to see in NYC is a war on terrorism based on the fallacy that free speech is terrorism and dissent is anti-democratic.

We are likely to see police riots and official repudiation of democracy and freedom by the New York City and State and Federal brigades of storm troopers and fascist ideologues. There will possibly be more security forces in New York City this week than in the whole country of Afghanistan!

Maybe the cops should do a door to door search for Osama bin Laden in Manhattan and Brooklyn — at least they will have the manpower to do it.

The gathering of protesters and dissidents in New York City this week are not only present to repudiate Bush policies. They are there to repudiate Kerry policies and to force the Kerry campaign to Democratic values, not warmongering values against the constituency.

Mr. Kerry, if you can’t be there to lead your people, at least be aware of their views so you can represent them. Mr. Kerry, your party is against this war, and you should be, too! Mr. Kerry, get a video clip of yourself addressing the Senate panel and gather yourself and come on up to New York and relive history. If you do, you will be elected in a landslide in November. Count on it!