Who is the Beneficiary from all this?

Regardless of disagreements on American foreign policies, most media outlets seem to have accepted the theory that the horrible events of September 11, 2001 resulted from American foreign policies.  The basic premise in this theory is that victims, or enemies, of American foreign policies committed the terrorist attacks on American targets.  Let us see if that basic premise withstands the test of reason.

Those horrifying acts were committed with a high level of sophistication, in terms of planning, coordination, and accuracy of execution.  Such sophistication suggests that those who dreamed up the attacks must have also considered the consequences of their plot.  They must have also calculated who would benefit from their actions.  Consider the volume of resources, level of training, intelligence gathering capabilities, and the pragmatic cold calculating ruthless minds behind such operation.  Then consider whether it is reasonable to accept that the perpetrators did not think of consequences and did not calculate who would benefit from their acts.  Something is missing from this picture.

The perpetrators of those unspeakable crimes must have intended to benefit from them.  They must have calculated the outcome and must have considered the possible reactions of the American public.  More importantly, those criminals must have carefully put in place diversion tactics to focus public attention on someone else other than them; and preferably their enemies.

All media outlets seem to be focusing their reporting on Arab or Muslim “suspects”.  No one is examining the possible beneficiaries of those criminal acts.  No one is considering the possibility that those horrible crimes were not reactions to American foreign policies, but deliberate acts to firmly position such policies in a certain direction.  No one is searching for a party who has the sophistication, the means, the intelligence gathering capabilities, the motivation, the opportunity to benefit, the media manipulation skills, and the burning desire to divert world attention from its own actions against innocent civilians under its occupation.  No one is suspecting a party that is eager to obtain a license to oppress the people it occupies as it wishes and with impunity.  No one is considering the possible, direct or indirect, involvement of the state of Israel!