Why the Occupation Will End

So much torture, bloodshed, deceit. You cannot make your young people practice torture twenty-four hours a day and not expect to pay a price for it.

Jean Paul-Sartre

It is strange to be writing a letter about Occupation while I sit safe in Illinois, typing away at the keyboard. For the last sixteen months of this Uprising, I have noticed something change in me. My heart has been broken, then hardened, and then finally uplifted. Uplifted because I see now, more clearly than ever, that the Zionist Occupation must necessarily end.

Are these bold words from the safety of 7000 miles away?

Is this boastful panache characteristic of Arabic rhetoric?

I think not. The conclusion is inevitable. Occupation will never do the Occupiers any good. In fact, Occupation destroys the soul of the Occupier. It turns otherwise decent human beings into oppressors. Occupiers compartment- alike their humanity. In one compartment, there is the compassion for “their own.” Another compartment is filled with the bile necessary to maintain Occupation over what is not theirs.

One of the ways you know that the Occupation is near its end is by studying language. 15 years ago, the word, “Occupation” was never used except within Palestinian circles. In fact, Israelis denied there was even an Occupation, and the western media generally used the language and frame of reference of the Occupier. But today, even most of the Occupiers readily admit to the fact of Occupation.

The Occupier’s relationship with the Occupied is like that of the slave owner over the slave. If one wishes to under- stand the Occupier’s psychology, look back to other 19th century racist ideologies. The plantation owner comes to mind.

The Zionist conquest of 1967 made them drunk with power. And with this power came the arrogance of power. Here are some of the reasons we shall see an end to the Occupation of Jerusalem and the rest of the Palestinian territories:

There can be no security for Israelis while they continue to occupy Palestinian lands. There can be no peace while there is a continued Occupation.

Emigration for Israel is outstripping immigration.

The Israeli economy is in shambles, from high tech and tourism to their military industrial sales to other countries (Turkey and China, the most glaring examples.)

The costs of Occupation are staggering versus the economic benefits.

The world is growing increasingly impatient with the high casualty toll inflicted on the Palestinian civilian population with over 22,000 people injured and over 1200 killed in the last 16 months.

The Oil companies are becoming increasingly concerned that the continued Occupation of Jerusalem will ignite the Arab and Muslim street, thereby causing destabilized regimes and unsure access to the oil. It should come as no surprise that these companies influence policy.

Despite all the resources put to building a security apparatus, the most insecure nation in the world is Israel. This is not a point argued by Israelis, as the number one issue for Israelis is security. Occupation can NEVER bring security.

The US has begun to squeeze Israel economically. Why? Zionism has become bad for business and the policy changes, while subtle, are clear to the Israelis and well documented in the Israeli press.

In the New World Order, Israel is the odd man out. Historically, Israel acted as a western military outpost to counter-balance Soviet designs. Now, Israel must sit on the sidelines as the “coalition” of Arab countries join that New World Order.

The list could go on. But the main reason there must be an end to the Occupation is that Zionism itself is trying to swim against the tide of history. It foolishly believed that its success was self-made. In reality, Zionist interests and western economic interests coincided for many years and THIS HAS CHANGED FOREVER.

This economic fact is beyond dispute. The global economic forces that helped create the Occupation are now about to dismantle it.

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