What would you rather be: Ethnic Minority, Gentile or Dhimmi?


The ‘art’ of attacking Islamic laws and values originated during the medieval era in the hostile environment of Christian Europe. Islamic issues like Polygamy, Penal Code and Jihad were selected and subjected to intense criticism which included the treatment of the non-Muslim citizens (Dhimmis) living under the jurisdiction of the Islamic State (Khilafah). Eventually, secular Europe replaced medieval Christianity. But the mindset of this new regime remained distorted and biased towards Islam. This peculiarity could be attributed to the questioning everything that was inherited from the church except on! the issue of Islam.

Secular West has remained focused on undermining Islam at all levels. Their academic institutions under the pretext of objective enquiry plant the seeds of doubt in the minds of Muslims and non-Muslims alike. The ubiquitous mass media is constantly aiding this process by amplifying the opinions of the opponents of Islam; and then present the opposing view by handpicking ‘progressive’ Muslims whose mindset is like the coolies that helped to run the British Raj. Their selection to be the voice of Islam across the mass media is certainly not a coincidence!

An objective enquiry into Islam would have necessitated investigating the foundation like who is the author of the Quran, especially considering that the Arabs of the time, including the most hostile opponents of Islam never claimed that the Quran was the words of Prophet Muhammad (SAW). Instead of focusing on the basis of Islam, secular West continued its crusade by attacking the legal injunctions. Laws are always subjective to ones belief, what sort of punishment fits the crime is dependent on your perspective and there are no scientific formulas to determine such issues. Drunk with arrogance they do not see their hypocrisy while they dispense criticisms. So, they are quick to condemn the Sharia Laws for prescribing capital offence but when it is used by the US somehow it becomes ‘civilised’.

An objective approach to the subject of treating foreigners dictates at the very least in making comparative analysis, as it is easy to be critical without offering an alternative. So, let us compare the treatment of citizens that are considered to have a foreign origin in accordance to the criteria of the respective nations. For the secular West they are ethnic minorities, within the Islamic State they are called Dhimmis and within Judaism they are the Gentiles.

Secular West and Ethnic Minorities

The foreign communities in the West have emerged primarily due to the colonial legacy and the recent economic migration. In theory the ethnic minorities have full rights once they have acquired citizenship. However, the following points will demonstrate the fragile and illusory nature of those rights, as Martin Luther King once said that laws cannot clean the heart only stop the heartless.

Xenophobia – Western secular states are also nation states, where the national identity is primarily defined by the majority or dominant racial group confined to certain geographical boundaries. Therefore, foreign citizens will always feel excluded even when they shed their religious and cultural values because they cannot change their racial identity or ethnicity. This problem is more acute when the foreigners are easily distinguishable by their appearance such as skin colour or facial features. Any nation state will always create a xenophobic mentality by default and for this reason racism will also be a permanent feature of it. History is littered with examples of mass murder propelled by ugly nationalism.

The recent convergences of the European countries to persecute the Muslim communities are not due to any real threats but driven by prejudice. And 9/11 was just the excuse needed to bring their chauvinism to surface! Those mentally deficient will cite Madrid but was there any attack on Spain prior to their participation in the Iraq war and has there been any after their withdrawal from Iraq. Another example of using the 9/11 excuse is the draconian measures taken by the UK government targ! eting the Muslim community when not a single incidence has taken place within the UK mainland involving the Muslim community. However, compare that to the IRA (Irish Republican Army) campaign of killing and bombing for decades on the British mainland. It never led to overnight legislation, incarceration and the media ostracising the entire Irish Catholic communities, classifying them as Catholic terrorist or Irish fanatics etc.

Discrimination is almost in proportion to the proximity of the foreigners to the dominant native race. Foreigners of white European origin are treated more favourably than the people from the Indian subcontinent or Africa. Norman Tebbit, the rightwing British MP, criticised the Pakistani UK-citizens for showing their allegiance to the Pakistan Cricket team but such remarks are never made about the Australians or South Africans living in the UK who also show support for their country of origin.

The notion of equal rights remains fragile and it cannot be achieved by mere legislation but only when there is genuine acceptance of others from the heart. That is only possible when people are bonded together by a system to which no one particular racial group can claim exclusivity in the process rendering the concept of race irrelevant.

Citizenship Rights –” Citizenship is not permanent, it can be taken way overnight as it was demonstrated by the case of Sheikh Abu-Hamza in the UK. But even with the citizenship the rights of individuals are not guaranteed. Because secular values are not permanently fixed, one day something is legal next day it is prohibited. The principle of democracy or absolute dictatorship means that the ethnic minorities are always at the mercy of the ruling class. They can define and violate the values. For example, despite the constant lecturing about human rights, overnight they dissolved such notions as th! ey incarcerated, tortured and executed prisoners in places like Abu-Ghraib, camp-X-ray, Bagram, Mazar-e-Sherif etc. Within the US the Muslims are now being systematically targeted, a significant section of the US population thinks that the Muslim population ought to be treated in a manner similar to the Jews were under the Nazis. Amazing when you think many of the architects behind altering the US public opinions happens to be Jews and Zionists with a strong Israeli connection.

Secular fantasy of being civil is non-sense. They are the most intolerant to divergent views when the view affects their material interests. Conversely they measure tolerance by foul mouthing Islam and other religions. So why not test the same tolerance by targeting racial groups or Judaism? I am sure the secular pundits would scramble for cover barley holding their pants in shame. We would term this as “Gentiletude” and the likes of Daniel Pipes who operate under the cover of his American citizenship should take note of this.

History – Historical track record of secular societies treating minorities is grotesque. People tend to think the current model of West has always existed. The recent tolerance showed over the last couple of decades is only after centuries of secular intolerance, genocides, feuds, world wars etc. and it is temporary! Blatant racist system of racial apartheid was only dissolved in the 1960s in the US and later in South Africa. The Jews suffered a similar fate when the legitimate secular Nazi government decided to exterminate them. The Aboriginal populations in Australia, and the Native Americans were virtually annihilated by the intolerant secular nations. In the sea of secularism, eugenics, racial purity, Nazism etc. was developed which called for the eradication of the inferior elements. Yet, the secular pundits constantly make sweeping remarks about the treatment of non-Muslims without once looking into the mirror!

Democratic and Nazi like states are different versions of secular societies. The two are simply at a different point in the same spectrum; consider the democratic society as simply a tone down version of a Nazi like society. Thus, a democratic society can easily transform itself into a Nazi like dictatorship. History has shown clearly that it was secular societies that gave birth to a sea of secular fanatics that manifested in Nazism, Fascism and Communism. Most people overlook the fact that a secular democracy and an absolute dictatorship are both share the common fundamental feature of men as sovereign deciding the fates of others. That is the real source of oppression!

Islamic State and Dhimmis

The non-Muslims subjects (Dhimmis) within the Islamic State are treated exactly like any other citizens except in areas where they have very specific injunctions dictated by their belief of being non-Muslims. The following points will answers some of the criticisms and blatant lies and to the contrary prove that Dhimmis have a far better status with a track record that the secular West could never match.

Divine Right – The rights and the status of the Dhimmis are permanent and fixed, no one is permitted within the Islamic state to decide their fate arbitrarily, for example by sending them to the gas chambers or incarcerate them without trial! Muslims never committed genocide or systematic annihilation of non-Muslim citizens. Based on Islamic Legal text the Dhimmis can issue prosecution against the state for violation of their rights and those cannot be reinterpreted or abolished by the Islamic State. There are no clergy to monopolise the interpretation of the Islamic texts.

Temporary Status –” The categorization of Dhimmis is temporary and changes at an instant by embracing Islam. No racial or gender transformation is required. Islamic State never made race a distinguishing factor and for this reason Muslims never exhibited xenophobia and nationalism that translates into ugly racism. It is only recently that the Muslim have started to exhibit nationalism, tribalism and even sectarianism has surfaced recently. All as a direct consequence of the post-colonial scenario where nation states were setup to revive the fault lines of the per-Islamic era. A similar process is talking place in Iraq today with th! e ‘help’ of the US.

Obligation to Protect the Dhimmis –” The word “Dhimmi” means the protected people, protected by the Islamic state. Note ‘protect’ as opposed to a foreign minority as if they are an indigestible part of society. If a foreign nation attacked the Dhimmis living within Islamic state, they would be given full protection by the Muslim army. Likewise, if the citizens are of the same racial or religious origin as the attacking nation, living within the Islamic state, they would be protected and not, lynched or incarcerated or spied on and not subjected to constant media abuse. This is why the Arab Christi! ans actually fought along side the Muslims against the marauding crusaders. Even today one can see these monitories living peacefully amongst the Muslims.

Autonomy –” The Islamic state gives the Dhimmis enormous amount of autonomy, and they are encouraged to have their own courts and laws. In fact they are almost like an autonomous state like within a federation. They are permitted to even engage in acts that are contrary to the Islamic Sharia; hence they could consume alcohol within their houses and markets. They could marry (or cohabit) according to their own customs, inherit, arbitrate disputes etc. Again the deliberate vicious media propaganda has created the idea that non-Muslims cannot survive under the Sharia Laws but history and the reality proves otherwise.

Jizya Myth (tax imposed on non-Muslim subjects) – The anti-Islamic brigades make a song and dance about Jizya as if no forms of discrimination exist in secular societies. For some reasons they argue that distinguishing on the basis of citizenship (which is monopolised by dominant racial group) is somehow more palatable than religion? But, why is that? Then they go on to claim Jizya tax is oppressive but no mention of the fact that non-Muslims are exclud! ed from other taxes and military services. That makes them financially in better position if not the same as the Muslims citizens. Also, the policy of the Islamic state is to attain them as converts so any form of oppression would defeat that objective. The Dhimmis have lived in Islamic lands for centuries there is no track record of any revolt caused by Jizya.

Forceful Conversion –” This is even a bigger myth than Jizya, ironically secular Christian Europe levying such charges has been practicing such things for centuries. Even today, the Church have no problem selling their religion by exploiting poverty of others or justifying the brutality of their war machines in order to make way for missionaries. Have they forgotten how they colluded with the Capitalists Europe in colonizing and plundering Africa? There are no track records of the Islamic state forcefully converting people en masse or exterminating them like that occurred in Spain under Isabella, Ferdinand and Alfonso with the blessing of the criminal Pope.

The Muslims are in fact clearly prohibited to engage in forceful conversion as the verse in Chapter of Al-Baqarah (2:158) makes this very clear; there is unanimous agreement on this issue amongst the Islamic scholars. It would also contradict the essence of embracing Islam which is a contract with the God Al-Mighty. Hence the participants have to enter the contract willingly without coercion.

Current Situation – In terms of current examples from Muslims countries are not appropriate as they are governed by secularism. People often selectively highlight maltreatment of non-Muslims in Muslim majority whilst forgetting that even Muslims minorities of a different ethnic origin or opposition groups are also brutalised and even Muslim majorities are maltreated! That is not due to Islam but the absence of Islam.

If anything it is the Muslims that have always shown the greatest degree of tolerance. Consider the following example the Hindu minorities in Bangladesh, Indonesia, Malaysia, Africa and the Middle East are in far better position than the Muslim minorities in India. You cannot find the equivalent and savagery of Gujarat occurring in these places. The Muslims are now forced out of states like Gujarat as the Hindus are making enormous amounts of wealth from the Muslims countries in the Middle East without facing any kind of retaliati! on. This is never pointed by the few so-called free ‘thinkers’ that thrive on anti-Islamic diatribe and foul mouthing.

Jews and Gentiles

The non-Jews (Gentiles) under Talmudic law have virtually no recognition and little rights as the purpose of the Gentiles are to serve God’s chosen people: the Jews. The Gentiles are to be enslaved, a Jew cannot be tried for murdering or raping a Gentile, eating with the Gentiles is considered like eating with the animals! In fear of anti-Semitism coupled with the innate secular-hypocrisy, the secular hypocrites remain silent on this issue prefer to exclusively focus on attacking Islam and Muslims which has become fashionable. This is the product of “Gentiletude” cr! eated with immense propaganda of using the holocaust-guilt of Nazi Germany.

This classification of the Gentiles is perhaps why we witnessed the cold blooded execution of a 13 year old girl and afterwards the soldier boasted he would have done that even if she were three. No such examples exist of Palestinians deliberately shooting a child, but collateral damages, yes. Likewise the world witnessed the cold blooded execution of the 13 year old boy called Muhammad Durrah by the Israeli forces. Even non-Muslims like Rachel Corrie, a defenceless woman murdered without provocation as she was only a worthless Gentile in their eyes. “Gentiletude” prevents the questioning of the racist state and its full scale state terrorism, every effort is made to excuse the violence of the occupiers arriving into Palestine from Europe, US and Russia! Ironically, the migrant-coolies who are also Gentiles have also signed up to Gentiletude to attain recognition and popularity.

Such racist outlook goes unnoticed by the champions of ‘freedom’ and ‘democracy’. In fact the Zionist-Christian fundamentalists justify the ethnic cleansing of Palestine as part of the biblical prophecy no problems with such religious fanaticism! As the Jews arrive from Europe but the removal of Palestinians seems to be their natural right. There will come a time when the Jews will remember that it was Christian-Europe not the Muslims who persecuted them, where anti-Semitism was given birth. And our only crime was to give them protection in Spain, Istanbul and various other parts of the Islamic world fleeing the terror of the Spanish Inquisitions and the pogroms. Under the Islamic rule in Spain the Jewish culture actually flourished and reached its apex.


The issue of persecuting minorities to full scale systematic genocide is a Western Secular phenomenon. In contrast Muslims never annihilated conquered subjects. In fact one would hard be pressed to find even the equivalent single incidences like Rodney King in its entire history. Issues of indigestible minorities never arose in the Islamic state and to the contrary there were times when the majority was the non-Muslim populations. In secular West rampant xenophobia is already leading them to discuss the high birth rate of foreigners in particular the non-whites as talking over the country.

There was never a revolt by the Dhimmis against the Islamic rule until the latter period of the Ottoman state again propelled by nationalism and independence as opposed to suffering as a Dhimmi. Much of the revolt was instigated by the European colonisers coupled with the mismanagement of the decaying Ottoman state. This “divide and rule” policy is being replicated in Iraq by inciting the different groups. Ethnic and sectarian clashes amongst the Kurds, Arabs, Sunnis and Shias are unprecedented it its long history.

People should look forward to the return of the Khilafah as no other state as transparent and inclusive as the Islamic state. It has track record that is second to none. Every citizen can argue on the basis of the Islamic legal text and there are no clergy to dictate interpretations. Instead in secular societies no one knows what their fate will be in the future. Will the parliament legislate to build new concentration camps or new gas chambers or new Abu-Ghraib or new Belmarsh types of prisons? Will the majority decide to create new tests in the style of the Spanish inquisition to subject certain groups to prove their ‘loyalty’?

Perhaps the majority will elect a new Fascist regime that will revive Eugenics to the forceful ethnic cleansing. What is the distinction between the Neo-Con in the US and the Nazis? It is the subtlety and the ability to sugar-coat their policies using the mass media. Fascism is operating before our eyes in Palestine as it also happened in the Bosnian war and now in Iraq. Just one final thought, the Islamic state would not have used nuclear weapons against a nation that was already on its knees because the objective is to spread the message of Islam by attaining converts not subjugation or annihilation of another nation. So those who constantly s! hout ‘peace’ what they really mean are ‘pieces’!