Who Benefits From Terrorism?

Mohamed Saddiq Odeh, one of two men charged in connection with the bombing of the US embassy in Kenya, told US investigators last week that he was tortured by into giving a false confession. Odeh said he was denied food, drink, and sleep for three days until he confessed. The bombings killed 250 black Africans and a dozen US citizens on Friday 07 August 1998.

Is Odeh a reliable witness to help incriminate himself, Mohamed Rashed Daoud al-Owhali, Osama Bin Laden and others? So, who was responsible for the crimes and subsequent violations? What is the covert agenda? What are the motives? Ultimately, who benefits, and how?

The Law Society of Kenya has protested the Kenyan government’s capitulation to Washington’s pressure. The Society recognized that this “surrendered jurisdiction of the judiciary, national sovereignty and integrity” to the US.

“This is going to be a long-term battle against terrorists who have declared war on the United States,” echoed Jewish leader Madeleine Albright. Mossad engineered US bombings at targets identified unilaterally by Israel as ‘terrorists’ were not a one-off retaliation against the embassy bombings”, another Jewish leader William Cohen asserted, but should be seen as “the long-term fundamental way in which the United States intends to combat the forces of terror”. It is time to sell more arms to help oppress billions all over the world. It is time to disarm the oppressed in the US and elsewhere.

August 1998 has been a busy months for the outgoing US president Bill Clinton, his allies, his fans and his foes. It was a month full of immoral, sadistic, despotic, unjust, illegal and criminal distractions, diversions and subversions. Four hundred Mossad, FBI and CIA agents poured into Kenya and South Africa and found almost nothing, and no irrefutable evidence, leaving US officials, allies, accomplices and fans with lots rotten eggs on their faces.

US legal eagle Ken Starr checkmated Clinton into admitting that the liar-in-chief lied for months to benign billions. Odeh’s latest confessions indicate that Clinton lied again to benign billions and US allies to justify US killings in Afghanistan, Sudan and Pakistan. It was a busy month for IMF and World Bank to subsidise a few chosen, savage fat-cats, communists and free market economy bandits or vultures in Russia, yet again.

Former British MI6 intelligence agents David Shayler and Richard Tomlinson were busy in France exposing US-UK terrorism against Libya, and the killing of Diana POW (Princess or Prisoner of World bullies or Windsors?) and Dodi Fayed. It was a busy month for Christian guerrillas or terrorists near Omagh in the British occupied Northern Ireland. It was busy month for oppressors to snatch away liberty and freedom in Eire and the UK by enacting kneejerk laws. Justice bypassed, denied and subverted. UN Charter, International laws, conventions violated, yet again. US Congress bypassed. US Constitution and Christian values ignored and marginalised. Impose, sustain and subsidise despotic oppressors all over the world.

It was another busy month for killing more infants in Iraq with UNSCOM's endless, eight years old lies, games, tricks and ploys.

So, what’s new? Are most of these events linked? What are the achievements and precedents? What are the messages? What are the lessons for the informed?

The alleged “well-ordered terrorist camps” in Afghanistan were, for example, not much more than a few clay huts. The medicine factory, Al-Shifaa, in Sudan, for example, was not making weapons of mass destruction or VX gas. Sudanese officials were benign enough to invite another spy-ridden UNSCOM to start yet another endless regime of old games, tricks, ploys and lies! The invite was, perhaps surprisingly, rejected by US officials. Mossad, FBI, CIA and Pentagon officials were checkmated by a British engineer, Tom Carnaffin, who worked at the site in Sudan. But British prime minister Tony Blair and his cohorts still continue to endorse and support US terrorist acts all over the world.

“The three bombings in Africa last month were a part of Israel’s coherent, mission critical plan to test its takeover of the US, European Union, Russia and the UN-SC. Mossad agents and Jewish leaders ordered US officials and Clinton to bomb Afghanistan and Pakistan, and kill former allies or alleged, untried and unconvicted foes. More than 90 cruise missiles were launched from US bases in Saudi Arabia and other Arabian Gulf states. Some 20 ‘brutally accurate’ US bombs landed in Pakistan to test Pakistan’s resolve, response, reactions, command and control systems, and security loopholes. The tests were designed to destablise, divide and disarm Pakistan to help secure access to the oil rich Central Asia. Mossad is more creative than the US state department, Pentagon and CIA. Their agents and assets now working for top 500 Fortune multinationals operating in the Middle East, Central Asia and Africa. They have hacked into air passenger profiling and ticket reservation systems based in the US and the European Union. Many Jewish leaders are now in mission critical positions, others are operating as ‘experts’ and ‘advisors’ to policymakers, lawmakers, senators or members of parliaments etc. Total takeover of the US, EU and Russia is almost complete years before US-EU tax payers’ subsidy of Israel was due to end,” a Western intelligence source told Shanti RTV news agency.

Is it racist, religionist arrogance for US-UK and Israel to push aside an African or Asian country’s sovereign judicial system? Is the extraterritoriality insult guaranteed to spark a righteous revolution in Kenya, Libya and Pakistan?

Clinton is being tried in absentia by the justice ministry in Sudan for “damaging property, physically harming and intimidating civilians and using violence and criminal force against” Sudan, as Clinton and his cohorts in Israel, fans and foes are getting ready for the biggest television circus the US has ever seen.

“Character flaws cannot be restricted to one dimension of life. A liar, for example, will not confine his falsehoods to the home. No more than a tyrant will limit his dogma to the workplace,” the source told Shanti RTV news agency. “Former US president George (read my lips) Bush was a liar, and pardoned by Clinton who will be pardoned by VP Al Gore or by the next US president without considering the folly, the cowardly meanness, the pervertive or subvertive and criminal wickedness, and the consequences of the lies, deceptions, games, tricks and ploys to help kill millions for years,” the source explained.

Cowardly violence and terrorism sponsored by US-UK-Israel from the skies to impose, maintain or sustain despotic, mindless and senseless “Judo Christian” supremacy. Would US Republicans, for example, oppose cowardly killings? Probably not, because Clinton has files on over 900 Republicans, including Indiana Republican Congressman Danny Burton and others from the FBI: it is coherent, effective, official blackmail and protection racket. They are intimidated. Their health and wealth are threatened. They don’t ask probing questions. They don’t demand irrefutable evidence. 

But when it comes to mass killings abroad and genocidal sanctions, they are supportive patriots, or almost conciliatory as long as there are few “manageable” bodybags returning to the US. They relent, backdown or chicken out. They are spineless. It is time to end the madness. Is it time to surrender to despotic global bullies? Is it time to sell three billion Israeli flags to three billion Muslims and Christians? Is it time to send the flags and bangles to ‘Muslim’ head of states and ministers for preserving their personal, spineless, criminal interests?

Mr. Parveez Syed is an investigative journalist. He has exposed many political liars and subverters. His copyrighted, unique features are often developed into probing factual TV documentaries. The features are archived on more than 16,000 websites worldwide. Moles and whistleblowers e-mail leaks/briefings to Parveez Syed. Parveez Syed’s direct contact details are: One Stuart Road, Thornton Heath, Surrey CR7 8RA1 UK Tel: London-UK 0044-831-196693; INTERNET emailto: [email protected]

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