What is the Nature of the "Faith" of the Conservatives?

These days, we hear a lot about "faith-based" governmental and political initiatives by people who lionize conservatism and demonism liberalism. Most of these people would formally recognize Jesus as their savior, but would Jesus recognize these people as his disciples if he publicly evaluated them?

These people believe that abortion is a mortal sin, but bomb foreign nations with cluster bombs and use of Agent Orange and depleted uranium, leaving masses of birth defects and dead mommies and deformed children. What is the nature of a faith like that?

These people condemn homosexual marriage, but grant societal rights to adulterers and fornicators and almost any other form of sexual behavior outside of marriage. How many churches regularly sponsor wedding ceremonies of men and women who have lived together and even bore children for years before finally deciding to formalize the relationships, as if God did not see what was going on? What is the nature of a faith like that?

These people condemn government taxation of their properties, and make every effort through legislation to remove the tax burden from the wealthy. But they say little about the burdens of the poor in having to live and support themselves under both the burdens of taxation and the burden of being poor in countries that spend hundreds of billions on arms and armed warfare, and only a few millions on education and child care. What is the nature of a faith like that?

These are people who value life, as long as it is unborn. As soon as the child is born, the medical bills come in and the reverence for life diminishes. And if the life is not an American life, the value pales in the eyes of the faithful. The lives of the children of Bhopal, India are virtually valueless to the faithful in America. What is the nature of a faith like that?

These are people who scream loudly for preservation of economic interests, but who have little to say on moral interests of a strictly human nature. Little is said about the immorality of installing dictators in foreign lands to protect U.S. economic interests. Little is said about genocide of non-Americans in any part of the world. Little is said about the disproportionate use of lethal warfare as the prime instrument of foreign policy. Church leaders pray for the troops and the success in illegal wars, and faith that God will allow America to prevail in those wars of conquest and aggression. What is the nature of a faith like that?

Jesus taught humility, self-sacrifice, and active concern for the poor and above all love for all. Jesus would be unpopular among people of "faith" today and may even be hated as a "terrorist". Jesus was not a conservative by any means, and his love was liberal in nature and liberal in manifestation.