What every American should know



Americans should make themselves more familiar with the facts in the Middle East, if only to insure the future political health of this nation. A serious question must be asked and answered by our media and political elites.  Why is America so far from the international consensus on the Israeli/Palestinian conflict? As pro-Palestinian demonstrators take to the streets of Paris, Rome and Jakarta, not to mention Cairo and Beirut, one can not fail to notice that Americans are indifferent to the struggle for Palestinian liberty. After 911, a just resolution of the Israeli/Palestinian conflict should be seen as an essential component of American Policy. But until the rest of the world rang the alarm bells, the Bush administration was content to let Sharon have his way, commit his crimes, out of sight and out of mind. Why?

On this particular foreign policy issue, America has a surplus of self-designated ‘experts’ and ‘pundits’ with lofty multi-word titles who assure us that even with a rocket science degree we have a ‘quandary’ that only they have the expertise to figure out. The remarkable simple reality is that a six year old Palestinian can understand and explain her plight if given half a chance. Why are adult Americans, with Phds and decades of submersion in ‘strategic think tanks’ incapable of digesting the basic truths on the ground?  At the end of the day, Israel’s occupation must end and an independent Palestinian state must emerge as a shelter country for the six year old Palestinian and her countrymen, the native people of the Holy Land. Done. Explained. Why are the think tank people thinking so hard on an obvious question? Why all the complicated answers requiring and epic journey from the Tenent agreement to the Mitchel report recommendations to intermediate cease fires to the ordeal of another ‘Oslo’  peace process that might or might not lead to a series of quisling Palestinian Bantustans?

The complicated answers from these ‘experts’ are designed to deprive that six year old Palestinian from her natural right to abide in her ancestral homeland. Because her homeland is seen as coveted real estate by rabid Yiddish supremacist zealots who want to ‘settle’ her homeland.  These ‘brilliant’  ethnic wizards have a problem with each and every Palestinian. Their natural and modest aspirations conflict with their blue-print for a ‘Greater Israel’.

In a joint press conference today, Bush allowed that he does not trust Yasser Arafat. Implicit in his lack of trust in ‘Yes Sir’ Arafat is his confidence in Ariel Sharon and his agenda. Indeed, pray tell, Mr. President, if Ariel Sharon has sold you on his ‘vision’, what exactly is that vision?  The ‘think tank’ crowd must know but they won’t divulge their top secret information to the American people. Has George Bush even bothered to ask Sharon what his ‘plan’ is? Maybe he just doesn’t want to hear it or he doesn’t want us to hear it. Who knows? Why the shroud of intrigue that envelopes the work shops where our political elites mint their ‘complicated’ policies, especially our foreign policy. Why can’t you explain yourself, Mr. Bush? Its not rocket science. 

America could have a simple tax code. But it doesn’t. Why? Political wheeler dealing with various empowered constituencies that seek favored status over the average citizen. We are all big enough or small enough to understand that basic truism. America could have a foreign policy that can be explained to a six year old Palestinian. But it doesn’t. why? A powerful ethnic constituency that favors Israel over the rest of the world, America included.  Let us be plain spoken.  The Israeli Lobby, combined with the Yiddish supremacist dominated media industry, demand a ‘most favored’ status in formulating American foreign policy. In other words, they want to have a much greater say in our relationship with the rest of the planet than the average Joe. In determining foreign policy and tax codes, the art of complicating things is essential to controlling the high ground.

And that is why we have a Middle East ‘quandary’ so difficult to decipher. You can thank the Lobby for that. But don’t forget to thank the New York Times and CNN and the media barons who specialize in making fools out of the rest of us.

So we have a collusion between our government and our media elites in obscuring some very basic facts. To illustrate this point. Take the war criminal history of Ariel Sharon.  This guy should have been locked up a long time ago. Find out what he did in Qibya and Sabra and Shatila. Then ask yourself why the ‘character’ of Arafat is an issue and the psychotic nature of this serial mass murderer is not pertinent enough for the attention of our legions of pundits and think tank ‘experts’.

Why do we even have an Israeli Lobby? Costa Rica doesn’t have a lobby, neither does Belgium. Hell, the French don’t have a lobby and Tony Blair is the full contingent of the British Lobby.  All these lobby financed ‘experts’ and handlers and spin doctors constitute a major cottage industry in the Beltway. They are trained to lie, to obscure basics, to divert the public away from the obvious and to treat our congress like a private stable of whores. During the Clinton administration, they were allowed to completely invade the State Department without an ounce of media scrutiny.

It takes a massive amount of effort to confuse the American public on the basic issues of the Middle East. It takes brash arrogant monopoly media barons to undertake a project to sanitize the record of a war criminal like Sharon. Every American should make an effort to discover the basics of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, if only  to uncover the decades of lies manufactured by our media titans.  What every American should know is that  the Palestinian struggle for freedom and liberty on 22% of their ancestral homeland can  be explained to a six year old. What every real American will never be able to digest is the cause of the Yiddish Supremacist zealots who would confiscate more of what little is left to the Palestinian people. Why have nine administrations, Republican and Democrat, saw fit to use our tax dollars to finance the confiscation of Palestinian lands for exclusive Jewish settlers from Brooklyn and Queens.   It can only be explained by political corruption, bordering on treason, at the highest level of our government.  The freedom of the Palestinians and American liberty are one cause.  It is a cause that can survive only with a very public humiliation of the operatives of the Israeli Lobby, the Yiddish supremacist creeps who rule supreme at the New York Times, The Washington Post and CNN.  Understand that and you will know so much more about America. No decent American wishes any additional harm inflicted on the Palestinians. Enough is enough, already. Understanding the Palestinian cause is the easy part. Once you get that down, ponder the unelected media elites and the Yiddish supremacy movement that has invaded the fourth estate. And ponder their responsibility for hyping the stock market bubble, the dot. scam rip offs, the Enron scams, the campaign financing scandals, our massive debts and our complicated tax codes.