Who are the "foreign terrorists"?

The recent deployment of the term of "foreign terrorists" with regards to the Iraqi resistance movement by the illegal "occupying forces" is perplexing. Those fighters who have come from other Arab / Muslim countries have close ties with the people of Iraq by a common language, religion, culture and history, none of which the occupying forces share. Who are the only true foreigners in the region! It would be appropriate to remind that the entity of Iraq with its current borders is also foreign, since the foreigners in London and Paris created it to suit their interests.

Therefore it comes as no surprise that the oil rich region of Kuwait was created as a weak and an independent entity, which was originally part of the province of Basra in the Ottoman era. Similarly, other surrounding regions were also carved out to satisfy the colonial interests under the treacherous Sykes-Picot agreement. Since all these people were historically united as one nation one can hardly describe these fighters from these neighbouring regions as foreigners by any standards. Such usage of the term "foreigner" may seem incredulous but a similar process has also been taking place within the land of Palestine.

Mass media’s portrayal of the dispossessed Palestinians as simply a Political problem that needs to be negotiated, whilst turning a complete blind-eye to the Jewish "settlers" who are constantly arriving from Russia, Eastern Europe and other parts of the world to occupy the lands and homes of the dispossessed Palestinians. In the eyes of the media these "settlers" have become the unquestionable legitimate owners of the lands in Palestine. Red Indians, Aztecs, Incas, Zulus and the Aborigines in Australia can also testify to this gruesome process.

As for the use of the term "terrorists" it is also rather baffling, since the Iraqi resistance movement comprising of the Mujahideen and Iraqi Nationalists are targeting the illegal "occupying forces" rather then civilians. Since the war was waged without a clear UN resolution — the pretext of WMD has been proven beyond doubt to be a clear fabrication — the shameful usurping of the resources in Iraq by the US multinationals are clearly visible, hence even the usage of the term "occupying forces" is inappropriate. They are simply war criminals, plunderers and pirates! If anyone has killed civilians in the thousands it has been the US forces. Unarmed civilians are being shot dead daily who simply appear as faceless statistics. Regular torture and executions are being carried out by the US forces within the prisons of Iraq, confirmed by Amnesty International and other Human rights groups. What the Pentagon euphemistically call "softening up" the prisoners. Such processes were also employed by the previous Bathist regime.

The mass media portrays the invaders as a legitimate force, whilst those resisting occupation and looting of their resources are considered "terrorist". Once again turning the victims into the aggressors and the aggressors into victims. A similar process has also been in operation in Palestine for the last fifty years. The indigenous population have become "terrorists" in their own lands fighting a legitimate war in resisting foreign occupation. How is it that the Palestinian resistance movement any different from the French National resistance movement (Resistance Marquis) led by Charles de Gaulle against the Nazis?

What is even more baffling is the criticism of the Guerrilla style warfare waged by these poorly equipped and funded resistance fighters? If they are "terrorists" for deploying such measures, then surely they should be given the opportunity to fight head on, with half a chance, after all it would not be in the interest of the "occupying forces" to be seen as cowards! Here these pirates have two choices — equip these resistance fighters with the latest lethal weapons, such as JDAMS, Cruise Missiles, F16s and Daisy Cutters — or simply suspend the usage of such weapons, thus facilitating the resistance movement to fight their enemies openly with half a chance. What might be another option is for the Iraqi resistance movements to drop cluster bombs, cruise missiles, and Napalm over London and New York rather then kill! the soldiers in Iraq, so that they can reflect the conduct of the "occupying forces" in Iraq and Afghanistan. Whilst they are at it, they might as well knock of a few of the journalists and reporters who do not provide favourable coverage. I am sure Fox News would occupy the leading position, closely followed by CNN. To really demonstrate their commitment to reach the same standard of civilisation any captives taken should be incarcerated, chained, gagged and shackled (Guantanamoised) in cages.

The Iraqis clearly failed on this point when they released the US captives who were totally unharmed. One of the Iraqi soldiers even fed the prisoners with his money, despite the fact that these same people were incinerating their fellow countrymen. Similarly despite the laughable fiasco of attempting to create another Hollywood fantasy by "saving" private Lynch, she was more then well treated as a POW by the testimony of the Iraqi civilian doctor. In fact it was the Iraqi soldiers who took her to the hospital to be treated. Which I am sure was a disappointment, as so much hype was made about the uncivilised and monstrous Iraqi soldiers. Why didn?t they Guantanamoise them like the civilised west? There was no surprise when the initial live interview of the American POWS was cut short as was the convenient amnesia suffered by Private Lynch when conflicting reports began to surface.