Who is killing the heart, soul, and faith of America?

Only days prior to the court decision that sealed the fate of Terry Schiavo, the young woman in Florida who was starved to death by court order due to being severely brain damaged, one of the popular law and order sitcoms aired a program dealing with the idea of euthanasia from a religious, and also from a legal perspective. The story involved a young woman who had given birth to a child that was later diagnosed with a potentially debilitating nerve disorder, which according to the testimony given as part of the show would have caused the baby to suffer immeasurably prior to dying a natural death. The mother had killed the baby, and her legal defense team argued that she was not guilty of murder, since what she had done was not considered murder in her religion, and that mercy killing, or rather, euthanasia, should not be considered a crime, or at least not the crime of murder.

The mother’s Rabbi, who later testified as part of the fictional program, said he had in fact told the mother that the child would be better off dead, and that as far as he is concerned, it was not a crime to kill the baby to prevent it from suffering. Later, as the TV trial moved on, it was learned that the mother actually had another motive for wanting to kill the child. It turned out that the mother was involved in an adulterous affair with another man. The mother feared that this information would come out, since the husband was not a carrier of the genetic code for the disease, and only two parents carrying the genetic marker for the disease could pass it on to their offspring. That twist saved the show, since by today’s entertainment standards, up to that point it had not been very entertaining, even though it was extremely informative, and relevant to our times. Whereas we weren’t given a legal, or moral decision from a judge, or a jury on the legal and moral questions raised surrounding euthanasia, we were treated to a soap opera ending that preempted the possible controversy that might have resulted from either a television jury’s, or judge’s verdict. What we did get, along with a great soap opera ending, was the Rabbi’s opinion on mercy killing, or euthanasia, and as it turns out, it was very much like the opinion of the Florida judge in respect to the Schiavo case.

Now, before anyone jumps to any conclusions, allow me to say that I am not suggesting that the Florida judge took marching orders from a television sitcom, or a fictional Rabbi, when he ordered that Terry be denied life-sustaining sustenance. Also, it was made public during the public outcry over Terry Schiavo’s death, that the Florida judge is a Christian, and a church going Christian at that. What we didn’t find out is if he might be a Christian Zionist, since it has been suggested that many such Christians in fact believe that Jews are God’s chosen people, which is the philosophical premise upon which rests Jewish supremacist thinking, known internationally and historically as Zionism. If he is, it might explain how a Christian might assume that the opinion of a Rabbi might carry with it some type of special religious, or even legal authority, and how he or she might come to share that opinion, even with a TV Rabbi, even though both Moses and Jesus taught something quite different. It’s clear that the Rabbi in the program was fictional, yet we have no reason to assume that his testimony was based on anything except the real, and non-fictional neo-conservative, or Zionist position on euthanasia. Neo-conservatives are in fact Zionist, and Zionists drape themselves in the accouterments of secular Judaism, therefore it would not be unreasonable to assume that what was said in the sitcom is what Zionists believe, and there is other proof that the TV Rabbi spoke the truth.

Jewish people in Israel, according to an article that appeared in Haraaretz, one of Israel’s leading newspapers, were surprised and disappointed to learn that Zionist in the Israeli government had incorporated eugenics into their public policies, and that their government, through private physicians, and public clinics, was in fact encouraging Jewish families with histories of certain illnesses, and from certain geographic areas, to avoid having children, and offered free abortions and sterilizations. Governments adopt these types of policies because eugenicists convince them that euthanasia makes the citizenry stronger, and as a result, according to their logic, the country will also be stronger. They argue that as we genetically cleanse the citizenry of genetic defects, we also save money when we kill off the weak, the undesirables, and the aged, and that we also avoid the pain and suffering caused by disease, leaving only the strong, healthy and desirable to procreate. Since our society is presently under the influence of a very radical type of secular Zionism, God’s teachings about life and death, and charity, and also the knowledge of God’s love for the weak, are never considered in such arguments. That is perhaps why it is very easy to buy into this type of demonic thinking. While government officials are prohibited by the presently accepted counterfeit interpretation of the US Constitution, from even acknowledging that there is a God, and they are also prevented from considering God’s teachings, or words, while they can, on the hand, freely follow the maniacal thinking of people like Theodore Hertzl, government officials begin to assume that they are in fact gods, having not only the ability, but also the right to decide who should live and die, and why. It completely escapes such people that to be like God, one must be righteous, and also dependant upon the One God, and believe in His words.

Political factions, right and left, exploit the culture of death that has become established in our society as a result of public policies that have over the years removed any semblance of sanctity from life. The political pursuit of death as public policy has reached into every aspect of our societal and individual existence, and is taking its toll upon us, and not only through the gratuitous murders of unborn children through abortion. This culture is also manifesting in law enforcement training that emphasizes killing suspects and convicted criminals alike, in a quest to achieve and sustain perfect order in societies of imperfect people, in contrast to the more humane idea, which focuses on resolving crisis with the intent to protect and preserve life and to achieve peace and justice, which are the natural predecessors of societal harmony and tranquility. Justice is a far better deterrent of crime than force, fear and intimidation. How many more videos do we need to see of groups of law enforcement officials using deadly force on a single individual, who in most instances is not armed, is drunk, and is not armed to the extent that they really threaten the lives of professional law enforcement personnel? People who are lightly armed do not pose any real threat to trained law enforcement professionals who should be trained to preserve life and property as the overarching objective, and primary causes for a public constabulary. The rash of deaths in our country, resulting from conflicts between law enforcement and private citizens are not asking whether these are good or bad cops. Rather, these deaths are raising questions about the obvious change in the philosophical approach that our government is taking to law enforcement, and what are the appropriate methods to be used to uphold the law, and more importantly, to protect the lives and property of the tax payers and citizens of this country.

There was an announcement recently, that TSA, the transportation security people, will now employ a new “anti-terrorism” technique in airports. With the hope of identifying “potential” terrorists, they will now take any unusual behavior and strange facial expressions, “looks in the eye,” disturbed demeanor, and anger as precautionary signs. People demonstrating unusual, or non-conformist behaviors will be deemed “suspect.” The announcement also said that TSA personnel will be undercover, and that they will talk to people in airports to see what is on people’s minds, with the hope of weeding out “potential” problems. Not a single public official took to the airwaves to condemn this obviously unconstitutional attempt to entrap, and to turn unusual behavior, or rather the personal exercise of liberty, into criminal behavior, which essentially turns us all into potential suspects and criminals. Imagine being considered a “potential” suspect rather than being considered innocent citizens, and the taxpayers that are funding the TSA. Even the ACLU has yet to publicly cry “foul” even though this particular policy is a much more blatant attack on civil liberties that the Ten Commandments, or prayer in schools ever was.

While on the subject of public policies that kill, none of us can forget the Hurricane Katrina debacle, and the unbelievable numbers of aged and disabled people who were euthanized in hospitals and nursing facilities in New Orleans, and we will never forget the thousand of others who might have been killed, had they not eventually received water, and other essentials for life, as a result of a public outcry against FEMA mismanagement of that crisis. Was the culture of death eugenicist policy the secret cause of the hurricane Katrina atrocities, which included seeking to physically prevent people from escaping to safety?

The best kept secret about all of this erosion of morality, human rights, civil rights, respect for life, and common sense in the United States, is that it arguably results from what TV talk show host, Bill Mahr calls “Israelization.” He mentioned publicly that the Israelis are so great at security and warfare that we should adopt their security methods, and in fact, even turn the Iraq war over to Israel. Seems that there are more than a few Zionist Jews and Christians who either agree with him, or too many others who are afraid to publicly disagree with him. Whether we call it Israelization, Zionism, or Jewish Supremacism, it should be pretty clear that unless we take what is happening in our country very seriously, and begin to take steps now, to stop, and reverse these troubling trends, including an end to the radical secularism that has made God, and public morality criminal, and illegal in America, Zionism, or rather Jewish supremacism, and its evil twin, Israelization, will kill the American dream of freedom, our civil liberties, and our spirit of hope, which along with religious faith, are our very hearts and souls.