What a Style to Protest?

Setting aside all norms of a decent egalitarian set-up, the Oppositions in Parliament-“as was being envisioned-“resorted to an atypical style of protest and sloganeering during Pervez Musharraf’s address at the week-end.

Some Opposition members including female parliamentarians-“even stood in front of the podium-“occupied by Senate Chairman and National Assembly Speaker. There were visible icons of elfin scuffles as well.

Of-course airing emotions of gripe, walk-out and boycott of Parliament is part of a parliamentary practices and usages-“yet it is ought to be in a decent way.

Every realm-“with democracy as it’s’ mode of governance-“does pave enormous vistas for the Opposition members to get onto such strategies-“overtly to focus their stance-“on any meticulous stipulation.

Rowdy conduct by the parliamentarians, however, by all facets negates democracy and parliamentary behavior.

As for this explicit episode, we firmly believe that there was no justification for the Opposition members to step-up on a type of ‘Gherao’ the Speaker or to wave photographs of their leaders.

After all it was Parliament, whose sanctity must have been observed. It was certainly not Lahore’s Mochi Gate public meeting nor was it London’s Hyde Park where there is no moral restriction for an apposite conduct.

It’s unfortunate that Opposition has, in its ranks some souls including zestful feminine, who are firebrand and are-“by n’ large-“deemed as ‘authors’ of unruly scenes in the elected fora.

The verity is that Opposition’s conduct in the Saturday’s session of the Parliament was absolutely improper and unparliamentarily.

We do not know how the Opposition has been able to lift the image and prestige of Pakistan’s Parliament by resorting to flag waving, sloganeering and scuffles at the international level.

Foreign diplomats as well as apex dignitaries must have watched their ‘performance’ with dismay.

Paradoxically, there is a perception in the country that Opposition has, of late, opted to hit the Head of the State-“by all parameters a symbol of national unity n’ the Federation-“both inside and outside the Houses of Legislation, perceptibly at the behest of their leaders, now-a-days having abode in exile.

This is a totally unbecoming manner since Opposition is considered the government-in-waiting in every democratic set-up.

It doesn’t, therefore, unjust for the Opposition to act contrary to its established demeanor in democracy.

It needs to rise above petty party considerations and operate in a conscientious manner to consolidate democracy, build the country and eventually to mitigate the public ordeals.

The Opposition owes it to itself as well as to the nation to see that democracy is not derailed-“at any cost.

It’s, as a result, time for them to pause and ponder about such an anomalous conduct. Instead it has to act with maturity, sobriety and with a nationalistic approach rather than behave as ‘chaotic and jumbled’.

Pakistan must not be pushed to the corner as it-“in the long run-“will be detrimental to everybody’s interests, irrespective of the Treasury or Opposition Benches.

With a gaze at Pakistan’s political history, each n’ every erudite member of the august House-“by all perceptions-“is fully acquainted with the actuality that such scenes have already given awful set-backs to the process of every egalitarian system in the gone-bye days.

Now, when a democratic set-up has resurfaced, it is the prime n’ principle obligation of the elected representatives to shield it-“which can be made possible only by their leaning towards realism in place of ’emotions’.

While beaming this piece for thought for the legislators-“irrespective of their peculiar affiliations with any party or alliance-“we do hope that they shall eschew such a pandemonium-like scenario in times ahead.

At the same time we would suggest all those-“sitting at the helm of affairs-“to take instantaneous measures to take the Opposition into confidence on every critical and crucial topic like the CBMs vis-à-vis India for renaissance of an amiable environ in South Asia.

To accomplish its set cherished goals, there shouldn’t be any harm in instituting a rapport n’ affinity with the leaders-in-exile with Ms Benazir Bhutto, Mian Nawaz Sharif as well as others-“who are at present being reflected on as ‘impediment in smooth silky sailing of a democratic rule’.

Such a course shall not only evaporate all sorts of bile, ire, ferocity n’ vitriol but would also verify-“as a rock-solid parameter-“one’s sincerity towards free n’ fair democratic set-up in Pakistan but would simultaneously point up the magnitude of every-one’s love for egalitarianism.

We are optimistic that an ultimate feedback from top leaders of the Opposition [though sitting outside the Parliament]-“on such an overture-“would, expectantly be both assenting n’ upbeat. So why not to try it?