When Palestinians Attack…

Unconfirmed reports this week indicate that Palestinians have launched what they called “Operation Freedom”. Gunmen entered major Israeli cities, destroying schools, hospitals and economic centers.

Yassir Arafat justified the operation saying “Palestinians have endured 54 years of dispossession and 35 years of Nazi-like occupation.” The aging leader of the Palestinian people said “enough is enough.”

During his speech, it was reported that members of Fatah’s Freedom Brigade searched house to house for terrorists responsible for the deaths of over 2,000 Palestinians and wounding of nearly 28,000 people in the past 18 months.

Residents complained that gunmen were ransacking their homes destroying photographs and stealing valuables. However, these reports could not be substantiated because Yassir Arafat declared all of Israel a “closed military zone” prohibiting journalists and aid workers from entering Israel.

“We are taking all measures to ensure that civilians are unharmed” said Marwan Bargouti, head of Fatah’s militia. Meanwhile, the stench of corpses hovered over Israel and eyewitnesses claim that bodies were strewn throughout the streets.

Palestinians placed all Israeli’s under 24 hour curfew for six days allowing only a three hour reprieve to buy food. UN and other aid workers are complaining that Jews are starving to death and that many are being forced to drink sewage water to keep from dehydrating.

While the international community has condemned Palestinian actions, American Jews are complaining that not enough is being done to stop the slaughter. In a show of solidarity, thousands of Jewish Americans and their supporters marched to end what they called the “second Holocaust.”

However, at the rally, it was announced that everyone had it backward. It was, in fact, the Israelis who were committing atrocities against the Palestinians. Quickly, everyone in attendance changed their banners and signs to reflect their unwavering support for Israel to continue the operation to ensure the survival of the Jewish State while condemning the Palestinian resistance. Members of congress pledged additional Cobras and Apaches for the Jewish State in its “hour of need” to finally put an end to the indomitable Palestinian will to be free from occupation.

Ms. Abulhawa is a freelance writer and founder of Playgrounds For Palestine, Inc. www.playgroundsforpalestine.org