Why are we scared of the West?

At the time of the Gulf War, the Western alliance led by the USA required a 6-month time window to prepare for a war against Iraq, during which time their governments painstakingly worked to (1) change and secure domestic public opinion in favour of the financial and potential human expenditure during the military campaign, (2) gather intelligence data pertaining to the strength and position of the enemy, (3) establish and strengthen military and political alliances amongst the Western nations, (4) amass a military arsenal in the region, (5) subdue the voices of dissent in the Muslim lands, and (6) further subvert the military, logistical, intelligence, economic, political and social systems in the Muslim lands for Western benefit. This delay illustrated the weakness and fragility of the Western armed forces, and the preparations they must undertake before the embarking on a modern-day war against the Muslims in the Muslim lands.

A commonly held view amongst the Muslim Ummah is that the Muslims are militarily weak, and that were a sincere Islamic leadership to arise today which would rule with Islam rather than maintaining the chains of kufr, that this open resistance against Western hegemony would lead to certain annihilation of the Muslims due to an overwhelming military offensive from the West. The current war between the same Western alliance and Afghanistan is yet another clear illustration of the fallacy of this declined and defeated way of thinking amongst the Muslims.

The West appears to be strong

Materially, America and her allies seemingly have all the requisites to very easily win a war against Afghanistan.

Supportive domestic public opinion

Due to the domestic public outrage at the financial, human and material loss in the September 11 incident, there was immediate and tremendous public opinion in favour of a massive retaliatory war against Islam, Muslims, foreigners in general, and Arabs in particular. So strong was the public support at home for a military campaign that although America was unable to find funding for equitable social support, education and healthcare for her citizens, she was nonetheless able to suddenly earmark hundreds of billions of dollars for the war.

The pressure to conclude the matter quickly

From the viewpoint of Western military strategists, there is a real pressure to conclude this matter as swiftly and as cleanly as possible. Because already people at home are realising that the war is not about Bin Laden or about “Fighting Terrorism” or other such empty slogans. But that it is the quest for colonisation, subjugation and oppression of foreign lands and peoples in order to loot their property from under their very noses. In other words, the war is a manifestation of the capitalist foreign policy, which is inherently contrary to human nature due to its injustice. A protracted campaign in Afghanistan will also lead to the Muslims realising that a significant war aim is to suppress Islamic revival and the perpetuation of neo-colonialism in the Muslim lands.

An alliance of Western nations

The Western states have once again entered into an alliance, with America once again the leader, with other nations hiding under her skirt. The alliance never really broke up after the Gulf War; the US and other Western forces were still engaged side-by-side in “peace-keeping” activities in the Middle East, the Persian Gulf, the Balkans and Africa at the commencement of the current campaign, based at the same facilities built and secured on Muslim soil at the time of the Gulf War.

Treason by the rulers of the Muslims

The Western alliance has unflinching support from the rulers of the Muslims. These rulers are the agents of the West, presiding over the neo-colonialism of the Muslim lands, hearts and minds long after the Westerners went home at the end of the colonial era. Not content with violating Islam in their personal affairs, these rulers force the sincere Muslims to jettison the elements of Islam from the affairs of the state to the ludicrous extent that non-Muslims are now using Muslim countries both near to Afghanistan (Pakistan, Uzbekistan, Saudi Arabia) and far from Afghanistan (Turkey, Jordan) from which to launch attacks against the Muslims of Afghanistan.

The weakest of enemies

The Western alliance comprises some of the most technologically advanced nations on the face of the Earth, and the military arsenal at their disposal includes the best equipped, trained, and supported armies, airforces and navvies in the world, boasting weapons of mass destruction including aircraft, ships, submarines, tanks, missiles, satellites and nuclear weapons. Against this, the Taliban army of Afghanistan is virtually non-existent in comparison, and consequently they have been almost totally unable to reply in any credible way to the day and night aerial bombardment and the deployment of “US special forces”.

But the West is weak

The sole super-power and her allies are still unable to overthrow the Taliban after almost a month of war. There are only two feasible conclusions from this: (1) They do not want to win the war, and they desire a protracted conflict. This is unlikely, for the reasons previously cited. (2) The West is weaker than the world had previously thought.

The current war has illustrated the greatest weakness in our enemy. Anyone who studies the West will see that they are a people who deny the existence of Allah (swt), His (swt) support, and who have no aspiration to any life after this one. Their ultimate fear is the fear of death, and they are a civilisation of cowards. Despite all their military hardware this fear is the reason they are unable to conclude the current war in Afghanistan.

All that is required for the West to win this war is for Western soldiers to enter Afghanistan on land and to exert control over it. However, they are acutely aware that the Afghanis are a strong-minded, fiery people who love Islam to the extent that they would rather die fighting the foreigners than live under the rule of non-Muslims. This is a lesson the world has learnt from the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan. A physical occupation today would be highly risky, as the resistance from the Taliban and the ordinary Afghanis may result in Americans going home in body bags. Hence the US is encouraging the Northern Alliance to do the dirty work on her behalf, by means of supplying weapons, training and intelligence, and bombing the so-called “front-line”.

The lessons of Iraq, Bosnia, Chechnya, Palestine and Kashmir in the past decade and of Afghanistan today have shown that the armies of our enemies are able to mass-murder Muslims easily and that Muslim blood is worthless in their eyes. Their soldiers consider themselves as brave while sitting safely in aircraft or ships, launching bombs to commit genocide of the Muslims; yet they are so scared of the Muslims that they are unable to walk into Afghanistan and overthrow the Taliban. The debacle of the war in Afghanistan is such that even the Western media on a daily basis accounts the Western rulers to expose their true intentions, their lies, their hypocrisy and their worthlessness.

The Muslims will stay even weaker than the West, until we implement Islam politically

The Muslims have come a long way in the past decade, and today we observe a new energy in the Muslim world due to the Ummah’s return to political Islam. This revival manifests in her strong desire for unification of the Muslim lands into a single global Islamic State (Khilafah). Increasingly the wish of the common Muslim from Morocco to Indonesia is for the Muslim world to unite under the leadership of an amir who would run their affairs according to Islam. It is clearly only a matter of time before the Ummah wrests the reigns of power away from the present rulers and transfers it to a sincere leader who will rule according to Islam. This desire is a natural consequence of the Islamic aqeedah, which is the source of the Muslims’ strength, their love for Allah (swt) and their true yearning to engage in jihad to liberate the Muslim lands.

America and every other nation knows it is foolhardy to fight a war against Muslims without an alliance of armies; so how can the Muslims bear to see the Taliban abandoned by the rulers of the Muslim lands, left to fight alone while the Muslims armies that long to come to the assistance of the Taliban are kept subdued in their barracks?

The Muslims must ask themselves what would happen on the day that we do re-establish the Khilafah, re-launch the Islamic systems and unify the Muslim lands and the Muslim armies? Today’s reality is that America and her allies are stretched to their limits while fighting against the Taliban, which is one small fraction of the total strength of the Muslim armies. How would the West fare against the combined armies of Pakistan, Turkey, Jordan, Egypt, Saudi Arabia and the Taliban? The Muslim countries altogether have approximately 5 million well-equipped soldiers, thousands of tanks, numerous fighter planes, conventional and nuclear weapons, vast deposits of oil and gas, and an Islamic Ummah that has been kept hungry for jihad for almost 80 years. Will the West stand any chance against an Ummah of 1.5 billion Muslims unified economically, technically, logistically, spiritually, under the command of a single government, rather than under the command of over 50 disunited, mutually hateful, oppressive regimes who instead of using our armies to liberate the Ummah from our belligerent enemies, use them to suppress the Ummah world-wide?

The Bottom Line

Today the Western nations are engaging in their “offensive jihad” due to their greed for the hidden treasures of the Central Asian oilfields and the opening of the Chinese and Asian markets for their worthless goods. However, the Muslims have a much stronger reason for wanting to launch a counter-crusade against these invading parasites.

From the viewpoint of the Islamic aqeedah, the re-establishment of the Khilafah and the subsequent implementation of the Islamic systems, including the jihad to defend the Muslim lands are all vital issues inextricably linked to the aqeedah itself. Each and every capable Muslim is accountable to Allah (swt) for the actions undertaken in response to the oppression and injustice we are clearly and inevitably witnessing today. Due to the Muslims’ love of Allah (swt) and the fear of the hellfire, failure to re-establish the Islamic State due to our negligence or laziness is simply not an option.

“Do you believe in a part of the Book and reject the rest? Then what is the recompense of those who do so among you, except disgrace in the life of this world, and on the Day of Judgement they shall be consigned to the most grievous torment.” [TMQ 2:85]