Who will Al-Qaida vote for?

Often we hear our citizens say they have to vote for the lesser of two evils.

But, so must our enemies, also. We’re told with authority that (dozens? thousands?) of al-Qaida "sleeper" cells planted in America pre9-11 are just waiting to rise up and strike. If that is true, then their concealed identities might require them to register to vote, to divert attention from themselves as subversives. So, how will these [100 or 10,000] dedicated anti-Americans vote in November?

Which candidate is the lesser of two evils for al-Qaida?

First, we might examine the goal of al-Qaida, and it’s not just adolescent hell-raising. They are dedicated to destroying western civilization as we know it, to cleans the world of our spore and spawn. The more folks unite against them, the less they like it. The more folks are divided and fighting among themselves — screeching, screaming, yelling, pouring time and money down bottomless sumpholes — the better.

Our al-Qaida adversaries know the core of the President’s support is the vocal rabid right in America. Nothing makes al-Qaida happier than to see fear-mongering and war-drum pounding on talk radio, in letters to newspapers, or on pundit TV. The more hype they spin, scaring the panties off granny in Middle America, the less al-Qaida has to do to turn up the fear factor.

A nation constantly on edge is a nation at risk. The more stupid things are said, the higher likelihood that more stupid things will be done. Think of it this way: al-Qaida can spend a few thousand dollars on well placed deceptions, Tom Ridge will jump the color a notch, and American taxpayers will willingly pay out another billion dollars for fancier toys.

Who understands capitalism better here? Where can al-Qaida get a guaranteed 10,000+% return on their investment except with 4 MORE YEARS with a President who promises that this war will never be over?

Lately, al-Qaida must be turning cartwheels of joy over the wondrous Swift Boat guys! They’re laughing themselves silly. How could anyone drive a wedge so deeply between Americans than by ripping open 40-year old war wounds, and reliving it over and over again every night on prime-time TV, even running ads during the Republican convention, and then promising more to come! No wonder al-Qaida says that our nation is too stupid to survive: gays against straights; abortion issues; gun issues; you name it, if the Republicans can figure out a way to twist an issue, they can use it to divide Americans against Americans — and al-Qaida loves it!

"Divide and conquer" says al-Qaida. "It’s worked for us for a thousand years!" They know the Christian message we’ve forgotten: if you let your mind live in spite and hatred long enough, you’re permanently trapped there. All they have to do is watch us do it to ourselves.

We had the rest of the world unified against al-Qaida after 9-11 and if we had had competent leadership, we could have wiped al-Qaida out. Instead, we launched Cheney’s Oil War to profit anyone who wanted a piece of the action. Our President toppled the one man who kept al-Qaida out of Iraq. Now Iraq is a wide open frontier, and if a democracy is ever established, al-Qaida will send its grateful thanks to our current President, wherever he may be. He has been the greatest recruiter they have ever had, bringing success beyond their wildest dreams. Once a minor fringe element in Islam, now thanks to our President, al-Qaida philosophy is taught in Mosques all over the Muslim world, indoctrinating the next generation of America haters. Every forceful blunder he makes strategically strengthens their cause.

So. Does al-Qaida want a President who plans to realign America with our traditional European allies and with the UN to bring an early and successful conclusion to the current mideast conflict? OR do they want a President who constantly promises a perpetual, self-generating War on Terrorism as far as the eye can see? Peace is not in the interest of al-Qaida if their goal is to destroy the West. A unified, strong, determined Alliance of Western Nations is the last thing al-Qaida would want. That’s why they cheered when our President — like the Texas cowboy he is — strode alone into Iraq, letting al-Qaida escape out the back door of Afghanistan.

If you were al-Qaida, who would you vote for this November?