When Governments Fail

The destruction continues in Lebanon and Gaza with enthusiastic support from the American government, since everything is going according to its warped plan. What the regime’s policy boneheads and advertising brands call a new Middle East is what they’ve created in Iraq. A devastated nation with thousands dead, division everywhere, and a once secular state reduced to sectarian groups whose only unity is hatred for the USA and Israel. This self-destructive policy may mean eventual suicide for the fundamentalist Judeo-Christian states, which would be hopeful for the Judeo-Christians who do not subscribe to the master race –” chosen people ideologies that motivate so many of their number. But such well-deserved doom, though it might be fine in the long term, could mean disaster in the short. These maniac cults have nuclear weapons, and one sect has a manic persecution complex that threatens to leave a massive crater where there once was a birthplace of civilization.

Israel kills civilians and UN workers with impunity, and then demands apologies when it is criticized. Its murder of more than ten times the number of its own victims is seen as perfectly reasonable by its supporters. After all, whose lives are worth more? Such international chutzpah would not be tolerated without the total support of the U.S. government. While the president and his cabal are forceful in their idiocy, the senate and house are even more fanatic in their long time devotion to Israel, and especially the dollars they get from its American lobby.

Calling this congress a bunch of political whores, as some have done, is really a slur on streetwalkers and pimps who operate on a much higher moral level. That these taxpayer-financed representatives can accept further political payoffs on behalf of a foreign power is simply a particularly vile aspect of the American political scene. But the arrogance of such actions in support of Israel’s most recent sanctimonious devastation of innocents drives the moral spiral to bloodier depths than previously imagined.

Expecting the liberals among this gutless gang to affect substantial change from the regime of murderous flea brains who are in control has nothing to do with democracy. It amounts to praying for miracles. Our political power structure and its core of media stenographers are united in seeing the slaughter going on in Palestine and Lebanon as the only decent thing for Israel to do under the circumstances.

Recent mincing moves toward a cease fire are no more than the usual: to allow Israel to continue as dominator in the middle east, while the native savages bow in respectful silence, or die if they dare resist. An international farce at the UN quibbles over what form of international force should be employed, while people are dying and a nation is crumbling. This is typical behavior of the UN Security Council, designed to maintain the insecurity of a majority of the global population. The world’s people, if not the majority in the USA and Israel, are beginning to say: enough, already.

Americans are so misinformed that despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary, many believe Iraq actually possessed weapons of mass destruction, so it is relatively easy to get them to swallow tales of a suffering Israel, abused by the surrounding hordes who demand social justice and human rights. Such demands are seen as extermination of the Jewish race, a recurrent theme that plays on ancient fears of biblical origin that have no bearing on the present, if they were ever true in the past.

Our propagandists exercise so much control they could probably convince many Americans that Jesus and Moses had returned, were gay and would soon marry in Massachusetts, thereby threatening the dysfunctional family structure we depend on as showplace for our commodity consumption.

The economic base that this church of consumption rests upon has long brought lavish wealth to many, while simultaneously inflicting horrible poverty on a far greater population than those who benefit from the commodification of life. The flow of private capital unregulated by any public entity is falsely identified as a democratizing force called globalization. It’s known to its victims as neo-liberalism, and to history as capitalism. But whether under the benign direction of a Warren Buffet or the less beneficial command of a Ken Lay, the deviant system that has individual humans controlling billions of dollars while billions of humans control none, is still accepted as the proper workings of a capitalist universe.

This economic disease is at the root of present creeds of superiority, whatever their historic or mythological origins. When some are deemed higher forms of human, they can rationalize deserving a lucrative life style while others live in squalid poverty. They can feel superior, able to take land, resources and most of all, human life, as they see fit, in pursuit of their own physical and psychological well being. This is the essence of the beast that stalks the Arabs of the Middle East, or the Americans of the Middle West, for that matter.

Can this monster be stopped before it roasts the earth in its industrial smog? Far more urgently, can it be stopped before it makes the Middle East even bloodier by attacking Syria and Iran? The General Assembly of the UN, composed of the great majority of representatives, could overrule its minority overseers of the Security Council and assert a real international community, and not the cosmetic entity that shames the world by standing in helpless silence while atrocities are committed. This may be that body’s last chance to act as a democratic voice for the world. If it fails, we may have to rely on international NGOs until such time as GOs express the wishes of their people. If these turn out to be more like Al Quaida and less like Hamas and Hezbollah, we’ll have only ourselves to blame.