Will there be an American Insurgency?

It is very possible that a motive in sending the U.S. Army to Iraq and keeping it there for a few years is to provide a sort of training exercise in urban warfare and control of civilian society –” for eventual use in American herself. This may sound extreme, but more and more economists are predicting an ultimate, and total collapse of the world economy, including the U.S. economy. If and when the financial systems of the nation fail, anarchy will no doubt arise. When banks fail, and when energy is unaffordable, and electricity is unreliable, and food is in short supply; when water is hard to get because it is pumped by electricity, and when freezers no longer store food because of the same problem, and sewage backs up in the cities and the summer heat drives people mad, and when they realize that their government knew this was going to happen and failed to take the proper steps, things may get nasty in ways that make the Fallujah situation look pleasant.

The Patriot Act will then kick in big time. The Armed Forces will be called to protect the elite from the unwashed masses. The American Insurgency may begin.

Will American soldiers who served in Iraq and Afghanistan and who figured out that they were sent in for oil and Empire be able to turn their weapons on their own brothers and sisters and cousins and friends?

Will the general officers and colonels and majors allow themselves to be unleashed against their own nation? Or will they do like the Iraqi senior military and become insurgents against Empire?

The predictable collapse of the society we grew up in will be an unpleasant experience in the extreme. The millions of firearms in America will likely be brought into use, one way or another. A lot of people will die. And a lot of people will kill.

Hard times, they are a coming to America. There will be no Chinese or Russian invasion. The problems and the violence will be internal. When the American citizenry understands that it was the Final Victim of the Empire that saved them for last, the animosity will be extreme.

I don’t think that Rumsfeld will ever have a statue of himself on Capitol Hill. Dick Cheney will never have a monument built for himself a la Lincoln or Washington. George W. Bush will not have a cozy retirement. The feces are headed towards the fan, and the results will not be pleasant.

Too bad Hunter Thompson will not be with us to document the forthcoming madness. But it may be even more extreme and more violent that he could handle! But maybe Rolling Stone will find a way to document it adequately in a summary series starting in 2012.