What the US Can Never Do

Being the lone super power, the US has astonishing abilities to do what many others cannot. No one can single handedly defeat the US. However, there are some limitations, going against which will unquestionably speed up its march towards its increasingly becoming inevitable doom.

Let us list what the US can do.

It can lie. Its Secretary of State can lie to the UNSC. Its president and all his establishment and allies from Tony Blair to Musharraf can lie to the whole world. It can “manufacture consent” through embedded journalists and analysts.

It can starve 1.8 million innocent people to death with the help of the United Nations-sanctioned genocide. It can bypass the UN if it is not willing to go from invisible to visible genocide. It can invade and occupy sovereign states, killing more than 100,000 people without any fear of accountability.

It can flatten towns after towns, like Fallujah, and make them inhabitable. It can establish more and more concentration camps and wipe out whole populations.

However, there is one little thing that the US cannot do. It can never stay in Muslim lands for ever.

This is what breaks its back bone because the question arises: For how long can it carry on the intensified barbarism that we have been witnessing for the past three years? Human rights abuse, death and destruction have become prerequisites for its stay.

On the part of the US, some embedded analyst might argue that the US doesn’t intend to stay in occupied lands forever.

In response, the world has an argument and a question.

The argument is: who can trust these words when all that the US administration and its media could parade as solid grounds for invasion were nothing but lies.

The question is: Do these embedded analysts and Islamophobes hope that one day the US will succeed in putting one Karzai in power in each Muslim country, and people there would submit their will to the will of the US?

The New York Times and its war lords like Friedman would respond: “No way. We are doing all this for freedom and democracy. Not for imposing our will.”

Regurgitation of these words, however, have lost its credibility. If there can ever be a demonstration of extreme wishful thinking, it is in these words that we hear from the “intellectual” terrorists on behalf of the US.

If there can ever be the most unsuccessful attempt of using benevolent intentions as fig leaf for barbarism it is the highlighted words in the op-ed pages of New York Times today (Dec 23, 2004). Its Chief war lard, Friedman, writes: “Iraq is a war between people who are trying to organize an election and the virulent nihilistic minority that wants to prevent it.”

This is what the US cannot prove. This is where its lies start haunting it to its ultimate destination: the graveyard of empires. This is what makes its occupations and future of global domination the most vulnerable. This is what shows the US can never fool the world for ever. This is what shows the US cannot stay, where it was not supposed to be in the first place, for too long.

This takes us to the history of colonialism. Most of the Muslim lands were occupied in the name of teaching “little brown brother” some civility. Even when the colonialists had to withdraw, they never stopped interfering in Muslim countries in particular to keep those in power who could serve their former master better than others.

The legacy of interference continued till this day when the US once more decided to start imposing its will and way of life through the barrel of a gun.

Ignoring the straight forward lesson of former colonialist adventures –” that you cannot stay for ever in someone else’s home –” the embedded war lords propose more troops for more killing and destruction. This has been a consistent demand.

The front page of the New York Times tries to speak on behalf of all Americans “Fighting is the only option, Americans say” (Kirk Johnson, Dec 22, 2004). The nihilist Friedman makes the world believe that the only problem in Iraq today is that a tiny minority doesn’t want the planned elections, ignoring that those who want to rule for oil money would never put their lives at stake.

The so apparent arrogance of these war lords is the main tool for keeping the US leaders blind to reality. Friedman writes: “As the Johns Hopkins foreign policy expert Michael Mandelbaum so rightly pointed out to me, ‘These so-called insurgents in Iraq are the real fascists, the real colonialists, the real imperialists of our age.’ They are a tiny minority who want to rule Iraq by force and rip off its oil wealth for themselves. It’s time we called them by their real names.”

One war lord “rightly pointed out” to the other and in their little understanding it became a universal truth of high important. Is this what the world is expected to accept?

If so, this is the height of wishfulness. Let these war lords keep making the policy makers and planners in Washington believe that the “insurgents” are not those whose relatives have been starved to death over the last 14 years. These are not those who lost their relatives to “shock and awe” adventures. These are not those whose homes have been flattened by the liberators. These are not those whose relatives have been dragged on leash and abused to death in Abu Gharib.

Let the “intellectual” terrorists and real Islamophobic nihilists make the establishment in Washington believe to the contrary so that they would send more troops to fight more wars because there is a “minority” in Iraq that wants “oil money” and wants to “rule Iraq.”

Let them deny that those who want money and power, do not strap bombs to their bodies in urgency to leave this world. Let them deny that the actually people for money and power are either Chalabi or Allawi or those mercenaries who Bush complained do not stand the heat and run away when the going gets tough.

It is simple: Those who run are for dollars. Those who stay and die are for something else.

What the US and its nihilists in power cannot do is fool the world. What they can do at best is to fool themselves with the false belief that they can control destiny of 1/3 billion people.

The lesson of history and solution is pretty simple and straight forward: The US has to withdraw. It has no option but to end all its direct and indirect occupations. It also has to end sponsoring other occupations. The rest of its allies have to end interference in the affairs of Muslims world. They have to leave Muslims alone.

Giving Muslims an opportunity to self-rule, without outside interference, is the answer. It is for Muslims to decide among themselves as to how they want to live their lives without US supported dictators, Kings, Sheikhs and a new breed of “democratic” puppets like Karzai.

What the US and its former colonialist allies can do is deny Muslims this opportunity for a certain period. What they can never do is stay in Muslim lands indefinitely, and buy and protect opportunists among Muslims to make 1.3 billion of them live by the wishes and will of a handful Islamophobes in Washington.

The more the US plans and acts to deny Muslims living by Islam, the more it sows the seeds for its inevitable demise. Many powers before the US considered such a reality no more than a joke. It is not so strange to find the US totally blind to what it can and what it can never do.