What more Muslim leaders want to see?

The Muslim heads of states, in the Arab region or around the world, who are opting silence on US open belligerences and threats against Iraq on the name of destruction of weapons of mass destruction must see on their television set, at this time, what is happening in Ramallah against Yasser Arafat and his team? They must learn the lesson from the empty-handed children, women and youth, who are, in thousands, ready to sacrifice their lives with their leaders who are, at present, confined in the besieged building which is being demolished by Israeli tanks and bulldozers.

At one side the empty-handed people of Palestine is being tortured and murdered by heavily armed Israeli forces in Palestine – on the other hand the rulers of Kuwait are busy in hosting and serving the US army chief and his commanders who are planning to launch an attack on their fellow Arab Muslims in Iraq? What a Shame? 

What do the heads of Pakistan, Iran, Syria, Egypt and Saudi Arabia will think? Will they be safe from western planned agenda, which is being in progress? They will be the nexté Whatever is happening with Yasser Arafat could happen to each of sluggish Arab heads and Sheikhs who are enjoying in their luxurious palaces! The oppressed and victimized people in Arab land may forgive them but the history will never forgive themé.

The writer is a Sydney-based freelance journalist and a political analyst.