Why do some Palestinians feel their life is worth so much more dead than alive?

The Palestine/Israeli situation has now come to a stage where I do not believe peace will/can ever occur. I am not writing to blame, nor point the finger at either side; I am simply wishing to state some facts. These are true facts from before Israel started attacking Palestine 3 weeks ago. While the Israeli’s have had the power over Palestine, they have put them under a society that dictates to them when they should go to bed and sometimes even down silly things like how they should walk properly. This is a small issue in comparison to what I am leading to, but you can already start to understand that living in these conditions breeds bitterness. On one hand, you may say that these conditions are to ensure ‘normality’ or maybe some would even say to ensure that they live under a way of life that is best. Any educated person can understand that there is no ‘best’ way of living and that enforcing people to effectively be a different culture could never work. Imagine if Texas was told that they need to go home at a certain time and that they can no longer possess guns. There would be all out mayhem!

Now, the unfortunate thing is that the Israeli forces have now weakened to a ‘power crazy’ way of thinking and this has meant that the Palestinians have become closer and ever more bitter towards such a dictatorship.

As an example, imagine you are asleep, you get woken by soldiers who take you, your little boy and your neighbors and their little boys outside. Make you all stand blindfolded for hours in the middle of the night and are told at gun point to stand still in a courtyard while these soldiers hit you, urinate on you, make you urinate yourself, all the time laughing because these soldiers find it so funny. The really funny part for them is that while all this is going on, your wife, daughters, mother and sisters are being forced to watch. And this is just for these soldiers amusement. Now also see that there is NOTHING you can do about it, because they could shoot you and get away with it no problem. You are completely helpless. You also feel so completely embarrassed, useless and pathetic because your wife, sisters, daughters and mother are having to watch.

This is now starting to become a bigger issue and hopefully you can start to understand why, men especially, feel so worthless. Men in developed, comfortable countries (in comparison), sometimes commit suicide or go through deep bouts of depression because they cannot financially support their wife and kids and feel a failure of a man, just imagine having to deal with all this on top of that as well, now that is real depression, that is real degradation! Imagine if all those men in comfortable countries that have killed themselves because of the depression they feel for not being able to financially support their wife and children, had somebody to blame, because it was somebody’s fault that their life was suddenly embarrassing and depressing. What do you think would happen in many cases. You already get kids and adults going on these mass murder campaigns in schools, offices and towns because they feel somebody/people are to blame. I am not trying to compare Palestinian suicide bombers to these people. The difference is that Palestinian suicide bombers feel they have a cause due to the anger at the Israeli tyrannical dictatorship that puts them in a situation where there is almost no other way of trying to gain freedom for their family that is still alive.

Mr. Marwan Barghouti was the most proactive Palestinian peace activist there has been. He tried for many years to create peace between Palestine and Israel and was helped with the hard work of Netanyahu on the Israeli side. The Palestinians and Israelis were very happy that things were getting so resolved, but the unfortunate thing was that the Israeli’s were not all happy… Rabin was killed and Sharon became Prime Minister. What has happened to the real possibility of peace since then? What has been the reason for Mr. Marwan Barghouti to start using violence against Israel? Maybe the reason is self-defense.

Now if what I have said does not bring some understanding as to why Palestinians feel their life is worthless alive, but just maybe, worth something dead, then I would like to show you pictures of what the Palestinians are sent from the Israelis to show what they do if you don’t do things their way, in order to make ‘examples’, but they would be too gruesome for public show. The pictures and actions are NOT THE RIGHT WAY to make ‘examples’. The even sicker thing is that some Israelis now have a taste for this kind of thing now and experiment in different ways of mutilating Palestinians. The pictures I have show a picture of a man that has been cut open, had his insides ripped out, sown back together, and then mutilated further.

Now, imagine if your boy or girl was this person and you were shown this by soldiers who have already taken everything from you, how would you feel about who is actually acting in self-defense? How much do you think you would value your life?…

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