When Will You Comprehend



For those who have not read the history of nations, with the rise and fall of empires built by people at the expense of peaceful and freedom-loving nations, it is extremely difficult to draw out the necessary lessons for these experiences. That is why it is difficult for them to define correct and genuine humanitarian plans and adhere to basic principles of human rights, the right to self-determination and the democratic practice of those rights, particularly in what pertains to election of their leaders, as well as use of these rights to choose the norms of life, economic development and their inability to draw the lines between what is good or bad for people.

How many empires have risen at the expense of nations, and how many of them collapsed.

People will certainly rise up and attain their freedom & independence from those despots who defeated their free will.

People thought that following the League of Nations, the establishment of the UN would be an end to the growth of despotic empires. At least that would be an end to the previous norms of these empires rise on the basis of armed colonial expansion and settler colonialism based on military power and racist oppression.

Despite that “colonialism’ changed over decades since the League of Nation was established, and transformed into economic, cultural and social colonialism, former types of colonialism are incapable of continuing any longer.

Yet, we are now experiencing a noticeable return towards the old form of colonialism. In fact, towards its worst types.

Before talking about the plans of the US Department of Defense to invade Iraq, where its forces will stay for a long period of time, and where a US military government will be set up to run Iraq’s affairs till a democratic state of affairs becomes ripe enough for the Iraqis to choose their government, before all this we have to talk about an existing example of this world and age, namely Israel.

Israel was set up by a UN resolution (When the US ardently pursued and bribed a number of poor nations). Since that resolution on which the Zionist movement based itself (in cooperation with decaying empires like Britain & France), to establish a state using military power é on another people’s land, expelling its inhabitants by the terror of armed gangs.

Since then, Israel has been disrespectful of UN resolutions. It has shown no commitment to these resolutions. Rather, it openly rejects them & refuses permission for UN commissions to investigate the cold-blooded killing of UN officials on the West Bank & Gaza.

Israel was created in 1948 by armed force, at the expense of Palestinian cities & villages, whose inhabitants were expelled to neighboring countries, or to remaining parts of Palestine that came to be known as the West Bank- incorporated into Jordan- and the Gaza Strip administered by Egypt.

In 1967, Israel occupied what was left of Palestine. It further forced more Palestinians to leave their lands & homes under threat of warplane and armour terror. Until this moment, Israel still occupies these territories and still subdues what was left in their lands and homes.

Expansion, Expansion, and more Expansion.

That is what Israel thinks, plans for and implements with American & European weapons.

Few are aware that Israel is the only state in the world that has no constitution and no specified borders, in spite of having been created by western weapons on the land of Palestine since 54 years.

This strange phenomenon is not by coincidence. It was a decision of Ben Gurion, who established Israel, to enable this Hebrew state, supported by the Western countries, to expand & persist on the basis of its “Jewishness”, not on democratic and secular principles.

There is another matter that is not known to so many. Israel is a “confessionalist” Jewish state.

It is funny what some Israeli leaders criticize regimes of similar patterns governed by religion, such as Iran for example.

European nations struggled for long to separate church from state. They achieved progress only after this separation was achieved. Civil codes replaced church laws and its implementations.

Israel maintains a Jewish “confessionalist” structure and content. The democracy that Israel claims is no more than a race between its parties towards racial extremism and a contest of expansionism, colonization and settlements.

President Bush talks of Iraq as not having complied with UN resolutions. As a result of this, President’s Bush wrath and anger fell on Iraq. President Bush and his administration are preparing to invade Iraq, regardless of its possession or not of any weapons of mass destruction.

President Bush basses his plan to expand the American empire of Iraq’s willingness to destroy its weapons of mass destruction. If not the US would do it. On Iraq’s compliance or not of UN resolutions. If not the US would do it. A US military government in Iraq will be there for a long time to ensure a stable situation ensuring total hegemony on Iraqi oil.

Hatred of the US is increasing, just as earlier colonialist empires were hated.

President Bush seems not to comprehend the reasons. The truth is that President Bush has not history to derive its lessons.

The second reality is that his advisors do not know where “Oak Lawn” in the US is. How does President Bush want the Arabs to accept what he says? He continues to increase his support of a settler-colonial state (Israel) which has no constitution nor defined borders. This state continues its settler occupation that confiscates lands of another people and commits daily crimes against humanity.

How does President Bush expect the world to support him in his aid to Israel which has not complied with 87 UN resolutions, and continues to publicly reject complying with these resolutions. The US itself voted for these resolutions, particularly resolutions 242 and 383, which call upon Israel to withdraw from Arab lands occupied on the 5th of June 1967.

When will President Bush comprehend that the choice of slavery and submission to settler occupation is not an alternative of people?

People want their freedom, independence and sovereignty on their land.

When will President Bush comprehended that by his unlimited support of Israeli aggression, he is contradicting the oath he took when he became US president?

I will try to make it clearer for President Bush to comprehend.

President Bush took an oath to serve the interests of the US and the American people, and that those interests supercede all other. He also vowed to respect the US constitutions and the principles embodied within.

US support of these racist and terrorist actions is also linked by president’s Bush noncompliance with the American principles, and his non-respect of US positions and his failure to respect and defend US endorsements of agreements and treaties.

President Bush has not seriously called upon Israel to immediately implement UN resolution 242, not even in the near future.

President Bush has not yet called upon the Israeli army of occupation to withdraw form Palestinian cities.

President Bush has not uttered a word as to the Israeli weapons of mass destruction biological, chemical or nuclear.

President Bush views the war crimes against Palestinians as if the “Palestinian” is a 10th grade human being, while the “Israeli” is one of 1st grade.

When will you comprehend President Bush?

When will you comprehend that you are bringing havoc to your people in the same way Sharon is bringing destruction to his people.

Bassam Abu-Sharif is a special advisor to Yasser Arafat.