Why Al-Islam is chaotic now?

“Do men think that they will be left alone on saying “we believe” and that they will not be tested?”

— Quran: 29/2

This is the most representative Verse of the Holy Quran, which portrays the true reflection of the current state of affairs of the Muslims throughout the World!

All of them claim to be the “believers” yet majority of them falls far short when it comes to delivering what is required of them as the Faithfuls of Al-Islam. It was mandated that every Muslim must vigorously help in eradicating ignorance from this Universe. Only after such educational efforts by the Muslims; Al-Islam would be properly understood by those who are not aware of the true qualities and natural devotion of Al-Islam and true purpose for which humanity was created and placed in this Universe as the true Representatives of Allah (SWT). At no time, any type of force or persuading incentives should be used, to impress the non-Muslims.

Muslims should strongly believe that any acceptance, by the nonbelievers, of the Faith of Al-Islam is the Sole Responsibility of Allah and no human, not even any Prophet or the Messengers of Allah ever claimed any credit for it. All the Prophets and The Messengers are on record to have submitted to Allah; “I have transmitted to the people of my time all that was Directed and Revealed to me by Your Good Grace. I have not held back any Revelations nor changed them to suit the prevailing circumstances of my people. The Ummah (Muslim nation) has been charged with the responsibility to transmit, without any adulterations, what has been revealed to them!”

An analytical look at the current chaotic and hopeless conditions mainly point to individuality and selfishness prevailing amongst the Muslims worldwide. The one’s who are in their self-promoted and appointed positions of power, amongst their nations, do not want to share it with those who could be most helpful in properly serving their individual nations and the Faith of Al-Islam.

These illegitimate actions of power-hold have even rolled down to the lowest committees amongst the worldwide levels of the local communities! Thus it would not be wrong to say that a Muslim is unwilling to give-up the seat-of-power without physically and permanently splitting that community!

Al-Islamic laws; all of which have been derived from all the Revealed Holy Books, including The Zaboor; The Torah; The Injeel and The Quran, clearly define in the simplest terms; the rules and procedures of governances, from those of the Ruler and down to the community leader. In the clearest terms it means that leader should be replaced when the leadership is no longer effective and working for the main interest of the nation or the community.

The most important rule for the Al-Islamic leadership is that such a position of leadership should be offered by the community or the nation to the one who is most efficient and cannot be subjected to any form of corruption. No one has any right to nominate, offer or appoint himself or herself as the “Leader”.

Observe the Oath of Office of any Khalifa (Caliph) or Leader during and immediately after the era of the Completion of Al-Islam, by the Last Messenger and The Prophet, Muhammad (peace be upon him):

“All praises are for Allah. And now, people I have been put in authority over you although I am not the only best amongst you. So if I do right then you should help me, and if I do wrong then you should alert me. Truthfulness is a sacred trust and lying is a betrayal. The weak among you are strong as far as I am concerned; until I restore their rights, Insha-Allah (God willing), and the strong-ones of you are weak until I take what is due from them, Insha-Allah (God willing). No Muslim can forsake the struggles to maintain their righteous ways towards Allah; otherwise Allah delivers humiliating blows to them. Nor does indecency ever spread amongst the people except when Allah inflicts upon them the trials. Obey me as long as I obey Allah and His Messengers. And if I disobey Allah and His Messengers; then you do not owe me any obedience. Stand up for what you Pray and Allah will Guide you”.

The ruling or the leading roles and practices were exemplified by The Rightfully Guided Khalifas (Caliphs); who were also amongst the closest Companions. Those who had worked side by side with Allah’s Last Messenger and Prophet, Muhammad.

Whenever challenging issues arose, during their Reigns, these Rightfully Guided Khalifas (Caliphs), in the first instance, sought their Guidance from The Holy Quran, which on its own is known as the condensation of All the past Revelations through various Prophets and Messengers beginning with The First Prophet Adam (peace be upon him) to The Final Messenger and Prophet, Muhammad.

Their Second Guidance sources were the Authentic Ahadeeths (Narrations) of Prophet Muhammad, (SAW).

Their Third Guidance sources were the actions and the rulings of the preceding Khalifa (Caliph).

Ummul-Momineen, Hazrat Aisha (RA) wife of The Prophet Muhammad was the ultimate helper and authority in the interpretations and implementations of the Islamic Jurisprudence. The Mongolian invasion and destruction of the Al-Islamic foundations in Baghdad generated a serious gap in the furtherance of the Al-Islamic education. Baghdad at that material time was the center of learning where people from various countries came to study. By that time of Al-Islam had spread to Europe where the Muslims carried with them and provided the beacons of knowledge and progress. It is the proper utilization of that knowledge, which has elevated the literacy status of the Europeans. As, otherwise, the Europeans were living in the Dark Ages!

Meanwhile, the Mongols converted and accepted Al-Islam as their main faith. These changes in the Muslim society setup precedence whereby the preferred Leadership of Al-Islam was no longer the sole-right of the Arabs! The Mongols continued to introduce of Al-Islam in the territories they had conquered. At the same time the Mongols started retreating from Middle East back to their homelands to preserve their ruling powers.

Next major assault upon Al-Islam came from Britain, in the form of The Crusades; most prominently led by King Richard! History tells us that it was the most indiscriminate and bloodiest blood shedding of the people of Palestine. People, in and around Jerusalem were slaughtered not because of their religion but because The Crusaders were bloodthirsty and did not really care about the faiths of their victims. Thus Jews, Christians and Muslims were slaughtered.

This ruthless slaughtering is believed to be the cause of the Jewish Emigration to Europe and Britain. As the Jews had better trading skills and financial controls they prospered rapidly, but also became the targets of discriminations. Main reason of the Jews’ commercial rise was the fact that they were a united community and faced all the attacks directed upon them in communal unison. Jews were treated as slaves and owned as chattels by the ruling clans of Europe and specifically in Britain, which was emerging as an expanding, and a colonizing Empire.

The British Crusaders’ humiliating defeat at the hands of the Muslim Warrior, Salah-ud-Deen Ayoubi (Saladin), in Palestine, initiated the enmity and hatred of Al-Islam. The British are well known as the perpetrators of various acts upon those people or nations who might have, insignificantly, humiliated them at any time. The British have never been satisfied by just taking revenge; they are recognized as the enemy with no limits of their campaigns of enmity. And the best part is that their acts of enmity also include aggressive political and diplomatic campaigns; where the use of force is no longer an option! There is no dispute in the fact that the British plans are always long-term and have mainly ended in decapitated recipients.

During the rule of the British Queen Victoria; Britain had already established a stronghold in India. It is a recognized fact that pursuant to all standards the manpower generated and exported from India; has always proved to be productive and progressive. Just look at any part of the World and it will be found that the most dominant commercial people, second to the Jews, in any society are those with ethnic links to India! Moreover, India became a testing ground to launch the offensive against Al-Islam.

Majority of India was then under the A-Islamic Rulers from the Moghul (Mogul) Dynasty. The British entered India as Traders and sowed the seeds of discord amongst the population, which were either Hindus or Muslims. Nothing would satisfy the British more than dismembering or eliminating the Faith of Al-Islam. At the least, splitting the followers of Al-Islam would provide major consolations so that a unified Al-Islam would no longer be a possibility and any perceived threat to the rest of the World. The British knew enough about the vulnerable and the power-hungry individuals amongst the Muslims; who would do anything to serve their “masters” (the British). This steady and systematic encroachment by the British, and with the full support of the

Hindus, opened the ways and means for the British to take-over the full powers of their Rule in India. Ironically, to seal-off and assert their power-hold; the British killed two-princes of the last Moghul (Mogul) Ruler and sent their decapitated heads, on a plate, as a British presentation in a customary open-court of the Ruler!

Having gained the control of India, the process of further dismembering Al-Islam was put into practice by the British. Lands with majority Muslims were allocated to the Nawaabs. These Nawaabs were advised and cautioned that their lands and properties will only remain intact as long as these Nawaabs suppressed and controlled their Muslim populations. The major act of suppression and control was to increase the illiteracy amongst the farmers. Any efforts made by their subjects, towards education, should be authoritatively discouraged and totally banned for the Muslim women. Thus, the off-springs of the farmers would remain farmers; and the off-springs of the servants would remain servants of the Court.

Some conscientious Muslims arose and declared “Jihad” against these suppressive and Un-Al-Islamic acts; but they were made ineffective by isolating them or sending them in exile. The strongest opposition was from the North-Western Frontier of India. (Today, they are known as the Clan-Controlled “Tribal Lands” where no central authority exists; also known as Southern Afghanistan and Northern Pakistan). All efforts, to subjugate the populations of these areas, by the British, miserably failed! It was apparent then, as also today, that their tribal-and-religious customs cannot be influenced to any changes by outside forces. Nothing hurt and instilled more fear amongst the British than the uttering of the word “Jihad”!

The word “Jihad” means and signifies an individual and personal struggle to follow the Faith of Al-Islam. The foremost of the individual and personal struggle is to maintain oneself on the righteous path towards Allah. Armed “Jihad” is, literally, at the lowest level of that struggle when every other peaceful effort has totally failed. This elevates the death of a Muslim, in war, as the most desired martyrdom.

In the Eastern Europe and Middle East, the Al-Islamic Ottoman Empire was ruling from its base in Turkey. The Turks introduced the doctrines of Sufism into mainstream Al-Islam whilst the predominantly Arabic populations split amongst themselves as the Sunnis and the Shias sects.

To contravene and to corrupt the established rules of the Khilafah (Caliphate); the Saudi Arabian Royalty legitimized their choice of the “Crown Prince” as the Ruling-successor through the doctrines of Wahaabism; Wahaabism was introduced with claims that it “reforms” the of Al-Islamic Khilafat (Caliphate). This inheritance order is in practice to date; and it carries the blessings of the “British advisors and collaborators” whose sole interest: splinter the Ottoman Empire and weaken the worldwide faith of Al-Islam.[1]

From Qadian, in India, the British encouraged Mirza Ghulam to declare himself as the “incarnation of the Promised-Messiah and The Mahdi”. The British joined in the propagation and offered security of their protection to this movement; which today is known as the Ahmaddiya Movement. The main theme of this Movement is that it is no longer necessary for any armed struggle against the subjugators of Al-Islam. Thus, Ahmaddiya Movement abrogated the Quran and the Ahadeeths (Narration of the Prophet Muhammad) relevant to the inspirations for the freedom of religious practices. This deviation was of tremendous success for the propaganda mechanisms of the British Empire.

This Movement also declared that Prophet Jesus (Isa – peace be upon him) had already been re-incarnated and had completed his life in Kashmir, where he is buried. This declaration also negates relative (Ayahs) Revelations in the Holy Quran and totally eliminates the prophecy of the Return of the Christ! The mainstream of Al-Islam does not recognize the Ahmaddiyat and has banned it as a totally non-Muslim Movement!

When the Ottoman Empire started splintering, after their defeat in the First World War, the British hooked up some well-versed advisors with Kamal Ataturk, The Prime Minister of Turkey, under the Ottoman Sultan. Kamal Ataturk was also the Turkish Army’s Chief Commander. Kamal Ataturk was assured of full and sole-power over the State of Turkey and the end of the reign of the Ottoman Sultan. The state of Turkey on its own was valueless and insignificant for the British. The stipulation was that the British were to be introduced and declared as the main trading partners and the closest advisors in the Middle-East region; which had, hitherto, been under the rule of the Ottoman Empire. As a predominantly Muslim by faith, the Middle East was vast and would be very difficult to police and to manage.

Some of the prominent British Civil Servants were mandated to study The Holy Quran; the Ahadeeths (Narrations of the Prophet Muhammad) and the cultural practices of Al-Islam. These studies were to highlight the weaknesses and the vulnerability of not only Al-Islam but also what would it take for its Faithfuls to be permanently splintered from each other; thus totally sealing their differences as permanent. Making it impossible for offering any vision or any concrete hope or suggestions to unify of Al-Islam under one-banner. This secret British group exists even today and continues to generate negativity and splintering of Al-Islam and its adherents!

The map of the Middle East was drawn with lines which demarcated and produced many states; sheikh-doms; kingdoms and emirates. The result of these lines is clearer and apparent today, than it ever has been in the past. These states are not only separated between the clans and the tribes; but are also split within the families. No Arab conference of these States has ever produced a unified and an all-abiding resolution. Al-Islam is meant to be a unified Faith.

The post-colonial maps of all the predominantly Muslim lands and countries have been drawn and divided in such a fashion that they have left permanent territorial disputes between the adjoining states. Who is not aware of the ongoing and daily instances of land disputes in Kashmir; Palestine; Bangladesh; Somalia; Nigeria; North and West Africa? Recent declaration by British Prime Minister Tony Blair: “We will never allow of Al-Islam to be unified and ruled by a Single Khalifa (Caliphate)!” is a clear indication of the ever-present and ongoing British campaign against Al-Islam.

An observation of the changes in Turkey after the fall of the Ottoman Sultanate further strongly cements the belief that the Muslims themselves have offered all the opportunities to the British to literally shovel this Faith towards the Current Chaotic affairs; as the Muslims are hopelessly divided and unable to offer any plausible solution for their apparent predicaments.

When Kamal Ataturk took over the reign of Turkey; his first act was to open more night-clubs and the bars for the sale of alcoholic drinks to the Turks, at the same time encouraging the young women to publicly exhibit themselves, imitating the Western culture and frequenting the night-clubs and the bars. Ban was also lifted from serving alcohol or mixing of the sexes during official and public parties. Thus the Turkish woman was liberated from her obligatory domestic functions. Protests by Muslim clergy were ruthlessly crushed by publicly executing more than a dozen Imams at the same time. To assert and consolidate his power, Kamal Ataturk, directed the Turks to follow and adopt the western cultures instead of holding on to the Islamic customs. At the expense of the of Al-Islamic faith, Kamal Ataturk was resolutely directing the Turks towards Europe and advising them to severe and ignore their ethnic ties with Asia. Today the Turks are in utter confusion about their identity. They want to join Europe but are being harassed by their European hosts. They want to revert towards Al-Islam but are being officially banned by their ruling bureaucracy.

Currently, an identical scenario to that of Kamal Ataturk is being played in the predominantly Muslim Pakistan. General Musharraf, who took over the power after a blood-less Coup-de-Tat towards the end of the last century, and who claims to be the most faithful follower of Kamal Ataturk has started introducing “necessary-reforms of Al-Islam”. In a recent public announcement made by Musharraf on Radio and Television declared that the Holy Quran must be modernized and the women should no longer be obliged to wear Hijaab or traditional burqa to cover. Furthermore, the women should be allowed to dance and enjoy them selves in the nightclubs and other places where alcoholic drinks should be freely distributed amongst them. Unmarried boyfriends and girlfriends should not be discouraged to publicly embrace each other. Whilst these anti-Al-Islamic “reforms” are most visible there; the smoke screens in the other Muslim countries cover and obscure such un-Al-Islamic acts from general public views.

The British have been campaigning for more than 50 years to splinter Sudan into Christian and Muslim states. Under the cover of the USA Army the British presence in Iraq and Afghanistan are parts of the British objectives to humiliate of Al-Islam. The British Delegate of the European Union, Sir David Owens, blocked any attempts made to help the Muslims of the Bosnia and encouraged indiscriminate ethnic-cleansing of the Muslims by the Serbs. Only when the World could no longer witness ruthless targeting of the innocent Muslim civilians did President Clinton of USA sent in the Army.

Whilst the of Al-Islamic leadership is not willing to change their attitudes and offer commitments to at least lead their nations towards the peaceful Al-Islamic practices and totally eliminate fundamentalism from amongst their nations and subjects; Al-Islam; though growing very rapidly, because of its universal appeal, will always be looked upon with suspicion and provide the abundance of fuels for the Anti-Al-Islamists, who are rapidly growing because of the financial support they get from those who are obsessively opposed to Al-Islam.

The Al-Islamic leadership at the local and the committee levels should actually and physically engage in unifying their communities by adhering to the practical and adaptable principles of Al-Islam as a Faith and as a roll-model for the entire surrounding society and not just exclusively Muslims. The positions of the leaderships should only be accepted if one is able to devote more time and energy to adhere to the principles of Al-Islam. It should never be used as a stepping stone to gain communal prominence or as a tool to promote personal and selfish agenda. If the leader is a practicing professional then the practical communal leadership should never be accepted except as an overseer and a guide. On the other hand, it should be offered to someone who is willing to devote more time and energy for the betterment of the Faith and the surrounding community.

May Allah Guide us and Unite us, as the True Servants, and not as the falsely projected dominators of the Humanity in general. As Muslims we have wasted a lot of our time in petty disputes and totally ignored our debts to the society we chose to live in!

No matter whatever good is done by the Al-Islamists, the Britain will, steadily, continue in its efforts to disintegrate Al-Islam and its adherents.


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