Why are Wolfowitz and the Pentagon in Charge of Iraq Rebuilding?

It is clear that the neo-conservative approach to dominating the world by U.S. military supremacy is the driving force in foreign policy of the U.S. government. The military, the Pentagon, is issuing orders to determine which corporations of which nations of the world will be allowed to participate in rebuilding Iraq. Not the State Department, which normally would have handled such foreign affairs. This is nothing short of amazing, especially in view of the fact that the U.S. State Department is headed by a former U.S. General, Colin Powell, who was formerly military head of the entire defense establishment. But now, the Pentagon, under non-military civilian leadership of war-hawks like Paul Wolfowitz, Donald Rumsfeld, and consulting with chicken hawk Dick Cheney are in charge of the militarization of foreign policy.

Men who do not know first hand the risks and impacts of war are leading our nation into wars and planned subjugation of a whole list of foreign nations. And then their ideology, based on U.S. supremacy, controls who rebuilds the damage caused by their own militaristic foreign policy! Not only is this philosophically driven, but huge amounts of money are involved.

Intertwined completely within the process are the wish lists and the whims of American corporations, whose interests are REALLY the driving force behind all these wars and these policies. The "elite" governmental officials in the Pentagon are able to transfer their careers seamlessly between corporate America and the American government. One year Cheney is in charge of Halliburton, and another year he is Vice-President, handing out lucrative no-bid contracts to his former employer while still drawing huge paychecks in delayed compensation. Not only does the "buck stop here", but it never stops coming here! The payroll is an endless loop between the revolving career doors of militaristic, corporate dominated America.

Crisis and Warfare are the keynotes now to lucrative careers. Public fear is an integral part of creating government policies, for without fear and without crisis and without war, the contracts become minimized. The era of benevolent American government is over. American citizens who are left out of the loop might was well live in Uganda. The money cycle is now built on world economic resources and the competition/warfare/subjugation loop that also includes high technology and careerism in the dominance of the world by America.

And do not forget the Israel connection. Although Israel has no economic benefit to offer America as a nation, the Israeli situation is a huge benefit to corporate warmongers within the Zionist/Amerikan military money machine. Israel is one never ending source of crisis. Israel is a crisis machine, based on perpetual injustice and security concerns. After all, if you subjugate a people endlessly, fermenting hatred and reprisals, you have to defend yourself from your own victims! The Israelis have become the world’s greatest proponents of turning past victimhood into excuse to create and maintain your own victims and then turning your own victims into your own enemies so as to create a never-ending cash flow from your benefactor across the Atlantic. "Cash for Crisis" is the Israeli model that is now being used by the U.S. elite to line their own pocketbooks at the expense of the U.S. economy and the well-being of the U.S. public at large.

It requires a lot of lying, a lot of deceit, a lot of media manipulation to make all this work. If "Democracy Now" were a Network television series with viewership equal to that of Fox Television, the lies would not work. If Pacifica Radio were as big as Clear Channel, the lies would not deceive the American people as well as they do. But the dominant corporate culture suppresses truth and effective, honest communication by never ending redundancy of lies and propaganda. Lies and more lies have created an American public acceptance of what should be intolerable.

So, we see Wolfowitz and Rumsfeld in charge and on the boob tube. We see George W. Bush defining "civilization" to the American people and the world.

And we cringe and wonder if it can possibly get any worse.