Why are the Koreans Loosing Their Heads?

The sign of insanity is the erosion of the faculty of judgement. It could be the result of natural decay of the human brain or caused by consuming intoxicants. Driven by basic human desires like greed and lust can also have an intoxicating effect on the human mind. One such intoxicant is the human greed to acquire more wealth than one can consume or need even whilst leading a luxurious lifestyle. This usually results in the deterioration of the ability to exercise sound judgement along with other physical impacts on the human body such as obesity.

Therefore, one of the crude signs of a greedy nation is that its population will naturally be growing obese over a period of time. As expected, intoxicated by greed these colonialist nations accuse Iraqis and fellow Arabs/Muslims of being avaricious because they intent on grabbing their own resources! The behaviour of an intoxicated person can also look very foolish to the onlookers!

One could have easily silenced the critics if all the Anglo-US companies were forbidden from bidding for any of the Iraqi contracts, since they constantly bragged about their benevolent mission to liberate Iraq and persistently argued that they were not interested at all in the Iraqi oil. However, the Muslims of Iraq know the Islamic principle that truth lies not in just the words uttered but it has to be corroborated by the repeated actions.

When the beast kills its prey the smaller vultures gather around to consume the remains. So, the vultures gather around Iraq to share the spoils of war. However, note that, unlike human beings the animals in the jungle usually do not align themselves willingly with the enemy camp and feed on their own species unless it is a matter of survival!

In search of the booty the smaller nations lined up to aid the US aggression. The Spanish government also pursued similar role despite the overwhelming opposition at home. Which resulted in the needless deaths of their own citizens. This led to so much lecturing about terrorism and now the same hypocritical moralising about beheading as if incinerated into pieces by bombs is a more humane or civilised! Or is anything is civilised as long as the perpetrators are wearing the American uniform? Note that no further attacks have taken place inside Spain since the legitimate regime change. In a future sovereign and free Iraq the ordinary Spanish people will be welcomed with open arms.

Like the Spanish government, the South Korean government has also been lured by the temptation of the spoils of Iraq. As stated earlier greed can affect ones faculty of judgement. So they sacrificed the life of one man without reservation, furthermore they are intending to send more troops. Neither the history of the Arabs/Muslims nor commonsense has failed to impact on the mind of the Korean government.

For the Iraqi resistance all the foreigners who are actively aiding the US occupation in Iraq have become a natural and a legitimate target. Those mercenaries are behaving like human vultures feeding on the blood of the dead Iraqis whilst taking home the profit from the oil revenue, which is constructed as ‘helping’ the Iraqis. If you want to help the Iraqis then you need to be asked by a genuine sovereign Iraqi government.

The Korean government has been so badly affected that it seems to be suffering from amnesia of its own history with the US. When Captain Sherman with his naval fleet in 1861 was trying to enforce trade and Christianity on peaceful Korea how did the Koreans respond in defending their sovereignty? Just like the Iraqis have done in Iraq. No doubt it would have been called another war of ‘liberation’ and a war in ‘defence’ of America against the evil terrorists. The US answered by attacking her in 1871 (Shinmi-Yang-Yo) resulting in the small skirmish that left 350 Koreans dead for only 3 Americans plus the earlier casualty of Captain Sherman and his small band of crew around 20 people. That is how the Wild West cowboys understood justice: an eye for hundreds of eyes! Things did not alter ! with time.

During the Korean War (1950-1954) the US president Harry Truman contemplated using Nuclear weapons against North Korea and China. Later the US secretary J. F. Dulles under President D. Eisenhower also had similar plans to Nuke Korea. On both occasion the British persuasion prevented that from happening. Yet, the US is still the responsible holders of Nuclear weapons according to the likes of Richard Pearl. Such imperialist-racist views have been translated into the current US foreign policies.

Non-violent nations like Korea, China, Vietnam and Latin America that have also been the victim of US-led aggression would be more than welcomed to the Islamic world and not just Iraq. The Arabs/Muslims are known for their generosity and hospitality. But unfortunately the Korean government has been intoxicated by the lure of money and are in the process of betraying their population.

In the short term money is there to be gained but in the long term it does not help Korea to aid the American aggression. Such behaviour is unethical, immoral and contrary to the peaceful characteristic of Korea. Remember when the beast gets so hungry that it cannot satisfy its appetite it will resort to killing of its accomplices. Just like the US turned on its former ally Saddam Hussein and Iraq. Many are predicting it will do the same with Saudi Arabia and seize the oil fields to prevent them falling into the hands of the ‘extremists’, i.e. the anti-American elements. Uncle Sam will continue to grow even more obese!