Wise use of harmful chemicals?



While hundreds of thousands of people around the world are fighting big battles with cancer in agony and physical pain, our scientists are glorified for what they have done.  Not only that, but they present themselves as saviors.  It is not a secret that in hundreds of thousands of bedrooms around the world every day, there is a lot of indignation and despair because of what the wrong practice of science has done to people.

Any scientist who has no personal benefit from practicing science is able to ask the question: Is there really such a thing as the “wise use of harmful chemicals?”

The truth is that humanity will very soon have to ask itself the following question, if it is not already too late:  Can it be that by trying to save our lives without bowing down to something infinitely greater, we not only lose our lives but also our earth?

My friend Michael N. Nagler, Professor Emeritus of Classics and Comparative Literature at the University of California, Berkeley correctly states in his new book, “IS THERE NO OTHER WAY? , that “science has every right to confine its attention to the physical, i.e. the outside world.  It has no right to say, when it has done so, that it has given us the whole story.”

I, myself, as a practitioner of science for more than twenty years in several universities, in industry, and government labs, find it almost impossible to convince the unaware citizen of the crime of science.  The magnitude of death that the wrong practice of science has brought on all of us is unthinkable.  “Silent Spring, the forty-year-old classic book in the environmental field by Rachel Carson, gives a glimpse of the crime of science.  Also, this year, TRADE SECRETS a Moyers Report, see at: http://www.pbs.org/tradesecrets, revealed an unbelievable story involving many large American and European chemical industries.  The following are from that report:

The chemical industry long kept secret vital information about the potential health effects of some of its manufacturing processes and some of its products.  When challenged by citizens’ initiatives to reveal those secrets, it mounted extensive – and expensive – campaigns to defeat them.

Whether the propellants or other ingredients in products we use today are safe, or not, is simply unknown.  In some cases consumers cannot even find out what the ingredients are because they are considered trade secrets.

“PAC contributions improve access to members,” a 1980 CMA document exhorts.  Since then, the chemical industry has contributed at least $117 million to help elect senators, congressmen and presidents.

Can it be true that most of our scientists today are not our saviors, as they think, but our executioners?  People bury their beloved ones at an unbelievable rate, but they fail to understand why this is happening.  Almost all families have some close or far relative working in science.  They find it impossible to believe that their relatives participate in this execution, so they continue to bury their loved ones with cancer and all kinds of other diseases until they face the terrible truth.

What is the terrible truth?  Scientists today have created powerful drugs to heal, for example, cancer, and we know very well by the number of funerals in our communities how many times they are successful.  They have never mentioned to the people what else they are producing at the same time they are making the drugs.  They have never explained to them that during the process of making the drugs, they also unavoidably produce deadly pollution.  It is ironic that while a human being tries to save his/her life, by doing so he/she further endangers his own family and even himself.  In other words even if the sick person is healed, there is a high probability that he will again become sick from some other disease because of the pollution created while the pharmaceutical industry was making the medicine.

Science claims that research is done out of concern for humanity’s needs and pain.  Is this true?  The citizens never asked for most of the materials that industry has produced.  It is not a secret that the chemical industry is one of the most profitable industries in the world, assisting other industries like the medical industry to gain astronomical profits out of the pain of the unfortunate people.  In our industrial age, most wars are fought for oil because mostly oil is the starting material of the chemical industry.

It is a well kept secret in the scientific community that no one knows how the body reacts to the hundreds of thousands of new chemicals that scientists have created, which never existed before in our environment.  We know that there are chemicals, whether natural or man-made, that in a very small concentration are deadly.  Do we know what happens when someone takes medicine in his body while there are so many other new chemicals in our food, water and air?  There is an infinite number of combinations that can occur.  All these chemicals can create new compounds in our bodies, and no one can ever know their effect on our health.  All these facts are never mentioned.

The truth is that herbal medicine served the native people of every culture of the earth for thousand of years for FREE.  When man started to make his own medicine with profit in mind, people started to die because of new diseases.  If people would go back to the old way, the science industry would collapse.  So we die in order to make profit; what an absurdity!

The answer, then, to questions like:  “Biodiversity is threatened.  By whom and what?” is not far from us.  But how many of us will be honest and courageous enough to answer it?

We must answer it for the sake of our loved ones who are dying every day by the millions because of the unethical practice of science and technology.  Life on our planet is threatened to extinction, not by the work of the farmers, shepherds, or the fishermen, the house builders or the clothes makers, but by the work of those who practice science for great profits, power, and prestige.  How can we protect biodiversity when at the same time we are destroying it?

Large multinational corporations send their scientists to different countries to talk to the native people about medicinal herbs.  They take that information back to their labs and make the same or similar chemicals that are in these plants.  Then they patent those drugs in order to gather astronomical profits by selling them to the people of the world whom are in pain.  They even have the audacity to buy the politicians to make laws so that the native population does not have the right to use and grow these plants which they were growing for thousands of years.  Our scientists have reached the point of great immorality and absurdity.  They have created seeds that cannot reproduce themselves, and all this in the name of profit, under the pretext of serving humanity.  Not many scientists would criticize this evil because very few are those that do not depend on a corporate paycheck.

Science could benefit humanity only if it were practiced for serving others, not when it is practiced in secrecy and for profit and prestige.  The truth of this statement is as old as the age of the universe.

Mr. Andreas Toupadakis, Ph.D. is a Former Research Scientist of Los Alamos and Lawrence Livermore National Laboratories.

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