What is the Religion of America ?


The United States of America is a very fertile land, many things that do not grow anywhere in the world, spring up instantaneously in USA. One such thing is “the instant Surveys”, you think of a topic, and an instant survey will crop up to prove to you that Americans are the best nation in the world. You think of land of opportunities , and a worldwide instant survey will tell you “America is the best”. You think of standard of living, and a survey will tell you that “America is the best”, you think of any other topic and an instant survey will tell you that “America is the best”.

I read a similar survey which said” Americans are deep rooted religious people”, and I started to wonder , if they are deep rooted religious people, they must be having some religion, and if so, then, what religion is that ? The instant reflex is to think that Americans are either Jews, Muslims or Christians. Now that cannot be all Jews, otherwise why would all the Jews in the world be spending all their energies to “Keep tame” the American Gulliver , why would the Jews be infiltration into the most secretive places of America (like Pentagon) to strengthen their own country, if Americans were all Jews then the Jews would not be borrowing trillions of American dollars and spending on their ventures of how to torture of Palestinians? Probably they would be having more regards for the hard-earned dollar. Also the Jewish religion tells you that you cannot hurt anybody more than what he does hurt you, and here we have Americans who killed millions of Red-Indians for what they call as their safety, they killed more than six millions Viet-Namese for some purpose they do not know, they killed more than a million Koreans, ten thousand Afghans and thirty thousand Iraqis , and now their intelligence tells them it was a mistake to have killed all such people. No religion allows that kind of killing, so they cannot be Religious minded-Jews.

They cannot be all Muslims, for this is one word which ignites their brains. Their hypnotic reaction to this one word is equivalence of terrorism. Probably it is compulsory in American papers and magazines to blame Islam and Muslims as much as can be, and a good paper is no paper if he cannot insult them at least once a week. A friend of mine told me a story and I would like to share it with you. A beautiful girl was sitting in a New York park , when a half-mad dog tried to hurt her. When the dog was about to bite, a man appeared and hit the dog severely, such that the dog ran away. The man then proudly told the lady , “To-morrow you will see the head lines as a brave New Yorker saved a beautiful New York girl”, thankfully she appreciated his help but told him that she was not from New York . The man still proudly said, “Don’t worry the head line will still be that a brave American saved a beautiful American Lady”, Thanks but I am from Pakistan , is what she replied. The next day there was a headline in many papers, “A decent American dog injured because of a Pakistani terrorist”. Now if American were Muslims, will they have this kind of a bias?

They cannot be Christians. Christianity will tell you that if someone hits your one cheek, offer him another, and here we have President Bush always talking with a bazooka in his hand, in his mouth and calling people like Sharon (Whom the Israeli court calls as Killer) as “man of peace”. Believe me, Jesus Christ will be ashamed to have such among his followers. I am a Pakistani , and if some other American tells me that America is a land of Christians, I tell him that he is wrong and Pakistan is more of a Christian country than America. Surprised? Well in how many American schools, Jesus Christ teachings are taught? The Answer is No-Not one. In Pakistan there are about three hundred Christian schools and they are openly encouraged to teach what Jesus Christ said. So which is a better Christian country? You want more proof? . Stand in a busy American street and insult Prophet Jesus Christ–”what will happen –”nothing, people may laugh. Stand in a busy Pakistan street and Insult Prophet Jesus Christ–”what will happen–”You will either end in hospital (Intensive care ward) or police will arrest you . (He is a Prophet for Muslims and you dare not degrade any Prophet ) So which country has more regards for Christ ?.

But the question still remains of what is the religion of America ? If I look at the American leadership , they all appear to be from some tribe of man-eaters. Show Mr Bush some barrels of oil and he may destroy the whole country for them. As far as I know man-eaters have no religion. There, the best singer or the best preacher is eaten up the same day for gaining the similar qualities, though Mr Bush has limited all his desires to sniffing oil and gas only . I am sure this probably is not true of an ordinary American, but I have never been to America , so please somebody help telling me , what is the religion of America?