"Why Muslim marches and condemnation will not end terrorism"

Israel’s adaptation of terrorism as its primary method of occupation, and the primary tool used in its continued illegal occupation of Palestinian land, and genocide against the Palestinian people, is the single inspiration, and model for the present day scourge of international terrorism. Israel’s occupation and control of the US government, the British and other European governments, is also a result of terrorism. It is fear of Israel’s nuclear weapons program that causes much of the West’s capitulation to Israel’s insane demands like an invasion, and the destruction of Iraq. It is to a large extent, that same fear which causes us to blindly accept the falsified evidence, the lies about weapons of mass destruction, and other anti-Iraq propaganda that guided us into that war. Also, Israel holds sway over a large segment of the US and European voting populations who consider themselves born again Christians, but who have actually become Talmudized gentiles, who are neither Christian nor Jewish. Such a sizeable, and growing portion of the US population, in collusion with Zionist organizations, and also their operatives in the media, and other areas of European, and US governments and society, can, and does, threaten these governments with more than violence. They also have the potential to cause complete meltdowns of society through sedition, subversion, and acts of treason that might cause any government, or other officials to pause, and to think not once, but twice before opposing this formidable force alone.

To date, the only major religious group that has remained outside this evil influence, and who possess an ideal, and truth that is more powerful, and that stands in direct and unapologetic opposition to Zionist Israel’s fanatic Talmudic worldview is Muslims and Islam. That is why their primary target is Islam, and of course to eliminate Islam, you must eliminate Muslims. That is not a conspiracy theory. It is a fact, and also an honor. Muslims must understand that the day has arrived that we must stand up, and not faint in the face of this enemy. We must reject the culture of fear, death and fatalism, and adopt the culture of victory that God and Master, Allah, subhanawa t’ala taught us in Surah Al-Fath. In this chapter of the Qur’an, God said, "Indeed I have granted you a manifest victory." The victory was achieved through tranquility and restraint, obedience and strict adherence to the rules and laws of Islamic monotheism, that include establishing the salat, fasting, chastity if not married, good deeds, and also witnessing. In respect to the obligation to be a witness to the nations, we must ask ourselves, " what type of witness is it for Muslims alone to take to the streets to condemn terrorism, when the real perpetrators and provocateurs or terrorism will not condemn terrorism?" For weeks, if not months, Muslims have sought to convince groups of Jews, Christians and Muslims to stand up together and condemn terrorism in all of its forms, and to march together against all forms of politically and economic motivated violence against innocents, and civilians, and they refuse. Meanwhile certain Muslim groups because they are now the primary target of the Nazi hunters, turned terrorist hunters, or rather the terrorists who have become Muslim hunters, are calling for Muslim marches. They think that by performing such acts of atonement, they will be spared the wrath of their enemies. That is no witness. It is a lie and capitulation to evil and worship of a false god.

The media and the anti-Muslim and anti-Islam brigades have sought to impose collective guilt upon Muslims through calls and pressure for Muslim marches and continued self-flagellation. They know that if they succeed in their attempts to force Muslims to take ownership of terrorism, it reinforces the big lie that Muslims are responsible for the plague of terrorist violence that is visiting the world. We are not. And even though every mosque, Muslim organization, scholar, and also the ulema have publicly condemned terrorism, it continues, and this is obviously because Muslims are not behind these acts of terrorism. There is no Muslim in the world, and particularly no fundamentalist Muslim who can ignore the voice of numerous Islamic authorities. The Muslim jurists, and scholars of the highest authority are saying, and publicizing through fatwas, and opinions that what these so-called "jihadists" and terrorists are doing is sinful, and wrong, against Islam, and hurtful primarily to Muslim people, and other innocents, yet the terrorists continue these acts.

Not only has terrorism continued in spite of Muslim condemnation and marches against terrorism, it has escalated. Acts of politically motivated violence have increased in spite of the condemnation of everyday Muslims, our leaders, scholars and authorities from every sect. This is rational proof that these acts are not only continuing, but also becoming more prevalent because they are not being funded, or carried out by Muslims. For all intent and purpose, Muslim fundraising and charitable support for Muslims anywhere in the world has been completely shut down, and where it exists, it is closely monitored and regulated. Only Jewish and Christian fundraising is allowed, and is unmonitored, and unregulated.

Only a religious sect that believes in two laws, one for them and one for others can justify killing entire segments of societies to achieve their political and economic aims. Or one that believes unless you are born again in their doctrine, they have no moral obligation to treat you humanely. Wasn’t that the rationale behind colonization and chattel slavery? Only a sect that has power over financial institutions and resources can logically fund such a well-organized campaign of violence on an international scale. Under the religious laws of certain sects, only their lives have value, while ours mean nothing in comparison. Only such a sect could hide and harbor criminals who carry out terrorist acts. If their religious doctrine demands protection of criminals, because they are members of their sects, it is more likely that they are hiding wanted terrorists. Islam says that Muslims must witness against evil, and oppose evil, even if our own mothers and fathers carry it out. For those who believe that it is religious fanaticism and fundamentalism that fuels terrorism let them check the Books of the various sects, and look to see whose beliefs are manifesting as terrorism. They will not find the Qur’an among those books that teach that certain human lives are disposable, while others are sacrosanct. You will not find the Qur’an preaching vengeance and hate as causes for war. Islam calls for jihad against evil, and evil is not relative or abstract in Islam.

Muslim capitulation to Zionist Talmudic injunctions, which seek to impose the Talmudic worldview upon the entire world, is a mistake. Ritual acts of collective Muslim guilt and atonement is tantamount to falling down prostrate before an idol god, and only advances the Zionist’s objectives. Even orthodox Jews oppose this worldview and law, because it is not the Book of Moses, and runs counter even to the beliefs of observant Jews, and also real Christians.

No amount of pressure or fear should cause Muslims to mislead the world, or to participate in this grand deception, playing into the objectives of a war on terrorism being carried out primarily by terrorists. We should not disgrace ourselves in the eyes of God by condemning young and innocent Muslim men to the status of "usual suspect" so they can be legally chased down and murdered in the streets, thinking that by so doing we will be saved. Has it dawned on anyone that if the killers of the young Brazilian who was executed in the streets of London had been really interested in ending terrorism, that rather than empty five rounds into the brain of a suspect, they might have arrested him. Would society have gained more from his death, or his answers to questions that might lead to the masterminds behind the attacks, if it had turned out that he was in fact a terrorist? The double tragedy is that he was murdered, and was neither a terrorist, nor even a real suspect. He was just a frightened young man, with brown skin, who ran from the police, and who gave up, and in a huddled mass of fear he sat before them in terror, appealing to their humanity, while they killed him, and humanity. Does it sound familiar? Does the logic, or rather the excuses being used to justify this murder sound familiar?

Muslims cannot disagree with the charge that enough is not being done to end international terrorism. We disagree that this scourge of violence is the result of Muslim irresponsibility or lack of accountability, or that it is due to Muslim apathy. To end terrorism the entire world must have zero tolerance for terrorism in all of its forms, and we must all condemn, and march together against terrorism as a rational response to something that is threatening to destroy us all. If Muslim condemnation and marches were enough to end terrorism, there would be no terrorism. That terrorism continues is proof positive that until we all condemn it, stand up against it, and have zero tolerance for any form of terrorism, no matter from where it originates, or who carries out such acts, terrorism will not end.