White Collar Terrorists

I’m sick and tired of the obfuscations and deceptions being sold by the pathological, unrepentant, lying criminals in the Bush regime.. The latest wholesale load of crap packaged for mass consumption for all the brain dead lemmings in TV Land is: “It doesn’t matter that we’ve broken practically every tenet of civilized conduct and international law to invade a helpless society in the Middle East because the bottom line is we liberated the Iraqi people”.

This behavior in the community of nations is tantamount to national vigilantism. Brought down to personal terms, its like saying “I’ve got what, in my sole discretion, I deem as reliable information that there’s a guy on the other side of town who is a drug dealer and is also beating his wife and kids. Therefore, I ‘m going to get in my car with my shotgun, drive on over to his house and blow his head off. And if the neighbors in the community protest my actions and even if it is revealed that I couldn’t find any drugs and, in fact, there’s actually no evidence to support the conclusion that he was a drug dealer in the first place, it doesn’t matter because at least he won’t be abusing his wife and kids anymore. Plus, his house could be rented for a nice profit with some renovation so, now that I got rid of him, I’m gonna take over the property and make some much needed improvements which will make the whole block a nicer place. And furthermore, this as an example of what might happen to you if you don’t shut up and do what I tell ya.”.

This is, in fact, the surreal, “over the top” type of murderous, maniacal, arrogance of Dictator Bush and his partners in crime Don Rumsfeld, Dick Cheney and the rest of the criminal bullies that have usurped the mantle of power in Washington and reduced the rule of international law to the law of the jungle.

So is it any wonder polls show that most of the nations in the World and their peoples view the Bush junta as a wanton, unbridled threat to civilization, humanity and the rules of international legality? Is it any wonder North Korea, Iran and others may now be stepping up their nuclear weapons programs to a furious rate for their own self defense.

But who could argue with the “liberation” of the Iraqi people?

That’s the ace in the hole for the Neo-cons and right-wing fascists who always count on the apathy, insouciance and ignorance of the average American who will accept any outrage as long as it comes packaged in red, white and blue slogans and rhetoric.

But, even if “liberation” really was a collateral result of the lawless and unwarranted invasion of another sovereign country, it was also accomplished under the cover of a farrago of lies and deceit. And deceiving the American people while using the military under such circumstances, is no less than a high crime, a fraud and a felony.

And, so, predictably they’re relying on all the familiar and simplistic canards from Bush’s so called War On Terror to sell their lies easily to flag waving American lemmings whose main source of information is the mainstream media. But, these aren’t just bald faced, contemptuous lies and propaganda cobbled up by Bush’s PR flunkies.

These lies are primarily a means of promoting a full white wash of the crimes committed against the Iraqi people by the US military. These are marketing and advertising tactics designed to distract and divert our attention from the Bush gang’s genocide to, instead, the new improved Iraq. They are designed to mute or intimidate any outcry expressed in protest to the Bush crime syndicate’s nefarious military ventures in the Middle East.

However, judging by the behavior of the Iraqi people, who have seen their entire society decimated from 12 years of US sponsored sanctions and outright war and who continue to suffer innocent casualties from Zog troops, they don’t seem to appreciate the great benefits that have been showered upon them by their liberators.

Maybe it has something to do with the reputation Zog troops haveé a reputation among international journalists as the most jumpy ,dangerous and unconcerned with human life of any army in the world.

And so while the Iraqis are exercising their newly found right of free speech by demonstrating against the unbearable conditions brought about by the Bush gang, they’re discovering the blessings of the American brand of “freedom” from the muzzle of an M16 when they attempt to resist.

This really illuminates one overwhelming fact. It wasn’t terrorism that we were fighting when we invaded Iraq. It is terrorism that we are perpetuating in Iraq, Palestine and right here in America. But the terrorists and WMDs are not who or what we’re told they are.

Dictator Bush , Comrade Cheney, Reichsfurer Rumsfeld and the rest of the Bush gang aren’t just international war criminals, they are no less than white collar terrorists. And they are the real weapons of mass destruction.

Paul Revere is a freelance journalist, commentator,  political analyst and a proponent of the fundamentalist interpretation of Constitutional issues. He contributed above article to Media Monitors Network (MMN) form New York, NY., USA.