What if?

Nick Berg’s father seems to have placed rightful blame on the United States government for the death of his son, considering the questionable circumstances around his detention(s) in Iraq, questioning by the FBI, etc., and his subsequent "disappearance".

What else might our government be up to? Could Nick Berg be simply a sacrificial lamb for taking the heat off of the horrible torture scandal undergone in Abu Ghraib and other detention centers, in addition to the wanton killing of Iraqi civilians in Fallujah and other locales in that sovereign nation?

I spent a day looking at the photos of the strangely motionless Berg before his purported captors, and then read an interesting article on Al-Jazeera’s English language website about how their was not blood from Mr. Berg forthcoming upon his apparent beheading, nor dripping from his head when it was raised up. The article presents the seemingly well-founded assumption that he was already dead at the time of the beheading.

However, I have some even deeper questions than this.

What if… the persons who were present in the video seen beheading Mr. Berg, were, in fact, Iraqi policemen a la child rapists at Abu Ghraib, who were simply paid to do this unIslamic deed to discredit Islam and the Iraqi resistance and "blame everything on Al Qaeda, including foul weather"?

Why would Al Zarqawi, if he is, in fact, the beheader, care about showing his face in the beheading tape? Seeing how Al Qaeda seems to thrive on high-profile and symbolic destructive actions, one would think Mr. Al Zarqawi would feel proud to have his face seen on the tape while he severed the young man’s head.

What if it is not Al Zarqawi?

What if it is not Al Qaeda?

What if it is the United States and their mercenaries, taking the heat off of their torture chambers by presenting the same old, sorry stereotype of "the barbaric Arab", who are, in fact, responsible for killing Mr. Berg, and severing his head on that grainy video?

What Mr. Berg was doing in Iraq is not understood. Why he would think he could traipse around a country at war, in the midst of an unwanted military occupation, seemingly unconnected to any institution, is also not understood.

Has he simply been sacrificed for the effects of "bad publicity", a sacrificial lamb and smokescreen?

What if?